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  1. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Puntosmx in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    I might've missed the thrill of being an Engineer (played as one like twice, maybe), but my first matches as Gunner taught me to get off the gun and pick the Spanner and hit stuff. Currently, I'm usually running from the guns to the engines for emergency repairs, still I'm not really comfortable leaving the flexibility on firepower loads that the Gunner class gives.
  2. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Tarbizzle in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    Theres something about being the guy holding the ship together with duct tape. I usually feel like Im doing a terrible job when everything is in critical shape but I always feel a bit of satisfaction when the pilot says "were dead" and we somehow get the armor back up and survive the killing blow. Makes me feel a bit like Montgomery Scott.
    Does anyone have certain people they always fly with? Do you have a "dream team" crew? Share your stories!
  3. Tarbizzle liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    I've personaly played all classes and find the Engineer my favorite, it's fast and keeps me on my toes. That's not to say that I do not enjoy the other classes. Experimenting is part of the game, and I have experimented in flying the ships in a few matches. Playing the cap is pretty hard for some people, getting over the idea that you are the main reason that your ship is still flying in the direction you want while timing it just right to hit the other guy with whatever guns you got. So it's understandable when not many people want to play it. 
    For the record, ramming a ship is not a bad idea if you have the dampening ability on at the same time.
  4. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Mondez in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    Address: Port: 1347

  5. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Apollo Justice in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    I'd like to take this moment to say the best way to piss off your captain is to play as a Gunner and not shoot, seriously the last gunner I had had a peculiar aversion to doing his job wish I could push him off the ship myself
  6. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Niels Juel in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    Gentlemen, Woman, and everything inbetween. 
    We, the AJSA (unofficial) within Goio will be holding a training session in Guns of Icarus saturday the 7th 8pm GMT (4pm EST/1pm PST)
    The plan is to get 4 ships up and running and having some AJSA on AJSA action, have a sitdown in the TS to analyze what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong.
     To kick this off we are planning on having a dryrun this saturday (31st same time) so people, please join us in the TS this saturday and the following one with sat. 7th being the most important one!
    best regards
    Klaus Adler
    Training Officer
    AJSA Guns of Icarus (unofficial)
  7. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Captain Estrata in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    Im in New Zealand so am playing mainly opposite hours from most US players but if anyone from my side of the world wants a hand getting used to the basics or just wants to rove the skies in a regular crew friend me up: Captain Estrata, im also in the Ajsa guild too :-)
    I just want to wreak steampunk havoc in full AJSA teams!!!!!! mwahahahahaha
  8. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Artose in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    If you go to community then clan list we are the second from the top. Just put in an application and we will get you accepted
  9. Joda liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in Solar FREAKING Roadways!!   
  10. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Joda in Solar FREAKING Roadways!!   
    Awesome! Just wonder how much it will cost per square foot as opposed to asphalt. Buildings as well have technology for solar glass which would mean even more energy. Of course special interests might also have something to say about it, not to mention the military; pretty hard to justify billions spent securing energy if America can produce it domestically. 
  11. Joda liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in Solar FREAKING Roadways!!   
  12. Joda liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in Solar FREAKING Roadways!!   
  13. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Artose in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    Please post your In game name on the thread so that I can let you in. As of this post we have 68 people in the application box and I would like to accept them.
  14. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by mercuryclaw in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    I just got the game and would like to have a few people to play with. been a fan for a long while and just got up the nerve to become one of the angry army.
  15. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Niels Juel in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    New on the forums, but an old hand in Goio, would love to join in, ingame name is Niels Juel
  16. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Artose in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    We are working on our first event. We can see how it goes and make a case to the commanders on getting this game fully supported.
  17. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Artose in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    Go ahead and apply in game. We would love to have you.
  18. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by PwnnYClubbeD in Dust 514   
    ive yet to see any of the PS3 ppl who have had active dust accounts pop in the AA chat that was made. add "Angry Army" to your chat list and we can see if we can get some organization of the established bitter vets and fellow AA newbies looking to try it out.
    one of my alts is currently training dust side corp skills though an eve pilot can do it far faster than a dustie.
    keep in mind this game WILL be on PS4 in the future.
  19. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Gronth in A new medieval RPG needs Angry Army support   
    I dont think that M&B will be sort of rival production, because the main idea is different. KC:D is going to be (at least it looks like) full realism medieval RPG with action in central and eastern europe, based on historic events, and MB will clearly be placed in imaginary land (Calradia) and will stay at their Multiplayer superiority, so the main rival for M&B2 will be more likely "War of the Vikings". 
  20. Vitaly Opposite liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in A new medieval RPG needs Angry Army support   
    Hay this looks really cool. Make sure to also mention this in the Kickstarter forum section alright?
  21. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Vitaly Opposite in A new medieval RPG needs Angry Army support   
    I hope this project will succeed!
  22. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Sonny_FIRESTORM in When are you upgrading to the Next Gen?   
    I'm from Brasil, that on it's own already anwsers it, at 1760$ no way in hell i'm buying a PS4.
    But ignoring that for a second, i would not buy it because i refuse to fall for the same trick a 4th time, obviously Sony will take the feedback of the PS4 and make a better Slim one.
    And honestly there's only 1 game i want for it, Kingdom Hearts 3, but i don't think that problem is getting solved so soon hence why i'm doing the standard protocol:
    Scouting whether the game has Pre-order DLC/Stuff or not and analazying if i can/should/want to get the pre-order, if not buy when i can.
  23. sigmalives liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in When are you upgrading to the Next Gen?   
    I only plan on upgrading once all the bugs and things are fixed in the newer console versions and when there are more games for them. As of now, it's not worth it to me.
  24. Bluenex liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in I need help please!   
    So, to fix it, I had to go to the Connections tab from the upper bar and type in ts3.ajsagaming.com in the server address page. And then that's it.
  25. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by Delrith in AJSA COMPETITIVE TEAMS - READ   
    Hello there and welcome everyone to this forum thread! This thread will be detailing the current plans for the COMPETITIVE TEAMS of the Angry Army and what you can expect in the future!
    First of all for those of you who do not know me, I am Delrith! I am a decently talented player that was brought on to assist with running the AJSA community and managing the competitive aspects of it in the future. For those of you who are new here, welcome!
    Now a lot of questions and messages have been sent to me over the past week asking a multitude of questions revolving around this subject. So I figure the best way to start is to answer the ones that were asked the most in this forum thread, then elaborate on things I want to afterwards.
    Q: What games are we going to be going competitive into soon, or in the near future? A: Well, as of right now we have major plans for Battlefield 4, as well as a few other FPSes that will be coming out in the future. We have plans for Star Citizen, TESO, and a few other MMO's.. but those are TBA and we have not decided on whether or not we'll be fielding actual 'teams'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: What do you do to get invited into a competitive team for the AJSA community? A: You go through a screening process. People who believe that they are *exceptional* or *amazing* at a certain game, like Battlefield 4, send me a message personally through my inbox and I set time aside to evaluate them. This process requires a good amount of time as I have to go through stats, watch you play, and play with you myself.. as well as conduct an IN-TS3 interview with experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: When I send you a message about being apart of a competitive team, what should I include? A: The best thing for you to include is experience. I need to know if you have experience playing with teams, participating in tournaments, winning tournaments/events, or management of any of those categories. I need to know if you're great with strategy or tactics as well, as that is an important role. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: What happens if you're accepted into the competitive team for a certain game? A: Your team manager (Competitive) for that certain game will be setting a strict schedule and guidelines for what you're required to do. This will include set training days, set meetings, and strategy discussion with the other players on the team. This will be taken EXTREMELY seriously, as in the future there's a chance that teams will be paid for to participate in-person at events. Joe must not be disappointed! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: What if I have a great team already with a record and I want to bring them over to compete for AJSA in games that are not necessarily on the radar for competitive tournaments? A: You need to contact me with your team, the team's history, the names of each individual player (So I can check records) and their history as well listed in the message. If it's a game worth investing into and something that would help further the community there's a high chance you'll be pulled aside and spoken to. THIS TEAM *MUST* HAVE PRIOR EXPERIENCE AND *MUST* SEND PROOF OF SAID EXPERIENCE BEING REAL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: Will there be team jersey's, outfits, etc for players that are formally accepted into a team? A: Probably, but that's not confirmed right now. If a serious amount of money begins to get offered in a game and the team in question proves itself to be reliable/competent it's entirely a possibility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: Does anyone have a chance to 'try out' for a competitive team here at AJSA, say for Battlefield 4? A: No, there's too many for me to go through 'every' person that sends me an application or simply wants to try out. I will be personally evaluating the stats of each individual before even contacting them based on history, performance, and time spent on said game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: What are you looking for? Just pure talent in killing the enemy, or something else? A: I will be looking for a range of players. Each time requires an extremely balanced build of individuals that WORK WELL TOGETHER and act as one. This includes killers, support players, strategists, etc. A team will be comprised of all of those, with a few more killers then anything else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Now take in mind we have not formally formed any of these teams yet! This topic is simply being posted to allow you to start messaging me with your applications and for you to post questions here that were not answered.
    Anything and everything is subject to change based on what Joe wants and this was simply a courtesy being extended to all you fine people at the AJSA community!
    Just keep in mind that I HAVE TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, and do not look down on me if I deny your application or cannot accept you into a team. I have to be selective in every aspect, as the players chosen will be representing not only the AJSA but Joe himself, and that's important!
    P.S - Ask questions in this thread  and I will update the post responding to them.