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  1. Hey are there any PSO2 players here? Perferably PC?
  2. Hey is anybody in the GOI AJSA Army, know what faction are they going too? Because I'm pretty stumped right now, and I'm still waiting to join their crew!
  3. I'm in Engineer/ gunner GundamJack reporting!
  4. I am greatly honored to be in your ranks in GW2! I am ready to serve as soon as I am leveled up to 80.
  5. Hi I'm new to the NA Server my name is Xander.7169. Also where can I find a signature maker around the net?
  6. My name is Gundam Jack, Engineer and AJSA Veteran.
  7. FC: 4399-1800-4653 Weapon Type: Dual Blades Time Zone: (GMT-5:00 Hours) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima Skype
  8. Nintendo ID: Xander205 Friend Code: 4399-1800-4653
  9. I'll join ya, but I have a MLP crossover of this game to work on. And I am still on chapter one!
  10. Thanks man.
  11. PSN ID: Zewiaxe Mine is a PS3 so please PM me, if you have any keys left. Oh and here's a MLP: Equestria Girls fanfic: http://gundamfan203.deviantart.com/art/Canterlot-Seniors-Chapter-One-DreamScpae-Highway-465073227
  12. When I first saw the trailer for the game. I was stoked about playing it. Going around fighting hordes of aliens, and firing loads of weapons. While looking like a Kamen Rider bounty hunter. When I heard that there's a beta for it, I was stoked for it. But unfortunately I have to pre-order it. I tried to get a job for it, hell did some free volunteer work so I can some references. Sadly there was no takers who needed help. I constantly went to a employment office day in, to see if there's openings. Still none are available for me. Soon later the beta was up and everybody was playing their hearts content. There were contest around for beta keys and I try to get mine. Too bad I lost every single one of them. Funny the first one I try to get the key from was at IGN, and you have to pay to enter that thing I mean WTF! I finally won one at the Arab Gamer's giveaway, but it was for EU servers only. So that was effort worth wasted. Then I remember what Joe said about beta slowly becoming pre-paid shit what not. He's right soon later all the AAA titles will be also pre-order betas, and hell even offline demos too. All I wanted is to play this game, and enter a world where I can be a legendary Hunter. Even if it's for a limited time. But that's only for those who're born lucky, and got jobs. There that's my two cents about my hassle to get a damn beta key. I'm done with this shit. Fuck with this new way to suck all other players who are looking for jobs. Screw this.
  13. Sounds fun I'm in!
  14. Okay guys this is really big, I mean really big. One of my friends on facebook, have told me that there's and english Beta version of Phantasy Star Online 2. One of the most anticipated MMO of all time. Now this thing is close beta, but if you want to get in. Here's what you got to do: Go to the Phantasy Star Online Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PSO2.EN Like the page, and you'll recieve a beta key (NOTE: REGISTER BEFORE LIKING IT). Go to http://download.playpark.com/en/detail/108 to download the game. ENJOY YOUR SWEET VICTORY, AND WAIT BECAUSE IT WILL TAKE TIME TO DOWNLOADFellow gamers this is not a joke I have the download client for it, and it works: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1cdZdndPKWkcDN66vAX5H3P0P_Djj6pL5u173H-5fKw0/pub?w=350&h=209 ​Do not let this opportunity go to waste. Spread this out, spread this to the big man himself Angry Joe. If this goes well, we'll probably see this game on the PS3 and PS4. Till then, this is GundamEX saying, "signing off"! AJSA!