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  1. Any Progress? when is the stream happening?
  2. Yea maybe. I personally find adding a "ranking system" on a server is a good way to make people coming back and turn them into regulars.. just in my experience.
  3. Hey I was looking through the official server list and I noticed that there were know arena. I personally find it a great way for player to focus on some good old fashioned PvP with bait more excitement and pressure thrown in. Admit it who doesn't like clutching a 3 v 1 situation. Just interested to hear your though in Arena Servers in General and on having an official one for AJSA.
  4. Which country do you think will come out as the champion?
  5. Yes I admit GTA 5 did have some problems with its online after launch. However this was partly due to the crazy amount of people who bought this game which put a large amount of pressure on their servers. However unlike most game / companies. Rockstar and GTA5 admitted straight up that they had a problem. Furthermore they also offered $500,000 of in game cash to all people who had bought the game during the time in which they had serve issues.
  6. I would personally say my favorite book would have to be "Clear and Present Danger", and yes he was definitely a legend, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and even while he was still in hospital managed to write a final book (Command Authority). Due to be published at December this year.
  7. Hey guys I know this is pretty late. (He died October 1st 2013) But I still feel that we should still acknowledge and pay respect to the death of a Legend. His dedication and Skills in Story writing gave birth to a long series of successful books, several movies as well as the to the "Tom Clancy" series in games. This resulted in such games such as Rainbow 6, Ghost Recon and most recently Splinter Cell Blacklist which I found to be highly enjoyable. R.I.P Tom Clancy Im also curious which was your favorite Book / Game from Tom Clancy
  8. What about Nintendo saying that you cannot show any of their footage without paying them royalties?
  9. I just read this forum and I think it is a Great Idea! Please keep it up. I unfortunately cannot attend for at least 3 weeks as I am out of my country and have no access to and Xbox haha. I am however still very keen to Join.
  10. Don't worry Rain i am also an Orange box player, damn remember when it seemed like a great deal at the time....
  11. Hey guys I'm not sure about this but If you get TF2 as free to play, if you want to trade you need to have bought an inter from the in game shop at least. Is this true?
  12. Sign me Up
  13. Hey guys was just wondering if there is anyone out there who play Far Cry 3 online? As there is still some things like the 4 player coop missions which would be cool to finnish Also does anyone know if is is possible to make groups / Far Cry 3 teams cause it would be cool if AJSA had one, Leave thought Thanks
  14. Hey guys I know that this game is pretty old compared to some of the games being talked about, However I still feel that the game is still good with solid online gameplay, Especially as they have added new DLC. Is anyone here interested in getting a Red Dead Redemption AJSA posse together? Just me know your thoughts Thanks
  15. Alright thanks for all the help guys