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  1. Which do you think is the better anime?
  2. I now wanna make a petition to dick slap everyone who signed this thing cause Jeebus.
  3. I don't ask for much in life (except for the gatling gun carrying horses) but you know what...this will do Universe...this will do. Thank you so much!
  4. So if I'm not the only one wanting this, awesome, but: I want horses with gatling guns attached to them! I don't care if realistically it couldn't work or if it did the horse would get ripped in half by the force, give me stupid video game bullshit!
  5. I do wonder what a Red Dead 3 would entail though. Red Dead 1 was set in a Western as Western can be environment, where as Red Dead 2 was more of a contemporary final days of the Old West type of story, so would Red Dead 3 be like "The Last Old West Legend" or something like that? Something along the lines of The Shootist or Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid?
  6. I've become addicted to anything Devin Townsend. That man's music is just freaking phenomenal!
  7. Is this more or less insane than CoD Infinity War and Modern Warfare Remastered taking 130 GB because of uncompressed audio files?
  8. Banned because PRAISE THE ALLFATHER!
  9. Banned because this it, the second to last one! who shall send this thread into the Halls of Valhalla?
  10. Banned because this might just be the one to do it!....? Nope
  11. Banned because we gotta at least get this to 200 before it can die a warriors death!
  12. Banned because I started watching One Punch Man and I finally found something to fill the void in my heart that Megas XLR's cancellation left.
  13. Banned because Mazal tov, may it bring you many joys to come.
  14. Banned because Fallout 4, more or less, is finally out (I say this because of the date and time at which I type this). Let the rejoicing begin, and also may Laserrifle's hype be satiated.