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Everything posted by Mortraven

  1. Hey everyone, Wing Commander Mortraven here. Just putting up this short post to outline a few things about the AJSA Organization in Star Citizen. I will be the captain of the AJSA Flagship Military Corvette, until we capture something larger. As always, Joe is always able to step in and take command for the big OPs and events. (Which will happen frequently, I hope.) 1) The Leader: I am lead for Star Citizen and my officer core will be picked closer to release when more mechanics are set in stone and or playable so I can make informed choices. I'll be taking applications for those positions when the time comes. As a side note, Joe will be around, he may even lead directly. But this is not guaranteed and it is entirely up to Joe at the time of events and operations. 2) What we are: It's going to be an Organization, because that allows us to cover many roles. The ultimate goal being profit and fame. A rich AJSA is a strong and stable AJSA. That also means no one gets left out in their choice of role. (A PMC for example would make traders/miners/etc feel odd) That does not mean we won't have a "PMC" style branch, it just means it's not our focus. 3) Our Stance on PvP: PVP is going to be something you can all freely partake in with no punishments or fear. As long as you respect two rules, DO not attack AJSA members or our allies. The same applies to those that want to do PvE only. Which means no "care bear" this no "care bear" that. We're all in this as a whole and respect of one anothers play styles is going to be mandatory. Also while PvP is encouraged, lets try not to get ourselves on the top wanted lists right off the bat please. 4) About signups: As of right now, sign ups are on hold. We're going to be fine-tuning the ranks and roles and making sure everything it stable. So closer to release (of something we can actually play together) I will open it back up. You are not being ignored I promise. That's it for now, I'll add more as I think of it. If I see any good suggestions in following posts I may add them also. -Mortraven
  2. Greetings soldiers! Following the lead of my fellow council members I am here to introduce myself. Boring info About me: I am Mortraven, I am a computer hardware engineer during the day and gamer during the night. I have been playing games since I was able to reach the keyboard on my grandfathers desk almost 25 years ago. Since then I have been playing games and building computers/servers. Tech support is also something I have also done for many, many years. I play all three current gen consoles but my focus is PC primarily. How I met Angry Joe: I met Joe a long while ago as a member of the original AJSA. Many many conversations and an awesome time at Citizen Con with Joe (I got to join up with Joe for the day, see how he gets shit done, that man is a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm, twas awesome to behold.) A month later after a crazy community re-launch here I am as one of Joe's trusted Council members. I'm proud to be here to be able to be a part of the community to help it thrive and grow into the best gaming community in the world. It'll be a long complicated road but in the end it'll be worth it. I hope I get to talk to many of you as time goes by. You'll see my presence mainly on the Teamspeak because chatting with people is where my talents lie. I can also help with hardware issues people are having when I am free also. As a side-note: I'm heavily invested into Star Citizen I had the chance to meet Chris Roberts and the rest of the development teams during Citizen Con, that was a fantastic experience. To see the Indie developer twinkle in their eye for what is essentially a triple A title, convinced me that Star Citizen will be awesome and these guys will do whatever it takes to deliver the best space game of all time. I will be putting a lot of time and effort into the game before and after launch. So if anyone wants to chat about it at all I can see about adding it to the channel list on the Teamspeak. Thanks for reading! -Mortraven
  3. Here's a mostly successful fix: I managed to regain access by clearing the cache. Settings>Options>Security "Clear Cache" My only issue is that I cleared all three and now have no icons until they are re-uploaded to the TS. If someone could attempt to clear them one at a time and update this topic with the correct one that needs to be deleted that'd be great. I'm assuming it was either "Logs" or "Chats"
  4. Huzzah! I'll see you all in the 'verse! Glad to have you with us Weynard.
  5. Attention, AJSA Star Citizen fans! The team at CIG will be revealing the Dog Fighting Module tonight at 9PM EST/1AM GMT! (There MAY be a stream going on here for the launch: http://www.twitch.tv/roberts_space_ind_ch_1 ) Keep an eye on the AJSA Star Citizen forum for information on what we will be doing as a community once the DFM is in a somewhat stable state. The basic idea is that until there is a need for more structure it will be like a regular guild, 3 staff and the rest members. This will allow us to gauge popularity and see what we are going to need for official launch. Edit: I'm going to open up recruitment for the AJSA Organization in the next few days. - Mortraven
  6. Here's a mostly successful fix: I managed to regain access by clearing the cache. Settings>Options>Security "Clear Cache" My only issue is that I cleared all three and now have no icons until they are re-uploaded to the TS.
  7. Yeah, pretty sure that was also Delrith. Not positive though. It's good to hear that enemies later in the game use flanking tactics, I was feeling a little too hard to kill as my Templar. Edit: Also, no worries about being blunt. Without feedback it's impossible to improve.
  8. Well, Joe wants to do one for the PvP side of things at least. So there's that.
  9. I think Delrith was the one talking about the loot system. (I made the giraffe neck comment) It was a first impressions video and some stuff was bound to be wrong. As for "Talking shit" we were playing casually with Joe, we had no idea what would make it into the video. I'll be the first to admit I said some stupid shit during the video, we all did. In my case it was the first time I'd partaken in anything like that. Thankfully not much of what I said made it in. For the misinformation I'm sorry. Otherwise I'll personally try to to do better. I appreciate the criticism.
  10. Salvaging will probably be combined with repair to form the Support Division, since after large scale combat we'll need both to do cleanup and maintenance.
  11. We're still trying to decide on that actually. Because explorers are going to be doing something considered pretty unique and so they may have their own Explorers Division, with rewards provided for finding hidden traders, derelicts, and systems. Imagine if the Explorers Division found a derelict carrier, we could salvage it, or get it working again for the AJSA fleet.
  12. To answer your question Exile, I do not foresee any true multi-clan issues as long as you understand until proven otherwise you may not be privy to the details of some OP's. Of course if yourself and your Synergy members prove to be trustworthy and not out to back stab us any restrictions will be lifted. We'll always be looking for allies and trustworthy contacts as numbers mean safety. I mean tis always nice if you see guys from another clan and you know them to be friendly. So that's something I hope the AJSA can find, a handful of select groups we can rely on in a pinch.
  13. Insuring our fleet of ships, keeping them armed, fueled and ready at all times. Buying/capturing a station, making trades, buying information. Basic upkeep of the fleet is the goal. To start with, eventually it'll also be for stations and planet factories. I'll have a more detailed list once we know what costs what.
  14. We will have officers from both Europe and US timezones and they will be free to form events for their respective timezones. The plan is on having Divisions within the AJSA fleet: Combat Division Mining/Traders Division Logistics Division Salvage Division (more to come, better sounding names etc) Allowing us to keep people in respective groups to help manage larger numbers. During any Ops people can be pulled from any division to partake. Just because you do Trading primarily does not mean you can't jump in with a combat ship and help patrol. It just means if an officer from the Mining/Traders Division says "Hey we need all our cargo ships for a large haul" that would be your priority. Another example, with boarding ANYONE can say "I'll go!" unless we have a group of people that do it frequently already set up. Since boarding and capturing a ship will have it's own mechanics within the AJSA. Command will always get first dibs on the larger vessels. Otherwise you cap it you keep it. Just understand that size of ship does not denote rank. If you decide to keep it all the people alive at the end of the boarding process will be it's new crew. You can also sell it. if you do so the AJSA will take it's cut of the profits and the rest will be split between the capturing crew. (we're talking a reasonable cut not 50% or anything, will depend on the overall value, if it's something small like a Freelancer then there may be no cut taken at all) The money side of boarding like selling, insuring, salvaging, captured crew etc. Will be decided on a case by case basis but will always be fair to everyone. The only time the AJSA will impose it's control is in maintaining order and keeping things fair. We do not need internal battles over prize ships. (Unless we can rig up a training simulator death match, to the victor goes the spoils) I'll go more into boarding related stuff in the future. -Mortraven
  15. JohanSchumann, you rock! Thank you for your awesome donation! Thanks again, -Mortraven
  16. Thank you ShizOo!? for your generous donation it's much appreciated. AJSA Forever! Thanks again! -Mortraven
  17. Greetings hotrockcandy! Thank you for your donation to the AJSA! Every bit helps keep the lights on. Thanks again! -Mortraven
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  20. Terrible haiku go! A welcome dear sir, I am glad to give to you, Live long and prosper. -Mortraven
  21. Thanks Leonxwerty! Your donation is greatly appreciated! Cheers! -Mortraven
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