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  1. Well you could perceive me as being a prick. But my comment is well needed without the director knowing what a narrative it. Sorry to bust your bubble but this all seems like a scam.
  2. I had no idea I was still here to be in a movie.
  3. Hey guys so what's going on is that the communities of mount and blade will be sunset after the next Saturday casual event. The reasons behind this is that the entire NW community is slowly dying off and a lot of the former competitive communities we have been having events with are disbanding, so we have decided to disband the regiment. For the casual community we as well will be shutting it down as we will be taking a break from the game to prepare for the new BannerLord coming out soon! I hope you guys understand!
  4. ---------------------------------------------------- Monday - ---------------------------------------------------- Tuesday - Training at 3PM CST / 9PM BST ---------------------------------------------------- Wednesday - Mid Week Operations EU - 6PM BST / US - 6PM CST ---------------------------------------------------- Thursday - ---------------------------------------------------- Friday - Friday Operation 6PM CST / 12AM BST ---------------------------------------------------- Saturday - Saturday Operation 3PM CST / 9PM BST ---------------------------------------------------- Sunday - AJSA casual sunday 12PM CST / 6PM BST ---------------------------------------------------- This is the operations schedule operations this is finally, and this is where all I can bend my time around. This is for both casual and competitive group events!
  5. M&B: Warband EVENT!

    When: Saturday 8/29/2015 at 4pm CST (10pm GMT) Where: Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars channels in teamspeak ip: ts3.ajsagaming.com. In this event we will try to survive an onslaught of mighty Zulu warriors! To join the AJSA siege event you will need the proper tags: [AJSA]"Your Name" To join the server you’ll have to follow these easy steps: Go to this link and download the Anglo Zulu mod: Link! Now go to the Server listing in Anglo Zulu, make sure your server filter is on at the top. Select the game type battle. Now look for the server “AJSA_EVENT” (add it to your favorites at the bottom) If you have any questions regarding Mount&Blade: Napoleonic Wars, please PM the game leader. CrazyKidsBite other news: Also In the competitive regiment of the AJSA the Nr52 is still looking for more recruits to fill the ranks, we have been moving up among with other regiments in the NA competitive scene of Mount&Blade! With our recent victories or draws over great regiments we want more members of the AJSA to share our experiences! If you wish to join add =AJSA=Crazykidsbite over steam.
  6. Operation For Old Glory!

    When: Sunday 8/30/2015 at 12PM CST (6PM GMT) Where: PlanetSide2 channels on teamspeak: ts3.ajsagaming.com Server: Emerald Operation Details: To commence this operation, we will gather at the warp gate discuss our plan of attack then pile into a galaxy and drop in from above and destroy any and all opposition, then the operation will proceed as normal squad tactics and communication with other players. This operation will conclude with a race. Whoever wins the race will win a little badge for their profile called a racing ribbon!
  7. Don't be shy now guys if you have a question then please feel free to ask
  8. Hey guys! So I bet a lot of you are wondering where's the Planetside events. Well to help you all ease your mind we are not dead nor are we ending the 3rd campaign, we simply took an entire week off doing a lot of work, both community and real life issues came up for everyone. So first off I would like to announce a few things we did then go into detail about them later.. We've been keyboard warriors over the PlanetSide2 forum & Reddit.We've been under going staff training.Preparing for PlanetSide 2.0Created a competitive outfit. Keyboard warriors - Over the PlanetSide forum and Reddit we have been talking to outfits and players alike, promoting that the Angry Army is a community instead of a fanboy service. Now before you violently type something onto the forum post please remember as we the Angry Army did have our community lead (Angry Joe) join in for a few events and during that time our attention and recruitment spiked so high that we couldn't keep track and lost track of some members. So what had happened during that time that some of our members rather put us to be a "troll" and "fanboyish" community/outfit as some of our members spammed love for Angry Joe, and team killed a quite bit as some members were actually trolls (those members since have been removed). So during our time over the forums and Reddit we've changed opinions of us. Now to keep it we now must show that we are not a troll outfit. Staff training - With the staff training over this past week was rather skill training and public relations, as we have received a few complaints from members with staff not attending to ones wants, not able to handle a situation correctly, and very uncooperative at times in game while squad leading. So to make sure these measure did not occur again we made sure all staff were aware of the COC and followed it by heart. PlanetSide 2.0 - So as many of you know that this September on the PC version Planetside will be having a major and lovely updates with NEW AND AMAZING THINGS, OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER??? With the fanboying out of the way the community has been in a fuss about this and it's only recently that someone actually went in PlanetSide and looked inside and what they found was absolutely amazing. Now I won't say everything (hype, hype!) but if you're a little bit curious look at the latest post... Link! Competitive Outfit - Now onto the most controversial point (which most of you will read first! ). We have created another outfit called the Republican Guardsman. Going with story ark the guardsman are of the Terran Republics oldest regiments in PlanetSides history, to give you a little history the RGM was created when the settlers landed on Auraxis, they were to be the first police of the Planet and was soon to become the high guard and the police for the capital city. So they are now a full on outfit for the Terran Republic military. So why did we create this outfit? Well simple, players just wanted a different outfit other than the AJA. I know that this will be contradicting my point earlier abour keyboard warriors but some players were tired of playing under a inactive and almost dead outfit. To fully explain an outfit is basically a clan but within the game each player contributes with their K/D ratio, well we have players that are below a 0.3 K/D ratio and that isn't fair to players with a 1.0 or above K/D ratio. Now that might seem a bit of an elitist attitude but to proceed in a competitive tournament the outfit has to look pretty with it having a high K/D ratio. So to help you guys get an idea you come compare the AJSA and the RGM outfits on K/D ratio. I hope this helps you guys! Onto a few more things I would like to announce that! I am currently on the prowl for streamers, players, and more staff! I can't do this alone! that why I need you! Members of the Angry Army I want you to apply for staff and help stream our event and promote the Angry Army, we can make our Planetside2 outfit something great! But what I need is commitment to our cause on making the Angry Army a welcoming place for all who wish to join! So to list everything I need to be filled: Four Sergeants!Four Prospects!And two streamers! After these positions are filled we will moved onto have dedicated groups i.e. Armor, Air, Infantry, and Hell jumpers! Yes Hell jumpers boys! Come on guys I still believe something amazing can come out of this! But it will only work if all of you put your time into it, we will become something more than just a community! We will finally become an Army and rule Auraxis under our mightiest of boots!
  9. As some unforeseen drama has occurred both in real life and in the community, we decided to take this week off from any type of operation. We do have to prepare to go back to school!
  10. I play Planetside2 at least twice a day and I can assure you that it's still there
  11. There will never be a way to determine unless you hire a lot of people just to spectate the entire playerbase, the best way the compensate for that is by giving you five hole chances and it goes away after a while and restarts. Yes there is a grief system for the vehicles and gunfire, it works the same way as team kills. I've been playing Planetside since the Betas so I have my fair share of problems, and yes the PC will always be ahead because it was the first to come along then the PS4. If you have an issue with players then report them and it will go down on there spreadsheet as a player and if they get enough complaints then the account will be terminated. No, the voiceover and weapons lock have not been removed and will never be because the system works it locks there weapons longer and longer after a period of time and boom their account is gone is they get weapons locked multiple times in one session, so those intentional team killers will be gone. Trust me their are way worse issues that are in planetside that could be discussed.
  12. Out of all the issues within planetside the grief system is completely fair, it gives you five chances and those go away after ten minutes without getting a team kill. I don't see your point. I really don't think anyone else has issues with the grief system if your killing a team mate on purpose it stops you, its surely better than banning someone.
  13. Wait I thought cross platform wasn't able to supported yet on Rocket League? When did they bring that update out O.o