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Everything posted by NARDCORE_805

  1. I have been playing Freedom Wars! It is such a great game and its super addicting! I'm surprised how easy it is to find people still playing it now xD
  2. Woo! that's the spirit!
  3. Hello everyone! Happy New Year to you all!! I hope you all had a good year and that 2015 is even better! What game are you going to play first to kick off 2015? I am going to play some League of Legends and then some Little Big Planet 3! What about you guys?
  4. Okay awesome! I have the chat room set up to always join it at start up so hopefully I'll see you there! My IGN is Anomaly55
  5. I really want to like that game but the aiming is weird and my first match was a bad experience xD
  6. Cool! I can't do Starcraft xD after seeing people that play that game competitively and stuff all I think is "Nope, no way I can do that >_< I can't even type without looking down!" xD
  7. Those are some awesome games! Good job! I like that 20 min win by the way My problem is just that when I play ranked I tend to play it too safe and so I miss out on a lot of oppourtunities to punish the enemy team >_< It's a bad habit so I am going to try and play more ranked from now on so that I can get used to just going in there and fudging stuff up xD
  8. That's awesome! Will you also be in the AJSA chat room? I forget to start-up ts3 a lot xD
  9. Yeah people can be mean xD as soon as my team starts getting toxic I just mute them. Or if the other team is toxic I mute them too xD I just don't like dealing with people that don't wanna cooperate to win the game. Although sometimes it is funny reading what they say lol
  10. Are you still looking for people? I am up to play and would like to do more ranked with some awesome peeps! I don't mind filling so add me if you still need people!
  11. I just want Kingdom Hearts :'( I have been waiting so long >_< But other than that I want to play the new Uncharted!
  12. Yeah I have played the game a bit and its super fun but kinda difficult XD I think its mostly difficult because I picked the Matador and so I have to constantly weave in and out of battle haha and that range tho!
  13. Yeah I have done that all the time xD I thought I was just cancelling the reload animation tho. Although I do have to be careful not to accidentally throw my knife
  14. Hello everyone! War Thunder is now available in NA for free! Which means we can shoot some planes down! or destroy some tanks! xD Who has tried this game already? I played it for like 40 min on the PS4 and I have to say I had a lot of fun! I could not control my plane at all 0_0 I am so bad at flying it actually made it harder for anyone to shoot me down xD I did get better towards the end though! (believe me!) Who is up for playing some War Thunder together? We can dominate the skies! (or the ground!) What do you all think of the game? Any funny stories?
  15. Yeah don't worry I have been here! xD Yeah I have actually never played any games about flying airplanes or driving tanks so this has been a really cool and fun experience for me xD I find it really fun just to fly around and stuffs and I really like how the planes feel way different! I haven't tried the tank battles yet tho :/
  16. Wow level 4? I have no idea how to level up but I'm 2 xD Yeah that happened to me too! I was chasing him for so long that he ended up crashing his plane on the ground xD but then I got shot and burst into flames :'(
  17. Yeah this game sounds really good! I like a lil thrill in my games with a deep plot.. really makes you think
  18. Why is your writing super tiny!! I thought you were trying to hide something xD
  19. Then why did it get umpinned?
  20. Sounds cool, link to original article please?
  21. psn

    Check the Angry Army PSN List at the top of the threads. There you will see everyone's PSN ID and are free to add any one of them xD But yeah you can add me : NARDCORE_805 Hope that helps!
  22. Yeah in an interview they said that they were considering letting people carry over their beta saved files over to the retail game, but they said no promises and that it was something they were going to discuss further at a later date.
  23. I play killzone still, I am playing it right now actually xD BTW can't wait for that new co-op mode coming this June
  24. I still think this game is going to be awesome! I have been looking forward to this game for such a long time! I can't wait for the beta to start!
  25. I like all these resposes xD glad to see I wont be playing alone xD