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Everything posted by Maleficent5

  1. We lost a great man, actor, and Ringer. Goodbye Christopher Lee, safe journey into the west to the undying lands. :'(
  2. Sorry, I went back to front. I am Patrick Maleficent V on Guns of Icarus and I sent a clan invite already. If you have denied me I can try again sometime later.
  3. I was just watching Death Battle and the brief analysis of Tony Stark and I was wondering. Who do you guys think would win in an all out fight between Tony Stark and Lex Luthor? Give me your reasons on who would win. I will post the video or share the link when the episode airs, but we can keep debating it if you want. Personally I need to sit down and really think about it before I come to a decision. So yeah, please discuss.
  4. Well here it is. The Epic Death Battle between Lex Luthor and Tony Stark. Enjoy
  5. Quick update: I got my lines in last week and I got the script for the rest of the show. It is a doozy, lol. But I hope I will know a release date for the next episode soon so I can share it with you guys. Keep circling those links.
  6. Hey guys it has been ages since I shared anything on this forum. But I wanted to share a machinima with you that I starred in (ages ago). Well I was recently informed that production has picked up again and they are currently working on episode 4. I will admit that I was in the dark about it for a while but I am back on the project and I hope that if any on here like it, please share it. I know my client would appreciate it greatly (along with a small following on Youtube). Thank you and Enjoy. Episode 1: Escape Episode 2: The Missing Heir Episode 3: Hopeless Also if anyone wishes to listen to some of my random recordings I am also on Soundcloud now and you can find me here: https://soundcloud.com/patrick-l-dunn
  7. I might be able to make it...although I don't think i have TeamSpeak. I will see what my situation is by the 26th as I am trying to finish a recording by the 25th.
  8. And yet they already had their Death Battle. But I see what you mean. Look at Thanos who was actually based off of Darkseid.
  9. Thank you for the support so far. I apologize for that third link, it would not embed for some reason. Also if any is curious, yes i am currently working on the script for the 4th episode. Hopefully will get my recording done this week...although I have no idea when the release date will be.
  10. I doubt any will care, but progress is happening with Doctor Whooves. I was just given the opening and I was informed that episode 1 is progressing. I will share more with you when the time comes. Have a good one.
  11. http://voiceacting.proboards.com/thread/27425/doctor-whooves-audio-voices-needed Pre-production casting call. If anyone is interested please e-mail the director from the link in the description. Granted there is only two days left so I would get right one that.
  12. Trolling huh? One may want to make sure he is not living in a glass house before tossing those stones. Oh and fyi, I don't hate bronies. If I did I 1. Wouldn't have gotten involved in the Dr. Whooves project, 2. Wouldn't ever have worked with the co-workers I do work with (I worked for a company full of them), and 3. I would have been trolling and flaming this thread like a 5 year old with an attitude problem. I am not a big fan of the show but I know others are and I won't bash them for it. If I was then I wouldn't be a rational and professional adult. Besides I love the shows animation. Can't help but praise well done flash player like animation. So you don't have to see/listen to Dr. Whooves when it comes out. I was just being nice and letting you guys know about it and it is in the works. I will remember this knee jerk reaction the next time I get a role and want to share it with this site. Thanks Mr_E_Meatshield for ruining it for everyone else.
  13. Well for you guys I have to mention this...I was recently cast in a cross-over fan production of My Little Pony: FIS and Dr. Who. It is an audio drama called Dr. Whooves that will have The Doctor appear in Equestria doing his thing. He will also be joined by his new companion Twilight Sparkle for the duration of the audio drama (at least from what I can tell right now). The show is currently in production and the director is looking at a 24 episode run. I will share some more news when it is available. Oh and I forgot to mention who I am. I will give you a hint... EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!
  14. I have been on for about a month now. I will say I am having a blast. It is worth getting into if Square-Enix lets you in. I am not sure what they do to judge who comes in or not, so I say try anyways. FYI you may be waiting a while (I had 2 months to wait) so be warned. But if you are allowed in the beta I hope to see some of my fellow members of the Angry Army join me in the War for Nosgoth. VAE VICTUS!
  15. Well here is to hopping that time is spent working out bugs and any game issues.
  16. So yesterday I was not surprised to get an e-mail from Bliptv that they were going to close my account due to reasons of not having a high viewership. Not surprised due to me not posting anything on there for about a year or two. But so I went to check out a friend of mine, Decker Shado (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsxn3qKFpbnD-8f1d9F5ipA), and found out he got the same e-mail along with many others. I am not sure what is going on exactly but Blip is telling a lot of people who use their service that they are not good enough to stay on Blip. They have some new business model (which I will look up) that apparently clashes with many people who are making a living on internet reviews. I don't know. I know I am mad. This leaves just Youtube and Youtube has proven to be very fidgety about that stuff. What do you guys think?
  17. Hey guys. I am not sure if any of you will be interested but an audio drama I was on just got published. I felt like sharing it with you guys and hope you enjoy it. The play is called Another Time. It was written by Manic Expression creator James Daniel Walsh. It stars myself as Walker and Matti Mali as General Juho Kokkola. I don't want to say more as it isn't long and I don't want to spoil anything. If you are curious about Manic Expressions at all (especially if you an aspiring internet critic/blogger) then follow this link: http://www.manic-expression.com/ . Without further adieu, here is Another Time. Enjoy.
  18. You know what I would love to do if people are willing? I would actually like a "War" PvP event between the Angry Army and the Corporate Commandos. Granting organizing that would take time and people would have to be free, but it is a fun idea for a future event sometime.
  19. This could be epic. Especially if the Corporate Commandos get organized. The streets of...where ever we are may just as well become a war zone.
  20. Hmm, I may try to join. If I don't fall asleep in the middle of the day or I am not busy with a voice audition. I am already a part of the Corporate Commandos with my villain Mr. CeeYa. My hero is still out of the Angry Army loop. How do I find you guys? Also I don't mind playing either side...which wants me more? Heroes or Villains? lol
  21. I wouldn't mind joining up. Just got back to the game so I am a little rusty. FYI I am very much a mage player so expect me to help out with either Ra, Anubis, He Bo, or Zues. Oh and my profile is same as it is here, Maleficent5.
  22. Well guys it has been over a week and I haven't heard anything from Bioware. Looks like I didn't win or was even on the winners circle. I am disappointed but that is the biz. Thanks for all the support.
  23. Yeah this isn't the biggest and fanciest video, but I caught wind of BioWare doing a contest for fans to be a part of Dragon Age III: Inquisition. How could I say no to that? I don't really expect to win (as I have learned not to get my hopes up), but you never know right? Funny thing is that if I do win I feel like it will all come full circle for me. I actually started my Voice Acting career on the BioWare Social Network with Dragon Age: Origins mods (Craggy Island and The Shattered War for example). I know I am talking way too much so here it is, my small audition piece as a random villager.
  24. It isn't just Metal Gear: Ground Zero. That demo was just ridiculous. But it isn't just that. Killer Instinct is another game out there that does the same thing. I remember when I heard it was released and I said, "Really? So soon after E3. Didn't look like it was done, but ok." Yeah...when I checked it out and my jaw hit the floor. The cast was unfinished, the game lacked an arcade mode of anykind, there was no tutorial (not that I remember, could be wrong), no disc inside the case (it had a code to download it) and it is $50 at least. Are you kidding me? Oh but they said that they would release more characters later with the arcade mode coming with Fulgore (who isn't even on the "initial" roster). This is an unfinished game. That is just re-god damn-diculous. I don't care how good the game is...it just isn't worth it.
  25. What s Watch Dogs? Seriously...I honestly don't care. All I have ever seen was pre-rendered scenes so until the game is released and I can watch some gameplay then I can give a full opinion. That is really my policy on games these days.