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About ProRom

  • Birthday 08/06/1998

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    Kid Icarus
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    Whittier, CA
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    I usually play open world RPG's that include Skyrim & the Assassin's Creed series.
    Other games that I play are of the strategy type like hit man: Absolution, Total War: Shogun 2, Total War: Napoleon, and other games on console and PC. I don't really play PC as much as I used to but I'm currently playing on my PS3. FPS' such as Call of Duty and Battlefield games also interest me because of the diversify of gameplay that's included in these games (disregarding the multiplayer). Many other games interest me such as the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Shadow of the Colossus, Red Dead Redemption, Infamous 2, and Madden 13. Feel free to message me and if you'd like to add me via PSN I'll gladly open my arms to any Angry Army member running their mouths online. So get out there and hit me up!
  1. Hi!

    Hey man! Welcome! I've been here for about 2 months and I rarely do anything on the site but it'll begin to be one of the tabs I open whenever I'm on my laptop because these people are so friendly and core gamers that like GTA V: Online...Add me I'm KingWoodyz on PSN.
  2. I think my favorite cartoons were Generator Rex, Edd Ed n Eddy, Johnny Bravo, Spongebob, Teen Titans, Chowder, Code Name Kids Next Door, and most definitely... Foster's Home for Imaginary friends. Those cartoons made it a good childhood, and along with many other things, those cartoons made me want to jump into those worlds because...I was and still am a child...at 15 years of age I wish they brought those cartoons back into re runs so that they current generation can keep the flow of good writing in growing up. Angry Army for life! Keep discussing and spread the world! We're located everywhere so please keep the international friendliness up you guys! Angry Army Members are out there, you just have to get in touch! I want to post more but threads need to be interesting and fresh so keep an open eye! If it wasn't for the man himself, we would't be here so here's to Angry Joe!
  3. Angry Joe has made me agree with him more and more about EA's shitty service with their online users. It happened with Sim City, Battlefield 3, and now Battlefield 4... I think it's extremely ridiculous. This is why the Angry Army has to come together to stop companies like EA from treating the player to crappy products that they cannot tie good experiences within their games. Unite under the Angry Army's flag and start posting on the forums, let EA know we're here, and we won't stand up for this crap anymore. It only took Angry Joe to get me riled up and you should be too, especially if you were in that online game with him. I'd be extremely pissed, now is our opportunity to take the enemy by the throat and make them fix this issue before it continues.
  4. I'm from the United States, currently running on my PS3 from Los Angeles, California. I hope the Angry Army gets to spread to the United Kingdom because the populous that plays video games in Europe has got to be huge! I mean the stuff they do over there is insane, thanks for introducing yourself to the Angry Community so feel free to add me as a friend because after all, I wouldn't have joined this brotherhood/family/company if it wasn't for open minded people like you guys spanning from Mexico all the way to Poland. That's incredible, online interactions plus the love for video games is very cool, keep up the good work you guys!
  5. Well I'd like to know if you guys are interested in playing online anytime soon so check my profile out and if you'd like to add me on PSN I gladly open my reach to anybody who is an Angry Associate in this great clan of Anger! Please spread the word about the forums and be sure to participate in these massive events that Joe has planned. It's gonna be crazy!
  6. Thanks for introducing yourself, not a lot of high ranked people in forums ever check back so hats off to ya! The Angry Army has welcomed me with open arms and without the man himself I wouldn't be apart of this great place!
  7. Hey Angry Associates! I want to know if any of you guys out there want to start spreading the word in Los Santos about the Angry Army because it's got to start somewhere and now's the time. My current PSN screen name is: KingWoodyz so feel free to add me anytime and take a peek into my trophy list, maybe we have something in common so we can play online together and I can't wait to jump into GTA V online again. So this thread is going to be mainly on getting to know people who are strictly sticking to current gen platforms, not just PSN. Now's the time to make friends, not enemies so use this as a meeting place and begin to make friendships, I'll be taking looks in and out of this thread so just know you're not alone out there in the Angry Servers. More and more people are watching Angry Joe Show videos and we have to spread the word because we now have the ability to have a massive influence over many things. Now if you're thinking i'm gushing, well I am. The Angry Army is all about a community that can come together and talk in a forum, game together, crash together if needed. Get on this thread and post stuff!