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  1. I just wanted to post my first upset win, feels good
  2. Bioshock: IMHO really good game, the ending(story) was fun and a really good idea but the actual ending boss fight(gameplay) was lackluster Bionic Commando(3D TPS version): I dont know if the actual game can be qualified as good.. I liked it enough give it 1 whole playthrough. Ending(story) was so retarded. Mafia 2: Honestly I loved the ending(story) in that it really surprised me, but it was frustrating!! Gears of War 2: The ending Story and gameplay was dissappointing Fight Night Champion: Isaak is impossible to beat.
  3. A quality 600W PSU will power any single-GPU gaming PC, now and always. Power usage with new components will eventually go down and not up as time goes by.
  4. Antisocial as in people are alone while playing, yes. I've found out while trying to find local co-op games(trying to host a gamer gathering of sorts), that the local co-op thing is pretty much dead. If you accept skyping or texting via ingame as social then people are very social. If you mean people having a beer and chilling about making jokes and playing the occasional game(you know, being social), then no, that part is pretty dead unless you own a wii and like those games.
  5. Have played both the original and the new "return to castle wolfenstein". Didn't think any of them were awesomly awesome, but both were good. Will wait for reviews and gameplay before buying this one
  6. Playing various videogames
  7. Added all in this thread that had actually played CS in the last 2 weeks
  8. I found it weird that even though [AJSA] is up by 80+ votes and realistically will always be the "winner", lots and lots of people use the =AJSA=. As I came on the CS event yesterday, there was 3 people with tags all of them =AJSA=, well with one have double tags[] + == I actually messaged sgt. Ross about it back in november and he said it looks like its going to be [AJSA]. So what I'm trying to say is: 1. Get with the program 2. End this poll already so everyone knows the right tag. If a 5 month poll isnt long enough, I dont know what is
  9. Was fun/chaotic. upto 240ping and lag but still fun It was the longest I had ever played DM in a row and I even got a case out of it Was on teamspeak but apparently I muted myself halfway through or somethin.. just thought everyone went quiet but when i quit csgo I noticed I was muted
  10. I actually recently subbed to PDP and not necessarily because he is great at what he does, but because he is very active and he plays very new games, so I treat his channel like a game preview channel
  11. Awesome
  12. haha. Lord of the rings: You are a guy, someone gives you a ring and tells you to dump it in a volcano.. you dump it in a volcano Mass effect: You're a space guy, you fly around looking for stuff and recruiting soldiers. You shoot people and save the world. GTA IV: You're a broke russian guy. You get recruited by the mafia.. shoot around and get annoyed by cousin. Kill some important mafia guy, you win
  13. There has been discussions but on the wrong subforums I loved infinite and plan on playing burial at sea at somepoint, didn't even realize the second part was out yet. I have bought all DLC but have not tried them yet.
  14. This loosely reminded me of playing Source. You'd start with aiming at the head but after a spray you'd be aiming at the toes and bullets would be going to the head
  15. lol You are probably a really nice guy but damn.. I really dislike people who go "bad team" "Bad game team sucks" after a game. Own what just happened, don't blame, Cheaters and especially AFK mates are ofcourse a valid and annoying reason. Added on steam, if you wanna game sometime(AKs- DMG rank myself, DMG atm)