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  1. severusmh liked a post in a topic by MonkeyZ666 in This is my game site...   
    Just watched your youtube video, I liked the video but perhaps you could do something about the audio in next recordings so their is less static and noises of you hitting the table in the video. For the rest keep up the great work man, I subbed to your page
  2. severusmh liked a post in a topic by Jay4gamers1 in i'm Waiting for more games who's with me?   
    I'm not gonna lie I WANT THE PS4!! But there are a few things holding me back:

    1 No Hdmi Tv
    2 No HDMI Recorder
    3 No Money
    4 No games

    4 is my main reason it has no games of current interest all the good stuff is 2014. So i'm waiting for that year to pick one up unless i win one..which i highly doubt it.
  3. severusmh liked a post in a topic by xSomeGamer in This is my game site...   
    Hey, looking good so far.. Could really use some game related layouts, right now I can't tell its a gaming site from looking at it. Also, more content and it could use a little better organization. Just my two cents, I hope it helps..
  4. PartialBiscuit liked a post in a topic by severusmh in This is my game site...   
    Hello gamers and thank you for reading this post,
    I have a site that I talk about videos games on. I talk about gaming topics from the consoles, the games, and anything related to gaming. This is called Severus games, which is all about the game and nothing else. I want to bring my strong thoughts of the gaming world to people. This site is severusgames.wordpress.com and the youtube channel variant is youtube.com/severusgames. The channel is mostly the video side of my product, while I use the wordpress site as my written and main site of it. 
    please check out the content that I posted about gaming. I really hope everyone enjoys what I put on these sites. Critiques are welcome, if they are constructive.
    EDIT: got my first video on my channel up for you guys to look into as well as my site. 
    Thank you, Michael Hawkins