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  1. *test* discard this message please
  2. alright I gotta go uber take control of my character
  3. raven moved up with henriques watching closely for enemies
  4. raven moved on ahead "henriques can you take point" raven asked
  5. "alright me and henriques are moving up everyone else catch up yes david they are gone" raven said
  6. 'well I guess that answers my question we moving up?" raven asked henriques
  7. raven nodded to chip then ran over to henriques "how many we got" he asked
  8. "alright take a breather guys, david help them im gonna go assist henriques we cant leave him alone" raven ordered
  9. raven ran over shooting the other one it dropped "guys you ok" raven asked
  10. please don't kill him I beg you haha he is a good shot and he is strategic he usueful! hahahah
  11. fair enough when I leave someone needs to control my character
  12. "no not them again NO!" raven yelled "you have seekers on your ass" cover each other we need to get there! now" raven yelled
  13. 'if david cant see it...it must be NO! D move!!" "someone cover him raven yelled
  14. "ah dam it D do you have a shot on the sectoid that started the mind merge?" raven asked "or anyone?"
  15. "do not stay behind that car you need better cover!" raven yelled as he fired killing a sectoid