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  1. Dragonquest I to X
  2. Cry of Fear is a fun HL1 Horror mode with a co-op mode, it's a pretty fun game and free (you dont need HL1 anymore either it's a stand alone now on steam.
  3. Well I haven't been on in awhile to these forums, but if I would have to take a guess is maybe a memory leak in the game. Supposedly the new AMD beta driver has a memory leak when resizing game windows.
  4. If you need someone who can pick up any role let me know by a PM
  5. Does this laptop have a Express card slot? or thunderbolt port? NVidia GeForce GT 418m was made in 2009 (the 400 series), honestly don't believe any mother fucker on the sales floor, they're only taught to sell things with very limited knowledge 99% of the time (they would most likely have a job elsewhere if they had greater knowledge of computers), though honestly that guy fucked you over by ANY stretch of the imagination when most games will NOT run on that A. How long ago did you buy this can you get a refund? because that is horrendous for 760$ you could've bought a bare bones laptop almost for that price... B. Honestly build a PC C. If you have Express card 1.0/2.0 you might be able to fix your problem but it will cost you 100$+ video card + a power supply unit, and if you want to make the external videocard enclosure work, but even then you will be running said video card at PCI-E x1 speeds (possibly X2 if your lucky) so your video card would be running 40-50% less efficent but if you get x2 with some of the mid range cards you will get a 25-30% less performance which isn't half bad, and a monitor... but at this point you might as well get a new PC as you already bought... A Video card/ A power supply/ and made a case to make this portable instead of all out in the open will cost you a tad more... honestly PC Case: 40-60$ (how much you will spend for an enclosure for a external video card if you make it for yourself and don't have any of the tools to cut metal, pre made external card slots that are portable, professionally made... anywhere from 500-1000$, made by a persona generally 250-400$ ( I charge around 300$ to make the casing and the parts) Video Card: how much you where going to spend for method C anyways Mother board generally 30-50$ Cpu: Generally 200$ Ram: 30-50$ for 8GB's Power supply: again would have to buy one for the external card any was you dont really want to pick option C because you will have to know a shit ton about computers even if your making it non portable version it sill costs 100$ for the parts with S&H in canada and with the tools it costs me around 20-40$ (depends how big they want it/ect) to make the casing
  6. People will always say stupid things, this is the world we live in
  7. You know what's kinda tempting, making your own you tube like sight for Lets players/ Reviewers/ Game lovers, and kick starter to get the money to hire (programmer/designer/ and mostly build the server
  8. Well I just saw a video where someone tried resisting arrest in Canada (surprisingly resisting arrest no matter the gender might be the leading cause to getting tackled by a cop) but later on the guy on the phone is trying to say it was police brutality, and says my new favourite line http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/1so9h4/canadian_officer_does_a_good_job/cdztx4g that was my comment... but here you go if you dont want to go to Reddit "so what happens if she broke her arm or broke her everything?" (6:15-6:20)
  9. Oh yeah about the firestorm, if the things you listed up supports your video card it should be good for the most part, I would generally use first party Overclocking tools over 3rd party unless firestorm is limiting you
  10. Uh the only thing I think you could really upgrade to is a eight core CPU, which might see use in the newer games as they are being programmed for will have 8 cores (atleast for the ps4 and xbox 1 have 8 core support, games like CoD most likely wont support it with the whole Wii U only being 4 quad core (and why the look to next gen looks like a 360 game as they didn't bother changing anything from the Wii U, even though the higher power of the PS4/X1/PC)... but that would be quite the expensive upgrade, but really your weakest thing is still your video card so if you can with your new MOBO try to get one that can SLI It will bottleneck it a bit, but you should be fine for the most part
  11. oh if there is any misinformation do let me known
  12. No i don't at all /dont look at my signature
  13. rollback your drivers if you can, Nvidia should always have the previous drivers
  14. Heres what I do to not pirate games 1. Is this game worth my money... if yes I will buy it... if no I will not buy it... did I not like the game, hope I purchased it on Origin and not Steam as Origin has the better refund policy
  15. Thanks, I'll add some more i've just been busy with work being a giant ...well I wont really say anything just to give you an idea i work at wally world (walmart) and pretty much trying to fire me because of my new health disability ( I have essential Tremors ) and are trying to f me out of my IE by pulling BS out of their ass