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  1. Please watch this video from AlphaOmegaSin: http://youtu.be/fEZihk3MWE8. Also read this article: http://gizmodo.com/federal-court-invalidates-net-neutrality-rules-sides-w-1501028467?utm_campaign=socialflow_gizmodo_facebook&utm_source=gizmodo_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  2. Well that's a bit weird, but hey at least Riot acknowledges ambidextrous people. I'll get the confetti lol
  3. I know but still, it should be acknowledged a bit more.
  4. It's dead to the gamers, not the stupid crap
  5. I don't know why I'm so bothered by this but it has been annoying me for many years, ever since I started gaming. Why do most if not all games have their characters, npcs, etc right handed? I know that the majority of the world's population is right handed, but it is never shown or acknowledged in video games that left handed people exist. I would imagine that if it could be set in the settings of a game, you can change which hand your character is dominant in, but that could be a dream. And it's not just characters that aren't left handed, but shooter especially proclaim that all weapons are designed for right handed people only. You can argue that there are games such as Skyrim that you can equip weapons in the left hand. Yes and no because once you equip a shield, your character automatically puts his/her weapon on the right hand. Some also may say that this can be easily solved with a mod. Yes but only for the fortunate. PC gamers have that freedom to install mods such as a left handed mod, but for the consoles this is defiantly not the case. Am I the only one that thinks like this? That video games are saying leftys don't exist?
  6. I can't believe this. I really can't. What I'm witnessing is nothing but evil. Dark. Sad. Many emotions run through my mind after seeing these new copyright claim systems emplaced by Google/YouTube. People getting claims for the most ridiculous reasons. NOT EVEN THE PUBLISHERS LIKE UBISOFT WANTED THIS!! I am really disappointed because not only is there the threat of me not able to create videos again without a claim slapped on, but the fact that we will lose the people who I get the most joy out of. Joe, Total Biscuit, Vanoss, Rooster Teeth, ScrewAttack, etc. if YouTube becomes a totalitarian company, then where will these people go? And what about the people like me who wanted to either start or restart a channel? Where will we go to express our opinions, our stories, our adventures, our joy? This is nothing short but evil. I'm witnessing a crime against nature for which I have no choice but to sit and watch with my eyes unable to shut. I really wanted this not to become more problematic than it is, but it seems like that it has escalated to a whole new, restricted level.
  7. My favorite is when Angry Joe reviewed Steel Battalion. So funny!
  8. Dont worry.the AJSA DayZ group will respect and honor each other. If there is a ruckus, then a proper punishment will be emplaced depending on the severity of the problem.
  9. I have both but the second game for me is too demanding (even with all the settings at low) to run
  10. China Rising came out today and I was excited to play. I did not purchase premium yet cause I want to wait till I had a PS4. Now for those who preordered BF4, you were given a code to the China Rising expansion pack. Well, I entered in my code today, downloaded a very tiny 104kb download, and loaded up BF4. I was expecting an update, but I didn't get one. I then expected a message to pop up from the game itself, but nothing. There was no sign of China Rising anywhere being downloaded. I tried joining a server with China Rising maps, but all it said was to press A to Buy DLC. EA/Dice said that CR would be out on December 3rd for those who preordered or had premium. I'm curious if anyone else was able to not access CR with the code and no premium.
  11. I LOVE War Thunder. Would really like to be apart of an AJSA group for it
  12. I am a huge fan of the DayZ Mod in Arma 2. I will honestly play for a full 16 hours in a day if I get the chance. Sure, I may only be able to get about 25fps and I may get a bullet to the head 85% of the time when I try to be diplomatic, but I love it. Espicially Epoch, with a smooth and interesting combination of DayZ survival and Minecraft-esc building. As I was wondering around in Chernarus, I wondered about the 50 people in my server and if they were apart of the Angry Army. I wondered what it would be like if Joe decided to rent some servers and we, the Angry Army, had the ability to test our skills, mess around, or somewhat. I wondered if also if we can't have servers, then we can have a page on the AJSA website where members can link up and join in a server. I would have like to continue this thought process, but then me and everyone in the server I was in was killed instantly by a scriptor. Nevertheless, I think it would be a great idea to include a AJSA DayZ Survivors page of some sort since I would believe that many of us play or have an interest in DayZ. Like I stated before, if we had this page, people can easily link up with other Angry Army members, newbie or experienced DayZ players, and keep connected.
  13. "What the fuck." That was my initial reaction when I watched the most recent Family Guy where Seth McFarlane or whoever decided to kill Brian off. I know that the show was going a slight downhill slope, but I still found it funny and enjoyable. But after this episode, I'm in a state of disgust. And what's worse is that the whole episode felt rushed. It tries to force the audience to be serious and sad for the first 15 minutes or so and then does a complete 180 in the rest. And then they shove down the replacement for Brian, Vinny, who is voiced by Tony Sirica who played in The Sopranos. In my opinion, Sirica is an actor for the drama genre of TV, not a comedic one. And this really showed in this FG episode because he uttered nothing that I considered laughable. He's not even random and sparatic like the rest of the cast! Could he be funny in the next episode? Maybe, but I don't see it. I hope that the writers fix this or FG will not last for long. Hopefully, they'll listen to the community because so far, many people are upset about the change. IGN held a poll for everyone's opinion on Brian's death and the introduction of Vinny and abut 47% of people who participated think it was a terrible move and then another 32.5% finding it intriguing but a mistake. So what do you all think? Do you want to see more of Vinny (and why on earth would you) or do you want to see a full return of Brian?
  14. So I was wondering for those who live in San Francisco, did you guys watch the boy dressed as Batman and saved the city? And if so, tell me how it was like
  15. In about 6 hours my time, the launch of the PS4 will commence. People around the US will be getting their hands on the new console (unless you won it from Taco Bell) and enter the next generation of gaming. Anyways, as I sit in my chair, looking at my library of games and the three consoles under my TV, the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and even the Wii, I wonder was the generation a success or a failure? There were great advancements that became of the last generation, but there were major disappointments and controversies that followed. So, soldiers of the Angry Army, I ask you, what is your opinion of the last generation of gaming? What succeeded? What failed? Who should be claimed as the overall victor? Who had the best games? The worst?