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  1. NA server and we are bronze
  2. Hey guys and gals. I am working on a ranked team with some friends and we just need a support to have a full team of 5. Could really use one more person in game name: Cryogenicnight Hope to hear soon Cryogenicnight
  3. I need help AJSA. I have gotten demoted from bronze 3 to bronze 5 because in my past 15 games i have had at least 2 players either feed or afk. I need a good duo partner in any lane. If you can help me I would be so thankful
  4. No real big issues for me. May just be your console.
  5. Kinect is just not right for gaming. Everywhere else it appears to work well but when it comes tom motion controls it is just garbage
  6. There were some great games this year. I hope NFS gets on their. It probably won't but that game has been so much fun for me to jam out with my friends that I want it to get some recognition
  7. I personally like a few of the games already released. As well as the games I got from PS+ I freaking love NFSR. It is just a good driving game to play with friends. i don't think the system is "Boring" but if you think it is Infamous is right around the corner so just hold on.
  8. there is currently as of my knowladge no active clan. I am on the game but just with my personal friends.
  9. The game I have actually had the most fun in is NFS Rivals. Just cause it's awesome to race and outrun my friends. I also like Contrast which is a PSN game. Easy 100% trophy wise and an awesome story.
  10. If I get Last of Us and Beyond two souls i will be a very happy person.
  11. I already have a team and am looking to rebuild. I could use a good top. If you wanna join message me.
  12. I feel like the banning system should be strickter. A lot of people aren't afraid of the banning system. It's become a joke that they can just wait a week to play. It just needs to be made more clear that being rude is punished.
  13. Mostly RPG's but i have replayed some really old games like Lord of the rings Retern of the King.
  14. Yeah. Most times I do a "Game day" It is between 6 and 24 hours depending on schedule and who I am gaming with.
  15. Welcome to the army.