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  1. Well my first thought is "Why" but i dont want to be dismissive. I think its intresting and people who take this super serously and have a team of people who are actually gonna fight defending them can succeed in building things, but sometimes the game just breaks down to sheer fire power. what i mean is like this is planetside, so you can spend 3 hours building things all you want but a group of players double the size of yours could still just stomp all of your fortifications, especially if they are good fighters. I could be wrong if these things are really that game chainging and make it really hard to attack a base with a lot of things constructed but i doubt its gonna be that much different. Overall the only thing i have to say is like begining players and people like me who neither pay for premium or play planetside 2 exclusively (meaning i dont have as many certs as i wish i did) are probably better off spending it on things like guns and sights and upgrades for vehicles. People who like support roles, which i do play often, also have better things to upgrade like the medic gun and stuff. This just seems like something for high level players who like support roles. Then again if u like being a true engineer in game this is perfect for you.
  2. Ok so i did what you said and the problems still happen, im playing on medium settings. I can shoot people while i lag now so its not as big of an issue anymore, but they all say im speedhacking
  3. Ok ok, so i unlocked the Gol just now but if people are open to this idea feel free to use this post to plan your party
  4. Ok cool, ill hit you up on battlelog
  5. Hey Zerg, im sorry for replying like months late, My connection is 1. The modem is the router in my house because thats how att uverse works i guess
  6. So i was trying to unlock the GOL and every time i tired i would get so close but never actually get it. I understand that this is a common thing so now I am trying to get a small group of people to come into an empty server with Caspian/Firestorm to help eachother get the gun. Now I understand that this is like "Oh he wants some bs stats" or whatever but I'm not trying to stattrack for long, in fact you need simply 6 sniper rifle kills to get the gun (5 from the tower and one more for the sniper ribbon) so I personally will only get like 600 points from this wich definatley isnt much. Dice screwed us with this assignment and i commend everyone who got the gun already (I'm mad jelly) and I just want to let a group of some people including my self get the elusive Gol sniper magnum.
  7. Count me in as long as i can go afk to take a shower saturday, and go to church sunday. Otherwise i'm a no go
  8. Hey i still have this problem, but now the bullets work, so i just get people calling me a speedhacker. It's quite fun actually
  9. I have been having a problem with planetside for about a year now and i assumed it was due to lag, but recently some people on the teamspeak server told me it was just because of my computer. If anyone has had this glitch and knows how to fix it an you please help me? Also, logging out and loging back in fixes it temporarily but you can probably tell how much of a pain that is. This is a video of the glitch.