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  1. Dragonquest I to X
  2. Cry of Fear is a fun HL1 Horror mode with a co-op mode, it's a pretty fun game and free (you dont need HL1 anymore either it's a stand alone now on steam.
  3. Well I haven't been on in awhile to these forums, but if I would have to take a guess is maybe a memory leak in the game. Supposedly the new AMD beta driver has a memory leak when resizing game windows.
  4. I will be looking at this form constantly, if you want some help with a specific game let me know 1. Unparking your CPU Are you CPU's parked... don't know, use this program... if you already know about this you most likely already went to your registry edit, and fixed this, use this link http://www.coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility It's actually the small link (usually above those stupid "download ads") at the bottom of all the text Core Parking, is what your PC will do to reserve power for your computer (this will make your laptop battery die faster though, so the program can turn it on and off for gaming), but the problem is Windows OS can be aggressive not letting another core open even if it's around 80% which can cause micro stutter (aka fps drops to 60->0->60 FPS) freezing the game for a second as it prepares the core, and when it's not needed again it will turn off again causing this to happen again and again. this will also make it all four cores are always on 2. Down sampling (Games that don't offer AA, but this more taxing to your computer) First I will give down sampling a explanation to what it is first Down Samlping is OGSSAA (Ordered Grid SuperSampling AntiAliasing), and is simply the best of all Anti Aliasing but the most taxing to your computer, but seeing how some games do not have these options (aka console ports) this is the only way to add AA to those games. I will show you the math of what will happen when you down sample and what will happen to your fps 2880 x 1620 (4665600 Pixels) -> 1920 x 1080 (2073600 Pixels) 1/2.25 the fps (so 60 FPS would go down to 26 FPS) (120 FPS -> 53 FPS) 3200 x 1800 (5760000 Pixels) -> 1920 x 1080 (2073600 Pixels) 1/2.78 the fps (so 60 FPS would go down to 22 FPS) (120 FPS -> 44 FPS) 3840 x 2160 (8294400 Pixels) -> 1920 x 1080 (2073600 Pixels) 1/4 the fps (so 60 fps would go down to 15 FPS) (120 FPS -> 30 FPS) Al right here is how you do it on a NVIDIA CARD 1. Go To Nvidia Control Panel -> Adjust Desktop Size and Position, this will be under Display 2. Have these settings -> Aspect Ratio -> Perform Scaling: GPU -> Override the Scaling mode set in games 3. Now go to Change Resolution -> Customize -> Enable Resolutions not exposed by this Display -> Create Custom Resolution 4.Now to do the down sampling, first keep it at the resolution you want so 1920x1080, switch the Standard to Manual, then when that is all done set the Horizontal Pixels and Vertical Lines of the resolution you want so as I put 3600 x 2025 as an example, but you will want something on the same aspect ratio, remember that) VIOLA your done, my only thing you will need to have Refresh Rate 30HZ,60HZ,120HZ (dont recommend 120HZ one bit) Here is the AMD guide to downsampling as you supposedly need a third program, but the words should be the same! http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=472941 ( I would only REALLY Recommend down sampling if the game doesn't offer it, as the other types of AA wont look like this but this way is hardly effective, but this is more the hammer to a brick wall approach ) No Down Sampling Vs Down Sampling 3, Power Management, setting your PCI-Express Link Power State to OFF and CPU Minimum to 100% can help it too (aka your CPU wont flux), you might also have to change this in the BIOS too What this will do is make sure your CPU and GPU is always running full power this again is to stop micro stuttering 4. Have a 6xx/7xx series Nvidia Card? In the MSI Afterburner, Riva Tuner Shell, evga Precision X try activating something called KBOOST, what these video cards do is have your GPU lower it's clock speeds depending on how much it is in use to make the card last long but causes unstable FPS as it will fluxate your FPS when there isn't much to process when there isn't to much causing the game to freeze at times What KBOOST does is have it so it doesn't have your cores under clock themselves at random intervals which would cause the screen freezing (again this will stop more micro stuttering) 5. Achieving Faster load times with a USB 3.0 Stick vs HDD 7200 RPM, or if you have a small SSD you can do this trick too To give you an idea the average 7200 RPM Drive has a Read/Write speed that is around 80-100 MB, and a lot of the 64 GB thumb sticks (some 32 GB) sticks can have faster write speeds then the average HDD which is generally from 150-225 MB Read spead doubling or almost doubling the speed of your hard drive, as what's important for gaming is the READ speed (writing is when your installing, making files,ect) so what you will do is take the BIGGEST game files, which are generally the data folder which it will load up, put them in your thumb stick. Let's say your Battlefield 4/Data Drive all the .CAS Files are 1gb each and the main bulk of the game loads up to your pc. Step 1. Make a Back Up Folder in the directory with all the Data files so lets say Battlefield 4/Data/Backup, you would move all the .CAS Files your going to move out from that folder into there so cas_01.cas to cas_21.cas (Move them so Cut not copy) Step 2. Now copy all the .CAS files onto your SSD or USB 3.0 Thumb drive Step 3. Enter the CMD.EXE in ADMIN MODE (YOU MUST BE IN ADMIN MODE! AND HAVE FULL PRIVILIGES to both folders!) Step 4.Enter the following command MKLINK /d C:\Origin Games\Battlefield 4\Data\cas_01.cas G:\cas-01.cas what you just made was a symbolic link, as now battlefield 4 will go oh I found the file here and your SSD/Thumb drive will go OH I ACTUALLY HAVE THE FILE HERE RAM READ THIS! (you will see a copy of the file you want in the battlefield 4/data folder with 0 bytes Now repeat this for Cas_01.cas to cas_021.cas You can also use the program suggested below by vanhoe I added to my link but the program does mklink /j where it's making a symbolic link of a whole folder and everything inside, depending on the game this might be better (aka a game with a bunch of smaller .dat files) where symbolic is when the game has a few large files scattered about or you want both your HDD and SSD sending to your ram at the same time as Ram is about 5-15x faster depending on how much you spent for the SDD and or ram 6. DNS Server (this should help improve performance on Web Browsing, not so much gaming) https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm DNS stands for Domain Name System in the easiest way to explain it is the great internet Telephone book you put lets say www.google.ca, your computer wouldn't understand that since it's numbers so what the DNS does is translate www.google.ca into making a IP address your computer can understand, the same thing you dont put your buddies name into the phone, you put his telephone number... but usually the average ISP DNS server is pretty crappy and will have to load up a few DNS's servers for one website making it take awhile, and there is a DNS "cache" will can over fill and remove previous domain names, in which it will have to relook everything up again (this could possibly making searching servers up for games faster though, I dont think it will increase your ping though, more for browsing the internet) The above program will fix find the fastest DNS server for you, the smaller the bar the better (aka the first one should be the best), but try to pick from two different DNS servers (aka you get to put two in, just have two different servers incase one goes down) 7. Enable Write Caching (Increase faster HDD performance) This stores the data before your hard drive writes it... so I will say one thing A. Have it on a secondary drive not holding your OS B. Instantly turn it off during electrical storms/something that might cause power outage C. Never press the reset button D. Why you might loose data if you loose power or don't do the correct way of resetting of shutting down your PCE. You are liable to any corrupted data 1. Go to Control Panel 2. Go to Device Manager 3. Go to Disk Drive 4. Select Properties5. Select Policies6. Check Enable Write Caching Tip.8 How to boot up faster with a dual/quad core CPU 1. Go to MSCONFIG.exe *search it from your start menu* 2. Go to Boot 3. Advance Options4. Check of Number Processors5. 2/3/4 based on how many processors you have TIPS From Other People ( I will say it right here I havent touched AMD/ATI in quite awhile so if you have to do something else)(I will also update this with a tip or two daily, and try to update the tips from others) PC Building TIPS Strongest (Current) Video Cards In Order for Nvidia (600 vs 700 Series) GTX 790 (TBA 1200$+ Estimate) > GTX 690 (999$) > GTX 780 (500$) > GTX Titan (999$) > GTX 770 (380$) > GTX 680 (440$) > GTX 670 (290$) > GTX 760 (290$) >GTX 660 (210$) Strongest (Current) Video Cards in Order for AMD (7000 vs 8000 Series) AMD Current line up isn't as confusing it would pretty much look like this AMD 8890 > AMD 7890 > AMD 8850 It's pretty much the performance is pretty close to each other, the series higher will generally be the more powerful one, as the NVIDIA one is a tad more complicated right now with 600 series being better and worst in some scenarios (it's currently the most powerful GPU on the NVIDIA side, beating the 680 and 780, just a general tip of how it works though Mid End Game (199-399$ Range) GTX X60 GTX X70 AMD x750 AMD x770 AMD x850 High End Gaming (400-1000$ Range) GTX X70 GTX X80 GTX x90 AMD X870 AMD X950 AMD X990 DO not pick up a GTX Titan, it isn't a gaming card, it's what we like to call a work station card, and is more designed for having HIGH Ram and doing calculations and is more made for the line of doing CGI Effects for movies, Scientific Calculations, Very Intensive Photo Shop. It's is pretty much slightly better 770 like the difference might be 1-4 FPS in games 4 vs 8 vs 16 GB's of ram? The good old question, as of Right now is how much RAM do I need? Here is what my thoughts are on how much ram you should build your PC with 4 GB is decent, and all you need to play all the current games right now but it slowly seems like we will be pushing the way of 8 GB with the new consoles coming out, so in my honest opinion, 4GB will most likely become obsolete soon and 8GB of ram at a decent speed is around 40-60$ which is pretty cheap as i think the 4GB is 20-30$, and with the console limit of 8GB I highly doubt we will need to go past 8GB any time soon as this seems to be the new norm setup by the consoles, but if you want to be safe pick up a motherboard that has four DDR 3 RAM slots, which might add you possibly another 30-60$ on your PC, but it saves you from shelling out about 100$ for 16GB (2 x 8GB) RAM, or buyying another MOBO 100$+ in the future Why would I want to go past 8GB's of ram? (For Gaming) Well there is a nifty trick if you want faster load times then the master race and their PC's with SSD... you can create something called a RAM DISK which turns your RAM into a hard drive, but you will need the program RAM DISK to do this http://memory.dataram.com/products-and-services/software/ramdisk/ramdisk-purchase-and-download Since RAM completely wipes itself when your PC goes off, this program lets you save a image that it can load up when ever you boot it back on it, but Chrono ATOG how much faster is this compared to a SSD? I load Skyrim in 20ish seconds on HDD, 10ish seconds on SSD, every game I made a Ramdisk... 1 second, statistically speaking it's 15 times-ish faster then a SSD i5 vs i7 also 4 vs 8 core processors Should you get a I7 for gaming, I mean if you have the budget for it go for it, but will it be that much of a different... ehhh.. not really, to get honest, you will only need around a I5-2400 or better (you can safely over clock it to around 3.3 GHZ, it's what I currently have in a stock cooling PC. but the perfect CPU for gaming and cheap right now would be around 200-300$ reaching 3.1-4 GHZ, the newer consoles are using eight core but at a lower speed, I will also give you an idea how a CPU will work if you have 4 cores of CPU at 3.3 ghz in a quad core doesn't equal this 3.3 x 4 cores = 13.2 GHZ it means you have four cores that have 3.3 ghz of processing power, and if you want a program to run it will use a part of your CPU to calculate, but the problem if lets say 1/2 our CPU is in use and you want to use 2/3's of your cpu it would have to go to the processor that has the room to do that process so a eight cores can be slower and less ineffective the a CPU Full Tower vs Mid Tower When should you get a full tower, or a Mid Tower Computer Case? Well I'll tell you the benefits of both Mid Tower + Cheaper + Less Fans required to push the dust out + Lighter + Only Planning to use one video card + Micro ATX Motherboard - Cant hold some of the larger more powerful motherboards - Slightly warmer then full towers, unless you pay a good extra chunk of cash (there are mid-towers that are better then full towers at being cold but again that's in the 100 buckaroo region for a case and it's a slight one to two degrees colder) - Less Room making a water cooler hard to put in Full Tower + Slightly bit cooler temeprature + Easier to add Water Cooling + More Room for Multiple Parts + Full ATX Motherboard + Planning to do major overclocking where the slight temperature change might be helpful in the end(its only 1-3 degrees cooler really) - Need more fans to push out the dust - More Moola (money) - Heavier My only tip is if your going to use water cooling and SLI/Crossfire, and using a Full ATX and not a Micro ATX go for a tower, if not just pick up a Medium Tower Decent Gaming Computer Graphics Card: 670 GTX [265$] CPU: I5 - 2400 (3.1 GHZ, 4 cores) [200$] MOBO: This is up to opinion but if look for a decently priced should be around [60-70$] (needs to support LGA 1155) RAM: 1600 Mhz 8 GB (2 x 4GB sticks) [65-85$] Hard Drive: 1 Terabyte HD [100-120$] PSU: RAIDMAX RX-850AE 850W ATX12V [109$] Case: Any Micro ATX box [30-40$] Reasoning for Parts GPU: the extra 200$ or even 100$ or 50$ is not worth the "slight" performance boost you might get out of the games is not worth it, it's a 10-15 FPS in most games then a 780 which is the second most powerful card out right now, it would also be cheaper to again SLI if you decided to upgrade with another 670 CPU: 3.1 GHZ is all you really need right now and seeing how it can safely be OC to 3.4 GHZ, it is pretty good right now for what it needs to do, but feel free to upgrade this if you desire Mobo: This is brand preference to me but if you desire to upgrade to SLI do pay the extra money for it Ram: Again mostly brand preference again, just buy one with heat sinks if you want to OC them in the future PSU: ALWAYS GET GOLD Certified, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR PC. END OF STORY! Case: Really up to you for how much you want to spend Total: 815$ Before tax, but if you already own some of the parts and upgrading your computer -> Have a HDD and case? 675$ -> Have a PSU/HDD/and Case? 566$ -> Have a Mobo/HDD/ and Case? 500$ Bonus Total +70$ (a 64gb solid state drive to use for games) +60$ (a 7.1 surround sound card) +60 (SLI MOBO) GREAT LINKS! http://cpuboss.com/ http://gpuboss.com/ http://ssdboss.com/ http://www.traynier.com/software/steammover (easier version of Step 5, wont work with Valve steam games though) (From Vanhoe) Again if I have made any errors, do let me know I will flame you and call you an idiot and say my pc is bette- Nah do let me know, as this forum is to help peoples computers run faster, deal with games that wont offer Anti aliasing and such ALSO, feel free to send me a PM, give me a budget for a pc and any parts your thinking you can bring over to the new computer, I will gladly try to make you the best PC you can! Great Gaming Laptops for a Decent Price http://www.amazon.com/MSI-Series-GX70-3BE-007US-17-3-Inch/dp/B00CU9GKUS%3FSubscriptionId%3DAKIAICE7LOAJMK3SSLPA%26tag%3Dp00935-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3DB00CU9GKUS http://www.amazon.com/MSI-Series-GX60-3AE-216US-15-6-Inch/dp/B00CR8WB7I%3FSubscriptionId%3DAKIAICE7LOAJMK3SSLPA%26tag%3Dp00935-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3DB00CR8WB7I They both use this GPU http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Radeon-HD-8970M.90656.0.html which seem to run some games above 30 FPS on ultra but every game is playable on HIGH for 1300$ with tax, that's a decent gaming laptop Free to play Games Low End PC's DnD Online - F2P, all the pay stuff is available for awards from the harder PVE adventures. Great if you like DnD Get Amped 2 - F2P, a fun free to play fighter game where you can design your own model (kinda basic combat system like super smash bros where you dont have to know 50 million combos) Lost Sector - F2P MMO in alpha that plays like X-com combat wise Medium End Pc's Planetside 2 - F2P Open world FPS, the problem is there is a slight pay wall if your not amazing at the game Warface - F2p FPS with co-op and bf3/cod/css like game play running on the cry engine Warframe - F2P FPS... your space robot ninjas enough said
  5. Do you want to play Battlefield 4, but you have no fps? (I almost feel like AM coded this game) Well these tips should help give you a bit of FPS boosts right now 1. If your on a 64Bit OS right click the game properties, and make it run on 64x mode everytime -> This lets the game use all your ram, as the 32 bit OS is programmed to use 3GB's of the games RAM (1/2GB is usually your OS) -> For Some reason the game doesn't automatically know what to pick 2. Run the Direct X update in the Origin Games\Battlefield 4\ .Installer \Direct X\Redist\DXSETUP.EXE (Run it as Admin or it wont work) 3.Try Disabling Hyper threading in your BIOS for some reason, people have been saying a increase in performance, if it doesn't do anything turn it back on 4.Unpark your CPU, this could be a problem as your CPU might be parked in later OS's like Windows 7+, it was something designed to keep the battery life of your PC Just in case your not tech savvy or dont feel like touching your Registry, just use this http://www.coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility 5. Have a 6xx/7xx series Nvidia Card? In the MSI Afterburner, Riva Tuner Shell, evga Precision X try activating something called KBOOST, what these video cards do is have your GPU lower it's clock speeds depending on how much it is in use to make the card last long but causes unstable FPS as it will fluxate your FPS when there isn't much to process when there isn't to much causing the game to freeze at times What KBOOST does is have it so it doesn't have your cores under clock themselves at random intervals which would cause the screen freezing 6, Power Management, setting your PCI-Express Link Power State to OFF and CPU Minimum to 100% can help it too (aka your CPU wont flux), you might also have to change this in the BIOS too 7. Some people say for Nvidia this is the best patch to run it on but if you have a 780 your SOL http://www.geforce.co.uk/drivers/results/63506 8. Update to 4.5 net frame http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=30653 9. Try this USERConfig (Make a file called user.cfg in the origingames\battlefield\user.cfg) RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 1 (0 for more FPS but it doesn't use DX11)RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1Enable 1 (0 for more FPS but it doesn't use DX11)RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1RuntimeEnable 1 (0 for more FPS but it doesn't use DX11)RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 0WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0WorldRender.MotionBlurForceOn 0WorldRender.MotionBlurFixedShutterTime 0WorldRender.MotionBlurMax 0WorldRender.MotionBlurQuality 0WorldRender.MotionBlurMaxSampleCount 0WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapEnable 0WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 256WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 0RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 0PostProcess.DynamicAOEnable 0PerfOverlay.DrawFps Truegametime.maxvariablefps 59.94 (this is one made the micro stutter disappear oddly) If you guys want to post your Previous FPS Range to current FPS Range, with your settings and resolution (not including the X64 fix, as it's hardly a fix and DICE/EA fucking up and rushing the game) with your graphics card/ram/cpu so like me 27-45 -> 30-45 FPS On Ultra/ 1900 x 1080 (I also do down sampling and such for most my other games) CPU: I5-2400 (4 cores at 3.5 GHZ) GPU: Nvidia GTX 780 (Is still stuttering on certain maps, if other people with 780's let me know if you have this problem) RAM: 8192 MB (I have a feeling I have a defective GTX 780, as I can run this game fine on Ultra with my 560 TI) and 30-50 FPS Ultra/1900 x 1080(3 lower settings turned off off) (I really had to abuse it to get it 30ish and under like in the middle of action and having 4000 DPI and max mouse sensitivity) (It doesn't seem to stutter any more on my 560 TI over clocked, which was the only problem I had, I usually had a stable 35-50 (40+ is common) FPS, 60 inside buildings) CPU: I5-2400 (4 cores at 3.5GHZ) GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 TI RAM: 8192 MB (ALSO if you notice stuttering do you seem to be on the 700 series when this all happens, I'm thinking the new 700 drivers as whats causing the problem)
  6. If you need someone who can pick up any role let me know by a PM
  7. Does this laptop have a Express card slot? or thunderbolt port? NVidia GeForce GT 418m was made in 2009 (the 400 series), honestly don't believe any mother fucker on the sales floor, they're only taught to sell things with very limited knowledge 99% of the time (they would most likely have a job elsewhere if they had greater knowledge of computers), though honestly that guy fucked you over by ANY stretch of the imagination when most games will NOT run on that A. How long ago did you buy this can you get a refund? because that is horrendous for 760$ you could've bought a bare bones laptop almost for that price... B. Honestly build a PC C. If you have Express card 1.0/2.0 you might be able to fix your problem but it will cost you 100$+ video card + a power supply unit, and if you want to make the external videocard enclosure work, but even then you will be running said video card at PCI-E x1 speeds (possibly X2 if your lucky) so your video card would be running 40-50% less efficent but if you get x2 with some of the mid range cards you will get a 25-30% less performance which isn't half bad, and a monitor... but at this point you might as well get a new PC as you already bought... A Video card/ A power supply/ and made a case to make this portable instead of all out in the open will cost you a tad more... honestly PC Case: 40-60$ (how much you will spend for an enclosure for a external video card if you make it for yourself and don't have any of the tools to cut metal, pre made external card slots that are portable, professionally made... anywhere from 500-1000$, made by a persona generally 250-400$ ( I charge around 300$ to make the casing and the parts) Video Card: how much you where going to spend for method C anyways Mother board generally 30-50$ Cpu: Generally 200$ Ram: 30-50$ for 8GB's Power supply: again would have to buy one for the external card any was you dont really want to pick option C because you will have to know a shit ton about computers even if your making it non portable version it sill costs 100$ for the parts with S&H in canada and with the tools it costs me around 20-40$ (depends how big they want it/ect) to make the casing
  8. People will always say stupid things, this is the world we live in
  9. You know what's kinda tempting, making your own you tube like sight for Lets players/ Reviewers/ Game lovers, and kick starter to get the money to hire (programmer/designer/ and mostly build the server
  10. Well I just saw a video where someone tried resisting arrest in Canada (surprisingly resisting arrest no matter the gender might be the leading cause to getting tackled by a cop) but later on the guy on the phone is trying to say it was police brutality, and says my new favourite line http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/1so9h4/canadian_officer_does_a_good_job/cdztx4g that was my comment... but here you go if you dont want to go to Reddit "so what happens if she broke her arm or broke her everything?" (6:15-6:20)
  11. Oh yeah about the firestorm, if the things you listed up supports your video card it should be good for the most part, I would generally use first party Overclocking tools over 3rd party unless firestorm is limiting you
  12. Uh the only thing I think you could really upgrade to is a eight core CPU, which might see use in the newer games as they are being programmed for will have 8 cores (atleast for the ps4 and xbox 1 have 8 core support, games like CoD most likely wont support it with the whole Wii U only being 4 quad core (and why the look to next gen looks like a 360 game as they didn't bother changing anything from the Wii U, even though the higher power of the PS4/X1/PC)... but that would be quite the expensive upgrade, but really your weakest thing is still your video card so if you can with your new MOBO try to get one that can SLI It will bottleneck it a bit, but you should be fine for the most part
  13. oh if there is any misinformation do let me known
  14. No i don't at all /dont look at my signature
  15. rollback your drivers if you can, Nvidia should always have the previous drivers
  16. Heres what I do to not pirate games 1. Is this game worth my money... if yes I will buy it... if no I will not buy it... did I not like the game, hope I purchased it on Origin and not Steam as Origin has the better refund policy
  17. Thanks, I'll add some more i've just been busy with work being a giant ...well I wont really say anything just to give you an idea i work at wally world (walmart) and pretty much trying to fire me because of my new health disability ( I have essential Tremors ) and are trying to f me out of my IE by pulling BS out of their ass
  18. Most played class and it should be, you only need 1 assault, 1 support, 2 engineers, 1 recon per squad for a perfect setup 1. Assault heals everyone, you only need one med kit 2. Support gives people the ammo they need 3. Engi's with Carbines/PDW depending on the map to deal with tanks and air 4 Recon With Goggles a Carbine or Sniper rifle depending on map to spot and plant c4 on tanks getting distracted by rocket fire so if it's 30 vs 30 the team should look like this Assault = 6 Recon = 6 Support = 6 Engineer = 12 But that's speaking as if everyone didn't run away from their groups and where it's favourable to not do that like Arma
  19. 1. Reducing the graphics to low isn't a fix? My answer to this, none of the options I put in the user config are in the video options for BF4 2. Already said that 3. Already said that 4. Already said that 5. Costs people money which they might not have This is made to help people get the boost of performance they might need for lower end computers to play this, I mean unless you want to donate everyone 780's be my guest 6. Thank you for the windows 8 tip, but that also costs people money which they might not be willing to shell out 110 bucks plus tax, but again if you want to donate that too be my guest
  20. Level 30 S2 (only did my 10 matches) looking for a team AnchorManBrickT
  21. + Not pay to win + Hard Bosses + Get Extremely hard.... + Customization FTW - It does get hard, especially for CQC characters if you don't know what you're doing Honestly name a game where you can make a Viable CQC/Tank/Archer I would say the first act is grindish, but then gets better near the end when you start facing some harder boss mobs, but gets ten times better once they fucking take off the lil baby soother and up the difficulty... didn't dodge the telegraphed boss move, on this ain't D3.. your dead! where not paying attention to the shadows of the rock falling, good bye to 3/4 your hp!
  22. I'm going to ask people not to quote me, just go Hey Chrono Atog, Nice post as it looks like someone posting a movie script on youtube (just takes up a lot of room
  23. Guys feel free to leave posts, and other performance boosters!
  24. This is in my top three shooters 1.Arma 3 2. Swat 4 3. Battlefield 2 / 2142
  25. 0.4% failure rate chance is still lower then the WII U failure rate, I had to exchange it twice before I got one that would sync with the system