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    Gaming, Movies, Music , YouTube, A lot of things really :) Also feel free to add me on xbox if you wanna play sometime.
  1. Play them again haha
  2. Mainly South Park Stick Of Truth and Mass Effect 2, just waiting for Infamous Second Sun now
  3. My reaction when I saw Kenny was no joke a solid 10 minutes of cheering and screaming while I paused the game, im still smiling writing this after finishing it about 5 hours ago haha. I sat with Kenny too because its KENNY who was lees best friend throughout all of season 1 for me ( sorry luke youve moved down a space in my favourite characyers from season 2). If there is one complaint it would be the time thing. I felt like carver coming and the group going to the ski lodge was rushed but I can live with it. The saddest moment this episode for me was when Kenny called Clem Duck...I was just shocked. Hopefully in episode 3 there will be more tie ins to 300 days dlc and more explanation of what Kenny has been up to. I just hope they dont make you pick between Luke and Kenny because although itll be Kenny everytime Luke is still my third favourite from this series
  4. Alright then thanks So starting from here the discussion can start haha
  5. WARNING THIS HAS SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 2 EPISODE 2 PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Ok so i just finished playing the latest episode of the Walking Dead and I felt I needed to start this topic to gauge everyones opinion about it. Especially the part where we meet an old acquaintance ( did not use the name in case someone who didn't read the text above in red is still reading) So what did you like about it? what did you not like? any thoughts about what might happen in episode 3? any how did your playthrough turn out with the choices you made? Lets get a discussion going as i'm really curious about everyone's reactions to the episode and season 2 so far
  6. Sad its the last game but better it end now than when its overdone
  7. It looks awesome and finally we get a drivable Batmobile, Im glad Scarecrows getting the main villain role this time as well seeing as how he was sorely missed from Arkham City.
  8. Yeah i agree was quite eary when i first went through it
  9. I reslly only rage when i play COD or Batllefield so I stopped playing them so often, COD is so rage inducing though haha dont know how people can get to max level on it.
  10. Itll be fun but wont stack up to the others in my opinion