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  1. Neh. It's a plus if you know how to play, but it's not necessary to go through training to participate. Training is there to help you get into the game faster/stay in shape.
  2. Again, that's a lore question. Do a bit of research mate, like "Five Nights at Freddy's wikia". Given the bots's behavior, I don't think a locked door would be enough.
  3. I do hope your lungs aren't in critical state Apex. Wouldn't want to stay in hospital too long eh? Also hope the food over there isn't bad. Hospital bread is generally good though
  4. From what I understood of the lore - if you can call it that way - behind that game, is that the security guard is more of a bait for the animatronics, trying to keep 'em in the restaurant, and not let 'em go outside where they could start a murder spree. So it rules out the "Why do they have a security guy when they could, y'know, leave the animatronics kill any would-be burglar. I could go in depth, but it'd be spoilers. And I don't want people going "OMGZ SPOILER ALERT" on me. And given the suits's behavior, I'd find it quite anormal if there was no metal doors to protect the poor dude from them.
  5. Oy Apex, get well as soon as possible! You don't want to stay in an hospital bed, eh? Good luck!
  6. You'd think they'd use voices actors from Québec or France to do the voice acting, especially from a french company. Just my two cents on that. Otherwise, the game might actually be interesting and well done this time, especially given the game's setting.
  7. Ah, why the hell not. I'll send ye a request Choco. It's also a good excuse to have you as a gaming partner on Steam.
  8. Huh. I'm curious, what are your arguments against games? Just curious.
  9. Eh guys. Since I'm feeling generous, I was thinking about sharing this little pearl I found this morning while surfing on the Steam Forums. For reference, it's the final cost for Train Simulator 2014 and all of its DLC. The Sims got nothing on Train Simulator when it comes to DLC's prices. It's so stupid, I can't help but shed tears of laughter at this point.
  10. Huh. Something that we look forward eh? I'm actually curious about the sailing mechanics and trade in this game. If it as good as in Freelancer, I'm probably going to be a merchant selling ressources left and right. Good excuse to explore the world.
  11. Weird. I don't remember taking acid today.
  12. I feel glad I wasn't the only one sold by that. But anyway. Looks interesting, but probably won't be coming this year from what I heard. Hope it'll be a buy to play and not a pay monthly to play.
  13. Huh. Might be a good excuse to get back on DayZ. I'm guessing you use the AJSA teamspeak, right?