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Everything posted by MoVe

  1. Btw anyone can join the guild its "open applications", LVL 9.
  2. The guild is still there. Im in lead. Its not very active. The name was changed to Phalanx after fuss with DiamonRyan or close to that period(when a lot of ppl ran off from ajsa). The name was changed before I became the lead.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Glad to see XBOX and PS4 doing so well on AJSA with so many events. But separate calendar or calendar filter feature would be a nice addition to the webpage, someday. Or even filtering on game/game genre.
  4. Be careful there might be a virus in AJSA email sever. I keep getting spam emails for console peasants into my email account( like " COD: Black Ops III - Xbox One "). How can we stop it ?
  5. Well thanks for the concern about my attitude Damn people get offended faster than in 2015, was just a joke. Jokes aside, can you somehow filter the email notifications for PC only, I still want to get pc event info but consoles is what I'm not interested at all.
  6. Hey, well you are lucky. I kicked like 10 members last night, we have some spots. We will add you when i come back from work or another officer has time. If we forget or something happens, best bet to get an instant invite is to look for us on AJSA teamspeak server
  7. Paladin... DIvine intervention. Isnt it a bit too overrated ? Yes its good, but... It last for 4 seconds at the start of the fight and cooldown is 70. Most of PVE fights include agroing a bunch of monsters, then aoeing them in one rotation. it will be over by the time you group them up. In pvp too, you usually dont take a burst right away, people tend to poke and wait for shields to wear down. Then strike with full power. Is it really that good? Like comparing to lightbinder symbol ?
  8. Yes he was away traveling for a few days. I will try to get you invited in like 9 hours, when i come back from work. Also poking people in teamspeak helps to get in too Though I keep my officers limited, currently Humorous and Terra. We have 40 members + at prestige range 2k-15k
  9. Every class I have played was fun to play, well maybe except alchemist since I did it solo. The topic of this discussion is controversial because "best" and "quickly" usually dont get together well. This is the case in skyforge too, the only class I consider to be OP is berzerker, and its quite expensive to get. Not saying other ones are bad, but they just cant compete at this time. Why? I could name lots and lots of reasons, but some of the more obvious are SPAM aoe that also has cc, has buff that regen 70% of damage taken, every ult in the game has like 6+ 10+ 12+ minutes, where berz ult is ~2minutes. You can even use it several times in a boss fight. So yeah fast ones are: archer, slayer, kinetic, necro OP at this time is berseker My advice is: just go to the training area and give them all a test. You wont get the exact experience, but youll get the first feel of them. Get whatever you feel fits you best, because it is beta and most likely they will get nerfs/buffs once in a while
  10. So you all probably heard about Skyforge. Its no ordinary mmo and It launches next week (July 16th). I will be leading the EU community (at least until a new leader wants to take over). Info about recruitment, strategy and other important stuff will be posted in this thread, so dont miss out. For now I would like to see how many members are interested in this AAA mmorpg and what role are you planning to pick up. If you are free to play 3 roles are unlocked instantly (Mage, tank, support), to unlock others you need to progress. I will pick up the support, since I see think we wont have that many. Short info about the game: Free 2 play Does not look pay2win for now. Premium perks are small Has something for anyone (competitive and casual pve/pvp) Instance based Complex skill tree, a lot of customization Action/tab target mix. Guild wars (pvp and pve)
  11. We are sending invites but for some reason, we encounter problems when the player who wants to join is offline. Best bet to get invited is to hop on TS after work hours. Me and my officers are active TS users, if you dont have a mic - just poke us. Its the fastet way to get in. I will resend invitations after I come back home again.
  12. Hello, I am the leader of Skyforge EU. My current prestige is ~3500. So far I think the game is awesome, one of best mmos I've played. I could do any dungeon solo up until the 5-man dungeon, that one and the higher ones require team coordination. Guild limits are rough. But if you work as a team its no big problem. We started as 12 slot guild, now we are 25 and have a few free slots. We gain ~ 5 guild slots per day P.S. If anyone is interested in joining us - use the recruitment thread or find us teamspeak
  13. The Awakening is Here Path of Exile was awesome. Now with the new patch its more awesome. Tomorrow(exact time) Awakening releases. We are waiting for all the new and old members at release date, we will group up and have some fun. The game is free on steam. For the hardcore PoE players: There is an event going on. If you first kill the final boss, you get Alienware gaming laptop. You might want to give it a go, more details here. Will be trying to get you killed, MoVe
  14. I know I am!!! I dont know what is it with mmo rpgs but I just need them. The funny thing is that imo there are no mmos that I would love to play right now, or I just do know them. The purpose of this thread is to tell you what game Im looking forward and maybe you could tell me of a new awesome mmo I missed on. I have played Lineage 2 (5 years), Archeage (5 months), Tera (1 month) and some other ones for a short period. I do know about Wildstar (going F2P), Black Desert will probably check them out unless Skyforge is what I expect it to be. So Skyforge Why skyforge? I stay away from the hype trains (cough Archeage cough). But this is why I will definately give this game a shot: * Balanced pvp and pve wars. Yes castle/temple sieges that also include PVE stages. What i meant with balanced - that it will contain fixed battles like 10v10, 15v15 at the same time and then only the best 30 guild members vs other 30 best. * Skill tree/atlas similar to Path of Exile. This way you can make an absolutely unique build that suits you. * Mix between open world and instances. Even more instance based than open. For many this is a disadvantage, but personally I like instance based games, so you dont have to fight against others for mob grinding spots. * Class switch at any time * When you unlock your ultimate stage, you become a God. You can gain followers, help newbies and ets. Think its a cool mechanic. * Sci-fi Fantasy look combo. * Action tab target hybrid. * Free to play. Pay to win? Seems like no, but we will see. Links: Guild wars: http://sf.my.com/us/news/announcements/skyforge-developers-qa-pantheon-wars-edition Skill forest: http://skyforge.wikia.com/wiki/Ascension_Atlas Skyforge open beta starts this summer. I will create a guild for the beta, search for me in formums when it goes live Tell me about other mmos that I havent mentioned. Plis no world of warcraft tho =D
  15. Skyforge releases on 16th (open beta with no more wipes). Its a new mmo that caught my eye, me agosparti vonryan and more ajsa members are going to play that. If you want you are welcome to join. Its free to play, but has 2 servers EU or US
  16. I have seen this persons letter and the box with the caps on 9gag before he sent it. A pretty good idea
  17. Meo meo!
  18. Is it true that we are killing the article page? (we can no longer post weekly events of our official games). That should be included into the news section since its kinda important Please correct me if its just a rumor.
  19. The faq ? Help me get this straight. The game is removed from steam for EU and russians. But we can still download it from En Masse? Guess who is EU publisher - Ubisoft and Gameforge.... So they like different servers or what ? I suppose to download from them and play on some other EU servers than the current ones ?
  20. lol thanks for paying attention I might even hop on this time P.S. to make it perfect make the date/time red.
  21. Next time when forming an article. Dont go full red text, it looks weird and harder to get the most important info from it.
  22. Once I played this game with AJSA all night... and Angry Joe never came :'(
  23. Why do I live in Lithuania
  24. Go my copy cats! Take over the world