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  1. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Well, the MGSV Phantom Pain review is out. Witcher 3 has a GOTY rival alright.   
    Well, it's still unclear if Rising is canon or not. I sure hope it's canon, but other people don't want it to be canon.
    Blame EA for all of this fucking shit. They started it first after seeing how mobile games do it, and now most games, even recent ones like MKX, Titanfall, Destiny, fucking Evolve and later on stupid Star Wars Battlefront has it. The only thing that can be done to stop microtransactions now is to do an extreme boycott so sales for games with them will go down hard enough so game companies will stop that nonsense. Or take whoever is responsible for this decision hostage and brainwash them to abolish microtransactions for future games.
    On the bright side, Phantom Pain's microtransaction are not as ridiculous as those other games, and it will only allow other players, like ME, to be RICHER by stealing other people's equipments and recruiting their soldiers after they foolishly use extra money to build their base. Didn't they know that Metal Gear is all about stealth and stealing stuff, not spending money for your base? Hahahahaha! I am going to steal all of their tech as soon as the game is mine!
  2. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Just when you thought Konami couldn't get worse....   
  3. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in When encountering the Vanduul Kingship at Operation Pitchfork... Joe be like...   

    AJSA commanders be like...

    And the Angry Army be like...

  4. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Bethesda E3 conference   
    Fallout 4 showcase, It blew my mind! Everything i could've possibly wanted in a post apocalyptic game! I REALLY hope they have Hardcore MODE included. Why buy Survivel games when you got Fallout 4?! HAHAHA SO FREAKING hyped for it. Only thing that is missing is Co-op. But really now, lots of content, a big ass map, a good story (So i suspect) And the graphics? Who the hell said it looked BAD again? haha. ( I saw some lip-sync glitches  at the beginning lol )
    What did you guys most like about what they showed? i was blown away about the rebuilding thing, and Weapon customization thing!
    Also, those drawings they showed, at the beginning, if you look closely you see lots of enemy variants from the previous games, now they havn't shown most of em yet, but i think it safe to say they're in? (As those blasted Beatles are still in there)
    I usually never overhype at games with just a demo, and some vids, but this. Is everything i ever wanted in a SP, post apocalyptic FP(TP)RPG. As i enjoyed the other games like f3, skyrim, etc... I think this will be a master piece!  Hope Bethesda comes trough with what they showed today. Also that Little Mobile platfrom game, "This war of Mine" anyone? looks fun though.
    So getting that pip-boy btw
    Was it just me or Did DOOM look like Halo 4? i mean gameplay wise, it seems a bit slow, but still fast, (Halo like???) and the weapons looked a bit similar, like, I thought i was watching a Halo 4 Video when they showed Doom, until i looked closely at some of them GORE & BLOOD and Satan from Hell themed game. Loooved it too.
     It all in all looked super nice, and fun to play, even though i havn't played any of the other dooms before. Looks fun. AND TOTALLY BAD ASS MAN! freaking demons and shit!!!
    Dishonored, does this mean we get to play as a female protagonist? I recognized some of them ability's from the first game. Also, what about corvo? Kinda wished they'd shown some gameplay, i seriously think that was just a cinematic. (Was that picture in that gents office from the scientist in the first game???) Looking forward to what they bring gameplay wise.
    Did not pay much attention to the card game though.
    And i mist the rest Because suddenly my router died, and had to reboot it, came back just in time for the end of the card game.
    Did they show any nazi game?
    I say, great Showcase Bethesda! even got some giglz
  5. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by Frailos18 in Cyrodiill !   
    So was talking to Bast the other day and we came up with a great idea.  We would like to get a group of people interested ( or already likes pvp ) in doing a group of Werewolves in Cyrodiil.  If we have to we can trade off bites within the guild ( can do friends aka maybe get Manny to join us....) would like to get people inside the guild bitten first though.  This will not have to be limited to those who want to be a WW, can come on any character you wish.  Just the idea of a group of AJSA WW's running around owning Cyrodiil would be great. 
    I would like to try timing this so that Bast can stream our group.  If you have not already I hope you go to twitch and watch Bast stream ( don't forget to hit follow!!!!!).   I mainly play Ebonheart Pact but I am leveling a Dragon Knight to do pvp/dungeons/trials with the guild as Aldmeri Dominion.   Message me on the forums here or just reply to this thread if you are interested.
  6. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by Muzical in New AJSA invite/promotion thread (PC - NA server)   
    I intend to play during the "free" weekend coming up; I think my in-game name is Muzical, but I don't think that'll work until I've logged in.  I played during the betas, (first game I played with the AJSA ) but never played the actual game.  (I was unemployed during the betas and at launch.)
  7. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in The Final Stand of the Angry Army in Planetside 2   
    I would also like to point out the AJSA has been around Planetside 2 since the Beta, and the Outfit has been Operational since November 2012.  Our First Campaign lasted about 6 Months; and this Second Campaign lasting for 16 Months is all the more impressive.  
    I hope the leaders and veterans of the Second Campaign will make use of the Unofficial/Official Game Suggestion Forum to take their skills to start new Games for the AJSA to support.  
    Should the game merit our support, I hope to see many returning Veterans in WarHammer 40K: Eternal Crusade!
  8. Conan liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in The Final Stand of the Angry Army in Planetside 2   
    Going to be out of town. Wish I could have been on more. Been working almost everyday for the last eight months and my work hours don't lineup well with event hours. Still, the events I was able to attend were really fun. Hopefully they will get the game fixed and we can try again. It's been fun, hope to see y'all around later.

  9. Conan liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in The Final Stand of the Angry Army in Planetside 2   
    Going to be out of town. Wish I could have been on more. Been working almost everyday for the last eight months and my work hours don't lineup well with event hours. Still, the events I was able to attend were really fun. Hopefully they will get the game fixed and we can try again. It's been fun, hope to see y'all around later.

  10. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by Weynard in List your ships (Lets see how big our armada is)   
    Check this out: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aq1m_tPIpvnSdExsVnRYQ1dwMy1Xd0M1eF9IaWRmRGc&usp=drive_web#gid=0
  11. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Pony Thread   
    It's PONY Sing-a-long, so come on down and sing-a-long.
    I really thought something that collects all the songs from season 1 - 4 and Equestria Girls would be longer than just two hours.



  12. FugitiveSum liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in Mr. Roberts: 'the goal is to start rolling out the DFM...   
    'Single player “Free Flight” and “Vanduul Swarm” set for May 29th  and the very first batch of multiplayer testers will get access to the game’s multiplayer game modes. We will scale up the multiplayer as quickly as possible starting on that date, increasing the number of players as it is stable and stopping to fix bugs where needed.'- https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13883-Arena-Commander-Weekly-Report-May-12-16

  13. Gilt liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in Thundecats   
  14. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in Funniest GIF ever?   
  15. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by AveragePegasus in Pony Thread   
  16. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by The_Vegan_Zombie in The Final Verdict....   
    I'm just gonna copy-pasta my Youtube comment, because I found it unreasonably harsh. Just because Joe's experience was bad, doesn't mean your experience will be.
    If you enjoy the game, keep playing it.
    "Joe, I usually have to back you up; but in between your Twitch stream constantly harassing you in game, and the lack of actual progression you were able to take part in (neither of which I am meaning as an insult, in any way) I just feel you didn't give the game the proper time it should have.

    You stated many things were wrong that, in game, weren't a concern.
    Holding Zenimax accountable for a duplication glitch, saying they weren't trying to fix it; even though when they learned about it, the ability to do so was patched within 2 days.
    You claim that the "global economy was ruined" and then bash Zenimax for a lack of global economy.

    You wanted player housing and moral choices, and even though both have been announced for a summer release, you still put the game down for it not existing.

    You never talked about crafting. At all. One of the games greatest features.
    Many MMOs are rated on their crafting for final scores. Joe mentions it quite heavily in Guild Wars 2, even if I'm not mistaken. I believe he claims that the person "who came up with the cooking needs a promotion, IMMEDIATELY!"

    So why neglect it here? It was such a HUGE part of Skyrim (which he mentions there), and it is a HUGE part of it in ESO, that  to absolutely neglect it? Unfair. Completely unfair.

    I understand he had time constraints, but still, it is sad to see such a major component of The Elder Scrolls series not even get the praise it deserves.

    I know you are incredibly busy, especially with the past week. And I know you had some fun, especially when you weren't streaming, not being harassed, and chatting casually in the guild. And even more so in PVP (minus last satuday's start).

    While I agree wit the graphics being underwhelming, in some areas, they are clearly better than vanilla Skyrim graphics by a long shot. And I agree bugs are annoying, but I find Zenimax to be doing a better than average job fixing them.  Gold farmers become almost non-existent in areas past Auridon. Thank god. So public dungeons become much more enjoyable.
    The game opens up SO much in late Greenshade. (2nd zone for Aldmeri Dominion.) It follows suit in the other Zones as well.

    You will probably get that horse, be able to zip around, feel attached to your character, see some of the epic side-quest lines with major consequences.

    BUT lets cover something here. Horses. Joe is RIGHT ON THE FUCKING MONEY.
    You NEED the Imperial Edition. With it, you get a 1g horse, and you can buy that 1g horse more than once across every character in your command. Meaning you are saving between 14-42 thousand gold per horse (42k hoses are pointless though, 42k for 10 more bag space is stupid and not worth it. Ever.)

    All of the gold you would be spending on a horse could be going to inventory space/bank space to ease the juggling of inventory management. So yes. Zenimax fucked up on that part pretty hard.

    I enjoyed the review, you make god points, but the lack of time with it, and the way you spent the time in the world, nay, how you experienced the world of Tamriel. I just CANNOT agree with the judgement you passed and the score it received.

    Take care man! =]"
  17. Morwenna liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in Thorker of the AJSA Crowned first emporer of AD on Skull Crusher   
    Congrats to Thorker on emperor and also to Morwenna for finally passing me on the leader board
  18. Silverfox liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in OFFICIAL: SKULL CRUSHER CAMPAIGN   
    The populations have balanced on Skull Crusher and we are pushing back
  19. FutureOffender liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in OFFICIAL: SKULL CRUSHER CAMPAIGN   
    The server is down and being prepared for launch. And Daggerfall has an unbreakable hold on Skull Crusher. They have held everything on the map for over 12 hours now. The only way we could come back from this is to have have the whole guild come out in force in pvp and even then it may take weeks just to catch up to them.
    For now I think it would just be best to get everyone leveled and geared and then set a day to rally everyone and take back Cyrodiil in one go. Let Daggerfall get bored and complacent and strike when they are not expecting it. 
    Need at least 4 full groups to make any real progress and more if we are going to hold everything.
    I know alot of people that I have been pvping with me are quite upset about the population balancing right now, and while I agree with them, I thing that if the guild comes together we can turn this  around and get an awesome victory from it. 
    I am working this weekend so won't be able to do much but have most of next week off and plan to reach at least 50 before it is over.
    On a positive note, the guild has the top spots on the Aldmeri leader board so when we do take everything back we will definitely have the emperor in our guild
  20. Crowfleo liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in OFFICIAL: SKULL CRUSHER CAMPAIGN   
    Not really how I thought the day would go, but I am happy with it.
    Currently Rank 1 in PvP on Skullcrusher with 50,000+ points
    Going to be working most of the week so feel free to knock me down a few spots on the board
  21. Jackschmit liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in Which Cyrodiil Campaign will be ours?   
    'Reminder! The Angry Army will join the Aldmeri Dominion on the North American MegaServer & will choose the Skull Crusher Cyrodiil Campaign'.-Angry Joe Show Facebook page.
  22. Papabear liked a post in a topic by Quinnnniuq in The Fellowship of the Scrolls   
    Had some awesome pvp adventures in Cyrodiil today, or yesterday at this point.
    A small 5 person group stealthing deep into enemy territory on a quest to take the Elder Scrolls and die in the most epic ways possible. XD
    Lots of fun and really looking forward to more in this beta and the next or early access.
  23. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by Colt0512 in Pony Thread   
    Oh oh, I wanna join in!
    ( Potential reposts :c )

    Also, Brohoof. /)
  24. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by Scohui in Pony Thread   
  25. Quinnnniuq liked a post in a topic by IronPhoenix in Pony Thread