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  • Birthday 05/08/1995

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    Fresno, Cailfornia
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    Star Trek, GTA V and the USMC and USAF, Gaming in general, Kerbal Space Program, Bioshock Infinite, Fallout. I'm also a master at American history, American/Israeli military history (the military is what is what i'm most know for) and Physics, as well as film making,Directing and acting. I'm also a big aviation guy, i love planes, any kind of plane. Also massive RWBY fan as well as Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato) I'm a big metal and rock fan, Metallica in particular.
  1. Gamers don't die, they respawn in a better place. RIP Monty
  2. Depends, what system did you play it on?
  3. Lets see... Ace Combat 1,2,3,4,5 and zero. for last gen and next gen consoles.
  4. Irrational Games, Never forget!
  5. Area B7R, Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
  6. Hmm, i always thought the Xbox was like a Western gamer only thing, guess i was right.
  7. Because this is one of the few problems the majority of the "PC master race" tends to ignore, Steam's extremely lax quality control. I am not trying to turn this into a console vs PC thread, its been pointed out by both sides.
  8. 2 things, Xbox and books
  9. Metallica and Newsted, no question. well, maybe a randomly chosen playlist on my Ipod then no question.
  10. Well, we may have dodge a bullet here, but we must keep our eyes and ears open nonetheless.
  11. I'd live in the RWBY world
  12. I shed a tear when in Ace Combat 5, Chopper my and probably fan favorite wingman was killed in mission 17. That was a sad mission. After i watched him die, i like every person who saw that for the first time, pause the game and cry, then going into full rage and killing every single Yuke plane on the screen and then cry some more. It was a sad death.
  13. Ace Combat 4, 5 and Zero, enough said.
  14. Hmm, i guess Google is really on the side of the dying Music, TV and Movie industry, so fuck them. Also the word MONOPOLY comes to my mind with twitch and YouTube's purchase by Google
  15. Here is a awesome review for Euro Truck Simulator 2 made by Terror Trousers Upon a winter's night quite cold I loaded up a game Steam sold The trucking sim of much acclaim While thinking, “what a stupid game.” At first I tried to play my way By squishing peds and bringing pain “Where are the cops?” I asked myself Trying to earn my place in Hell. But time went on I grew bored I'd do one run and then ignore This game that they’d called 'Comfy Truck' And then move on without a- BUT WAIT! I'm almost out of time! Just have some faith, I'll cross that line! But time was past and pay was docked My world was shattered, faith was rocked. “Well just one more.” I grumbled low I loaded up and hit the road "I've got it now." as off I went Soon to delete local content. Passed peaceful pastures in the night I saw a sunrise blinding bright I guess this game's not all that bad Though not the best I've ever had. Pop playing on the radio In harmony with my Volvo This siren sought to bring me sleep While consciousness I fought to keep. I showed up, docked and dropped my charge At a nondescriptive harbor yard “Just one more time,” said my girlfriend “Tomorrow you can play again.” But no, I knew I couldn't stop The needs of commerce never drop If it be chemicals or steel I had to keep turning those wheels. So down the road I charged once more Through France, Poland and Luxembourg And soon a thought occurred to me Could this be what they call ‘comfy’? If slow and peaceful is your aim You'll not do better than this game Now just real quick here's a rundown So you’re running when you hit the ground. You move cargo from A to B I'd recommend quite hastily If you do well and earn your pay Then manage other drivers days. And so with that ends my review I hope maybe you’ll try it too In here you'll find no gun or knife But I enjoy the trucking life