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Everything posted by severusmh

  1. Thats why I'm glad I have my PC so I wont miss out on some games when I do get a ps4.
  2. if you can, post some comments on the videos
  3. Hello gamers and thank you for reading this post, I have a site that I talk about videos games on. I talk about gaming topics from the consoles, the games, and anything related to gaming. This is called Severus games, which is all about the game and nothing else. I want to bring my strong thoughts of the gaming world to people. This site is severusgames.wordpress.com and the youtube channel variant is youtube.com/severusgames. The channel is mostly the video side of my product, while I use the wordpress site as my written and main site of it. please check out the content that I posted about gaming. I really hope everyone enjoys what I put on these sites. Critiques are welcome, if they are constructive. EDIT: got my first video on my channel up for you guys to look into as well as my site. Thank you, Michael Hawkins
  4. I'm having issues playing this game, I like it but not having a good time getting use to it. some one so play with could help.
  5. oh yeah i already have categories for things. wordpress does things wired to I actually links the posts by category(all hyperlinked) on the home page, for easy access for those who have trouble accessing the info. but i will ad the categories as tabs later when I got more going on to make it even easier.
  6. oh duh me lol. it was in my head and I forgot to put it down. I meant to say dota 2
  7. thank you for the help, yeah the camera has a crappy mic. i was planning on using a mic on the pc and record audio that way. hope to entertain you with future submissions.
  8. one of my most anticipated games for next year. I know that this will be great to play, we have to get our hands on it before we say if its any good. at the moment you should be opened minded about the game till you play it yourself. Glad bungie is doing this game, its a good way to get back up and making games they want again.
  9. If I had others to play with and talk to, I could enjoy this game more. I don't like soloing it unless I have people to talk to and party up with. I would be glad to show my ajsa support on there.
  10. new vegas, had to get rid of game to pay rent at the time ff13 and ff13-2, got stuck metal gear peacewalker, lost my psp If I don't finish it, because it sucks or couldnt play it since something happened.
  11. waiting to play is the best plan since nothing badass is coming out till next year. I'm waiting to get a ps4 till january since I actually was to late on preordering. I did think that well its best to let the console sit for a bit to watch it grow a little more since you can't use every feature just yet on it. Ex: gaikai, and more than one game using touch pad. I'm excited for it, and do think its the strongest console this time. Ps3 had things holding it back last gen, which sony did fix with the ps4.
  12. I think bf4 is a great game for playing with a lot of people. It's story on it is not as good as it could of been. you could wait for it, I'm going to wait till the bugs are worked out of it. Bf4 is a lot different than from call of duty so it is a game to play over it. Not a fan of Cod just sick of it being to similar to each version. Bf series cought my eye with destructible enviornments, and using vehicles to change the outcome of the match. It's more for playing with each other to win rather than just going around shooting.
  13. This is a great idea, love talking about pc tech. This would even help others wanting to break out into pc gaming.
  14. thank you for the crit sir. what you mean by organization? Yeah game related images would help out.
  15. good luck to everybody that's doing the raffle.!
  16. I'm looking for a suggestion on what kind of game I could play competitively. I like FPS games such as syndicate, killzone, counter strike, team fortress, and battlefield. MMO's world of warcraft, guild wars, dc online, and everquest. I like rts and moba's but not really good at it. I like shooters, i tend to get in the zone after a while playing them. I like mmo's but not much of a grinder on things. I guess some training will be required to get better. I was doing well at kz3 (killzone 3) when i sat on it for a few hours, and I like bf4. I want to get good at moba and rts games but i have trouble playing them sometimes, manly with flow. If a suggestion of a game isn't coming to mind, then suggest a game for me that you think is good for what i'm looking for.
  17. My name is Michael, or hakudragon as my gaming name tends to be. I am very happy that AJ has done this for us, I enjoy gaming news from him. I am humbly thank AJ for all the things he is doing for his brand and his fans. I will support him as by being a member of this community. I hope to make new friendships among all of you fellow members. This is also a way for everyone in the gaming community come together as one and not saying whos better then who. At the end of the day we all play games, the machine we play on is just our preference to what we want from it. Pc likes their INSANE! graphic superiority and unique games, PS love their great contollers and how there are strange off the wall games, XBOX having interesting games and features. It's not accurate way to describe them but I am a PS gamer and pc gamer. Sorry Xbox I just love PS controller and the games for it. I never had a problem with sony and I feel they try to make you happy, even after that PSN shut down months ago. I know it's long but I thought I'll say a few words to everyone. I love gaming and all I want to do is make it better, thanks for reading . GAME ON!