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  1. Games do change the world, ever since gta came out the amount of shootings, mass murders, rapes and general crimes have gone up dramatically. violent games caused this! Also it taught our young CURSE WORDS! In reality games are an art and entertainment for those willing to learn them and immerse ones self within the world. An escape for all, it's heaven and you don't have to die for it. It's a drug and a lifestyle and it bred a new generation with new ideas and freedom in art never achieved in such magnitude, interaction between the artist and the viewer.
  2. Platform games with Mario and sonic especially, i can't stand playing those with those characters and the universe. Because everyone is like they're the best game characters and because of that they're done to death and market is over saturated with them.
  3. Probably my cousin told me to buy it and I saw the yogscast play it in alpha months ago and it's still in alpha he told me?
  4. play the game and you'll see handsome jack and Hyperion corps made that game so much better than the first one on their own. He's my favorite villain of all time now.
  5. How can you not like this company, omg they're badass.
  6. really? Wow I remember my party lost a tank and everyone die and I soloed a boss at half health and felt badass when i lasted for ten minutes. Slayer is fun.
  7. They keep spamming my email, saying my founder points going expire but I haven't touch that game since I couldn't get my cousin to tank.
  8. Minecraft attack of the b team.
  9. Because the studios who make them are bad or new in the scene, thus lack experience. Can also say that the other way around of games based off moves. The titles go to companies who are too cheap and want to just make the most money because they are fourth rate studios.
  10. Minecraft is probably the best game I ever played. And I love so many games. Minecraft just has it all and the community for it is fun and create so many mods, servers and plugins for it that the game is literally every game genre built from the community. I can't say that for many other games. I'm not tired of survival games because they're still considerably new in the market compared to the dozens of fps, sports and casual games that enter the market so much more often.
  11. New Vegas was more serious for me. Fallout three was more easy in progress and had some major bugs and balance issues(never ran out of money and everything was easy to find), I would say they solve most of them in new Vegas. Still buggy in both but fallout three crashed the most for me. I got both strategy guides with my purchases and went everywhere in fallout three and new Vegas, and Vegas was far better. Three had a cooler city section but these huge fields of land with nothing but random events. New Vegas at least had more filler and story behind each place which was shown and told very well so I knew A little backstory, instead of some in three like a random shack.
  12. i thought the first one was amazing, the newer ones kinda lost the feel with a different path. None the less it was fun until my mom threw out the box with the product key in it,
  13. complete edition? Also doesn't count! You must have gotten something that was unexpected or are your parents not weird enough to be like normal parents?
  14. Hey guys I'm new to battlefield games, but I'm looking at buying the new one and playing it. I was wondering if we have a competitive newby team or some like places for me to play and learn and then one day maybe get into the competitive atmosphere. I know ajsa has a server but I'm more looking for maybe a team within a team. Maybe minor leagues or newby competitive. Where we make teams amongst the community and we play competitively. If this is already the case, can anyone direct me to where I go?