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    http://adventplayers.blogspot.com.au/ the place where i just write shit. work in progress I swear.
  1. I definitely agree, that game is nowhere near perfect, but its a game that excels at points that matter most that it's easier to forget its linearity, black and white choices and combat. It's difficulty wasn't even that bad, it is a learning curve to play this game by its rules but once you pick it up its not that big of a deal and overall it's enough to consider for a sequel, too bad that didn't fan out right
  2. I played an imperial mage assassin. Focused on archery and a mix of daggers, swords and magic and basically crouch and snipe everyone from the corner of the room. Had the hardest time with dragons though, i can't aim something that far away. I used mostly illusion magic and i'd dabble in other areas cause thats pretty fun and mostly just light armour, cause i like to stay in character, you'd look pretty stupid if your a assassin crouching in the corner in heavy armour.
  3. Nintendo had pretty good year in 2014 in regards to exclusives, arguably the strongest out of the current generation for 2014. Wondering what everyone's most excited for in 2015 from Nintendo, I for one am most excited for the bravery default sequel but the new fire emblem sounds pretty good too. Whats everyone else excited for?
  4. Im pretty onboard with this guys list, you can't really go wrong if you follow it. If your looking for playstation exclusives though you won't find much outside infamous which is a quickly goes from OMG amazing to geez can this just end. strongly recommend last of us and tomb raider definitve edition (only if you havent played it at all)
  5. 2014 wasn't that bad, as everyone was saying the state of some of these AAA titles was appalling, drive club initially a launch game comes out 1 year later and is still not working, AC: Unity proves that you should skip an installment and get it every second year and destiny being wayyy less than expected. With that said we got some pretty cool alternatives like shovel knight and AC:rogue, nintendo wrecks shop with great releases of mario kart, smash bros and bayonetta 2. Still it makes me worried for 2015, i feel everyones gonna be putting a lot of pressure on these coming up titles.
  6. Now thats the part I have a problem with, I dont like the idea of microtransactions in games I pay full price for. I can give this one a little more leniency because from my understanding its an always online type of game or a majority of it is and the idea is that you have the option of working towards your goal or paying to get there but I mean why even have that option and have the player been constantly thinking during the game "Damn, screw it ill just buy my way through".
  7. E3 this year I think will be amazing, With new consoles out that need more software and some indie games to come what are we hoping to see at the Playstation Conference and better yet can anyone predict something that has not been announced? I for one want to see more destiny, I preordered that and I want to see more of it in actual free roam gameplay, as well as kingdom hearts 3 release window and trailer during the conference. Square Enix is very quiet about what there up to.
  8. I got Tomb raider, Assassins creed 4, resogun, contrast, Thief, Infamous: second son, Mercenary King, Don't Starve. Playstation Plus is a magical thing guys.
  9. In all honesty, the original dualshock design never bothered me, I guess my hands grew around them and just made it work but that doesn't mean im defending them. I can clearly see how the xbox controller could feel better and im glad to see the new dualshock 4 just be so much better then before, i heard that they had taken the mechanical buttons therefore for games that use it, pushing the X button harder does not make it better, faster or stronger but its loss i can live with and probably one that if i wasn't told about, would of never realised, controller is heavier and bigger making it feel like its value, triggers feel smoother and analogs feel tighter. I'm still getting a hand of the no start or select button but you deal with it. Clearly the best dualshock controller ever.
  10. I think its all about application, if a game can make use of it and not make it feel gimmicky then it works. Games have to be built from the ground up with VR in mind, not just added for the sake of adding a padded experience games like teraway is built around the backtouch which makes it work smoother, infamous: second son uses swipes to replace button mashing which makes it feel normal or natural. Still i'm really excited for this, its a real push forward from just being able games being able to sense your motions, its an experience that can be used with a game controller or whatever peripheral that suits your fancy. Reason why the move or kinect never hit me is because its meant to replace the controller which im not comfortable with.
  11. I've played it a bit and it was good, nothing outstanding so far to the point that its become part of my backlog. gameplay does seem fun in this sort of minimized open world but there are quite a few quirks that just keep it from holding your attention for a long time. I could finish a mission every once in a while but could never grind it but if you like stealth games, I could see it keeping your attention for a lot longer.
  12. can't decide between Exo Hunter or Human Titan, they both look so cool
  13. The last of us on PS4, I mean it isn't a bad idea considering a large portion of the PS4 population probably don't own PS3's and this brings more notice to naughty dog but When I finished the Last of us, it felt like the final charge in the PS3's time, so it being ported over doesn't take away from the experience as it hurts me a tiny bit inside but other then that I do have some issues. first being that it kind of decreases the value of playstation now, probably everyones go-to game was the last of us and a bunch of PS2 classics and second I can't imagine how they would port it, being it was an exclusive to PS3 using that old architecture meaning they would have to kind of remake the game meaning it could come out at retail price and having it remade could take a while too. But even so, if it does come out (which i'm not really sure about) its a great reason to revisit that world and for others to experience that amazing plot and just imagine how excellent it will look
  14. I bought infamous: second son and it was great, it excelled at everything I thought it would. The world is wonderful and feel different to empire city and new marais more tense while seattle is slightly more free environment which goes well with the motto of the game being to enjoy your powers. All the powers are enjoyable, without spoiling it too much, each have unique ways of dealing with different situations or how you want to approach a battle, using what you probably already know smoke is more for run and gun action if thats how you like to destroy your enemies or neon which is a ranged type battle, sniping enemies from roof tops or from far away. You really get to enjoy yourself playing in this city. but with that said, the story lacks any real impact, its good and characters are memorable disregarding what others might say but they just aren't utilized to the most they could be. Also what people say about the moral system is true, they are pretty black and white. still this game is pretty amazing given its about 12 hours without rushing it and going for optional missions in between story missions, hell of a time playing it through as good guy and pretty good moments but looks like its still in early stages.
  15. Well the way I always go about picking games are by the genre I feel like playing. if I where to go by genre. Action - Assassins creed series or Batman arkham series, batman would be my choice only cause its probably closest we will ever get to being batman (before arkham knight comes out) but if more open world action is your fancy assasins creed might be good. RTS - Valkyria Chronicles, one of the best fusion of RTS and shooter games on PS3, good story and some very difficult and rewarding scenarios. its all third person and its a very interesting plot and the combat is done in a unique way that really keeps it intense. Puzzle - Catherine, the puzzles is very simple and difficult at the same time, you move blocks but it can get very intense very quickly, add some dark story points, realistic moral decisions and terrifying moments and thats this game in a nutshell. Shooter - Borderlands 1 and 2 is a really good coop shooter if your looking for something other then cinematic movie shooting but a more characteristic and just fun game overall. J-RPG - tales of xillia which has a really strong story, combat is although less strategic, a lot more action orientated and does have some interesting combo actions to keep the combat upbeat at all times. tales of symphonia chronicles is meant to be better but havent played it and if you looking for a more western rpg maybe the new ff X I X-2 remastered, i played it originally on ps2 and there probably one of the last good FF games. Honourable mentions: tomb raider, infamous 1 and 2, vanquish, spec ops: the line, demon souls, journey, Ni no Kuni, strider, god of war 3, Kingdon hearts 1.5 remix, fallout 3 or new vegas and some PS1 classics if your into old RPGs