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  1. That actually makes me happy. Ubilol wasn't known for their good PC ports... I still shiver thinking about AS: Unity port. :/
  2. It is a shame, even when this forum started the GW2 clan was really high tier and mostly dead... Great game, addictive but people got tired of the PvP. Same as Duckman, I am not on a guild and I had fun for a while.
  3. The internet is dark and full of trolling. Also, It's just a game. Find people who are suitable to play.
  4. The stream was right, but the best part was the TeamSpeak gathered for the occasion. PS: Thanks Damian for your help.
  5. Hey fellas! I'm up to this. My character ingame is Gotrek Kentsson, a level 6 dwarf. Old Baldur's gate lover, just trying this MMO. I'm aware of that for being pro you have to pay quite a lot overall.
  6. The ones which are not included already, were made at the same time as the proper game, are overpriced... That leaves me quite few actually... GTA: The Lost and the Damned, Ballad of Gay Tony... Most of Bethesda/Obsidian DLCs (except the infamous Horse armor from Oblivion).
  7. I'm talking from the experience of talking with fellow Irish, British, frenchmen, italians, japanese... (It's a really international Med school) and both Norway and Sweden are the best in terms of scholarships. Most other countries only give you scholarships if you have really low income or you have high grades (almost perfect marks). But for studying outside your country, scholarships are almost unexistant. And as far as I know the only requirement for Swedish and Norwegian scholarships (in Med school) is to have average grades and pass everything. In USA, (that's also what they told me) you get scholarships in really excepctional situations of high success. For example, for Med School as being a foreigner you can't apply unless the Med School really wants (only two or three admit foreign people)...
  8. At least you have scholarships to study abroad. I'm doing my last year in Budapest (as an exchange) and a lot of Swedish people is here for free (until they work, and then they pay the 70% of it) and getting a monthly help of 500 €. That's a real luxury.
  9. By the moment I realize It's just a friggin' game I calm down. (Multiplayer) But I get really angry when in single player the hardness curve just went full retard.
  10. Solid Earthland surrounded by Liquid Water. But Kickassia would be great also.
  11. Well, South Korea has SC as a religion... But I understand your point. It's one of the downsides of this generations (even more than before). Trends. Just look how many 'new gamers' popped from Youtube and social networks playing games that everyone play. It's not an issue when you are in your young adulthood but it is when happens in your teens. Social pressure, as in other topics.
  12. I didn't deny the fact that indie games are there (I support Steam greenlight games and I won't say no to a refreshing new indie game) but I'm talking about the major audience, not the ones who really want to play good games. Of course there are AAA games that are good, they must to be. The problem is, developers and publishers don't care at all about customers reactions unless is very (and I mean very) scandalous. I wasn't referring only to DRM, I talk about abussive DLCs (hidden in the disk), unstable betas that are released like overpriced games, etc.
  13. Don't worry... But the fact is that nobody made a TF 2 group (informal). But I still play.
  14. One thing is constructive criticism (which is encouraged and is always useful) and other thing is just plain trolling or destructive criticism. I respect people who get offended by destructive criticism, because It's a rudeness. On the other hand, when you are saying the truth respectfully (and wisely) I don't care about others feelings.
  15. I like his videos, He's a really great person. But I commented already in that particular video, and I have to disagree with his over optmistic point of view regarding current gaming generation. Sorry, but in terms of soul and art, videogames just got worse and worse. Also, as customers, we are being stripped from our unwritten rights because of gray areas... I don't know, the industry just got souless. Only a hand picked of developers are worthy of our attention. (IMAO)