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Nobly Insane

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  • Birthday 08/03/1998

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    Nobly Insane
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    The United States
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    Video-Games and Comic Books rule my life.
  1. Basically the Polaris crew and some AVGN.
  2. 1) Kingdom Hearts 2) Sonic 3) Fire Emblem
  3. The truth is that we don't have a typical profile for a shooter (unless you want to count depressed teenager as a typical shooter) so we try to make sense of everything because a few played video-games so people go ah that must be it. Which just isn't how it works. so no. Besides they all had hair so the true culprit here is the hair. BAN HAIR.
  4. Sonic Underground, so bad but I can't stop watching it.
  5. Sonic The Hedgehog (2006). That game really pissed me off when I was a kid. I think it was the first game I ever truly despised.
  6. Marvel- IronMan comics right after the death of TitaniumMan D.C.- Batman Knightfall storyline
  8. Xenosaga episode 1 through 3 I absolutely godly in story and Graphics for their time.
  9. I think the game is great. I don't see what people are complaining about unless the already didn't like City.
  10. I'm In. Just add me.
  11. I grew up on Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon. Then watched more here and there. I prefer reading Manga though.
  12. Anyone want to play Arkham Origins, Injustice, or Halo 4 on the 360 my name is Apastafarianist send message to Xbox live account if interested.