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Conker the Squirrel

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  1. Oh this is great! Adding to favorites right now.
  2. The game isn't the problem; the parents are.
  3. Joel should be on this list. Most human character I've ever seen in a game. That alone deserves some props.
  4. Sonic Colors and Generations were fantastic games.
  5. Guys It's made by ex-Naughty Dog members (and the 3DS version is by the people who made Sly 4). There is nothing to worry about. It doesn't replace Sonic Team's Sonic, and the TV trailer is actually funny. Let's accept a bit of change to a stale formula for once, please.
  6. Unless if it is made by Treyarch it is gonna suck. So I have no faith in this.
  7. I think this might be just me, but I honestly think that Saints Row 3 and 4 beat out any GTA game because they aren't just "oh go here shoot this" or "drive here". They had actual activities like Insurance Fraud or Professor Genki, which was this arcade-y shooting gallery type thing (oh yeah, and for the record, SR3&4 > SR1&2, I really preferred the diversity and comedy in the later two games). The only thing IMO that GTA has over Saints Row is the cities, but otherwise Saints Row is pretty much superior in every way (character creation, driving mechanics, shooting mechanics, activities, comedy, hell the co-op is more focused than GTA Online).
  8. Oh yes I got mine (with BF4, funny enough, that game hasn't bugged on me at all yet) This must be from McDonalds, because I'm loving it except McDonalds tastes like crap Regardless, I'm trying to find people to group chat with. Never had a 360, and the PS3 doesn't have it, so I wonder what its like...
  9. PSN: TheNickster99 This is the only game I got with my PS4, so whenever I'm on it this is what I'm playing. I appreciate mics and group chats. Age is no issue (unless you are a squeaker).
  10. PSN: TheNickster99 As of now all I have is Battlefield 4 and the two PS+ games for the PS4.
  11. Since when hasn't Dice's Battlefield games been broken at launch? This is EA's fault for trying to rush to beat Ghosts though. Shame.
  12. This is made by the people who made the Total War games I think, so there is actually a possibility that this won't suck. I'm looking foward to it, seeing as how I am a big fan of the first one.
  13. Honestly I don't care much for length. What I DO care about is if the game is replayable AND is very fun. For example: you could probably finish Sonic Generations in less than five hours. BUT the game is VERY fun to replay and do all the well-crafted missions. However, games that bore me to no end like Mass Effect (the missions are kinda bad in that game, they aren't very interesting, just a bunch of blocks for cover all over the place, but the story is good though) I don't want it to last long so I can just say I finished it.
  14. Battlefield 3's campaign. I've completed almost every game I have, but I just can't be bothered to finish this.
  15. Garry's Mod is great, especially if you have a mic.