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  1. I started playing at the beginning of the year. I am still playing.
  2. Currently on #3. The first one Red Ringed a little after a year of ownership. Microsoft sent me a replacement that lasted a good while until dust build up started causing it to overheat. Since my warranty was finito, I had to turn to unofficial means to get it serviced. That bought about another 4 to 6 months of use before it started overheating again. I finally got a new 360 last year and it works great.
  3. I have past Gen games and consoles going back to the NES and I still play them when I can find the time. I think the more important question is, why haven't (some) people jumped on the bandwagon and joined current Gen? For me, it is a cost matter. While all of the current consoles have at least one game I would consider playing, I don't want to be forced to pay for PS Plus in addition Xbox Live and whatever Nintendo's subscription will be for the Switch. If you are going to hold my game playing to ransom, you can only expect me to pay so many of them at once...
  4. That may well be, but was it really necessary to start a thread in the PC Gaming board solely for the purpose of badmouthing a console game?
  5. Nymphy#1524 I don't actually own OW yet. I need to get a better PC before I can run it first...
  6. I don't have traditional TV, but I follow his Youtube channel and Twitter. He gives out some wonderful smackdowns to any homemade dishes posted to him.
  7. Precisely. So long as there is a demand for walking simulators and other games that are essentially nothing more than an interactive movie, there will be a market for them... and there's nothing wrong with that. The appearance of games like that has given some people this idea that the entire industry should appeal to that demographic. Let the industry appeal to all the consumers and all the genres, don't demand they appeal to your tastes alone. That kind of thinking will just hurt games in the longrun.
  8. Given that the AJSA's colours are red, black, and white... I think Moltres is the only choice. I'm a little disappointed these are the only teams available, I was hoping for teams based on the criminal teams from the games or something better than just the Gen 1 legendary birds. I hope there will be more teams added when more content is eventually added... do you know if it's possible to change what team you are affiliated with? The AJSA might want to change what team we support in the future if more are added. But yeah, for the time being, I say we go Moltres/Valor.
  9. I don't suppose Founder Commander AJ will want to look into "Stage 2" for his Twitch stream?
  10. Mine is either Nymphy or Nymphonomicon. Friend Code: (4657-0154-3161) I play: Pokemon X Animal Crossing Tomodachi Life Pokemon Omega Ruby Splatoon I'm still working on getting Smash 4...
  11. Frankly, if I were to go through every game I've played and assign the value I got out of it versus what I paid for it, the trend would be heavily slanted towards the gaming industry having taken me for a ride.
  12. I added an Angry Joe Mii to my Tomodachi island... and gave him a Wii U.
  13. I have a Protean Greninja I could breed.
  14. I'm still trying to get my hands on Awakening... and would it be safe to assume the veiled lass from the trailer is the series' attempt at keeping Dancer class alive?
  15. I bought a game or two last week. I'm not really loving the distribution system for event trading cards this year. Only drop cards once a day and the system veers hard towards giving duplicates.