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  1. SamuraiZero liked a post in a topic by Trooper in War Thunder   
    I think you should split up the tiers between arcade and historical. For example flying a boom and zoom plane in arcade is different then flying one in historical. Mainly because of the more realistic flight modeling. You should also mention some of the planes that don't have proper flight models such as the Chaika, Beufighter, and A-20. These planes fly better in game then they did in real life. Also if you are interested in a historical battle youtuber look at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWpO-JGPAanrz6x8qsAl4zh1b0u5DPmQ5
    and http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHI1LI5_O31q_hXlw6ZDtOQ
  2. Trooper liked a post in a topic by IronSoldier in War Thunder - VOTE PASSED   
    This will be a great game for the Angry Army giving some realism experience while having crazy arcade style fun. To be honest if the clan would to be a success in war thunder( I hope it does i will join without a doubt). I Recommend only to play the historical or realistic battles for that immersion and realism(Possible clan wars or dogfights), and to use Arcade Battles for training and such(you can also use custom games). That's my opinion if the clan wants realism they should go with that. To be honest the realism battles give you that stress effect due to having one life. You will require to work with your pilots in your squadron to win. Teamwork is essential, as well as great leadership and communication.