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  1. Any one need a team player for Overwatch on pc add me at cruzjr25#1651
  2. All my info on the left.
  3. Any AJSA member can put me on there friends list, info on the left.
  4. I actually like the game, its not ground breaking but what else can they do with gaming, every new game is gonna feel like some other game.
  5. Anyone can put me down for Destiny, My info on the left under my pic.
  6. To me i thought the game is good, but i knew it wasent gonna bring anything new. My major disappointment with it is i thought there would be more live players like an mmo where there are hundreds of people running around.
  7. Im not really into paying rent per game, but i wouldn't mind a subscription for all games for as long as i want, kinda like the gamefly model.
  8. I love ESO, but i got other shit to pay, like bills, i don't feel that any game is worth a sub fee.
  9. No, I love ESO but i just don't think its worth the fee.
  10. I would suggest renting it
  11. Its a business like everything else, its actually shame on us because the more we are willing to pay the more they will continue to charge.
  12. I pre ordered the standard edition, and im not surprised, but whatever people see as valuable they will be willing to pay for, its not really a good or bad thing
  13. I'd like to go pure bread, sword and shield warrior with two handed as back up, and dagger and bow thief, then pure magic mage