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  1. Yes indeed. Back in the day when RE4 was only playable on Gamecube. (Only had a PS2 back then) My mate invited me & some of my friends to play the game on his house. Problem Solved. Then I waited for the PS2 release so I can beat the game by myself. But hey, at least RIse of TR is now timed exclusive. It's guaranteed that more people can play it..
  2. *brofist*
  3. I don't know what to say about this. I'm not a big fan of the franchise though.. I felt bad for my friends since they're big fans of the franchise and have no plans on buying an XB1. (They only want to focus on 1 console which is the PS4..) Lots of gamers were looking forward on reboot's sequel and now.. this. Oh well.. I'll just invite them into my house and have a playthrough w/ them.
  4. 8-player coop. Customized characters from SP can be use in this mode. Kinda reminds me of Ratchet & Clank & Gears of War's horde mode mixed w/ Dead Rising 3 .. I love its art style.. Thoughts?
  5. Also, Agent Locke confirmed as a playable character for Halo 5 . http://au.ign.com/articles/2014/07/24/agent-locke-playable-in-halo-5-guardians?abthid=53d1614ed1a232da28000024
  6. ^Same I also got into the Beta yesterday & reached max lvl early this morning. Though I'll def stop playing it since I don't wanna have myself get burnt before the final product's release. It seems I won't cancel my pre order. great game..
  7. Applied & joined. I managed to grab some Beta key from my local EB. I can't wait..
  8. Sarcasm? LOL BTW nice Dreamcast RE games right there! No Clocktower? I'm not a big fan of first person survival horror games(ex: Outlast & Amnesia) but I hope you're right.
  9. Any Survival Horror fan here? From the "disappointment" of the recent RE games this game is def a gift to any survival horror fans. It seems this game didn't caught the attention of most gamers out there since there are lots of games coming out on the same month.. This game is def my most anticipated game for this year.. Stealth + survival horror = for every Survival horror fan.. Anyone here looking forward to this game?
  10. Nice... congratulations!
  11. That's pretty common for fighting games.
  12. Pretty good . I might get an arcade stick when this game comes out. (Still holding off on KI arcade stick)
  13. Greatness awaits?
  14. Despite the "downgrade" from 2012's E3. (Since it wasn't running on consoles..) Still.. great game. Received some pretty decent reviews. Yet.. The hate is still there.. Why.. oh why??