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    I'm just a lad from Germany who likes to play games with some awesome people!

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  1. Hey guys I just started out with ESO on the North American servers and with Morrowind coming out I just wanted to ask if some of you are still playing? Do you guys have a guild and is it possible to join? PSN ID: SergeantLenny Character name: Beycell
  2. Hello fellow members of the AJSA, just wanted to introduce myself real quick to you guys! I created this account way back in 2013 but then shortly after that I kind of took a big break from gaming at all... Lately I just felt like picking up the controller again to just sit back and play some games with an awesome community. And what better way to do that, if not with the one I wanted to join back in `13! I always relied on Joe's gaming reviews and I think the AJSA is the most honest gaming community I'll find out there. My name is Lenny from Hamburg, Germany. I'm 21 years young and you are most likely to find me gaming on the Playstation4, currently Battlefield 1 and Kingdom Hearts and soon I'm about to invest some time into ESO:Morrowind when it will be released. My PSN-ID: SergeantLenny - feel free to add me, I'm glad to play with you Since english is not my native language please forgive me the grammar mistakes I made See you on the battlefield guys
  3. PSN ID: SergeantLenny After a long pause I just recently started playing some games again on my PS4 and am now looking for some lads to play with! I am currently playing BF1 and Warframe Looking forward to Destiny 2, God Of War, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Red Dead Redemption 2, the next Call of Duty and some other good online games which may be released in the future. I own a PS4 and a PS3 (not really playing on it anymore) I would love to join the AJSA Community Page and the AJSA rooms! Never Surrender!
  4. Hamburg
  5. I can't agree with that because I'm actually enjoying it hahaha
  6. Wait, what the...? I thought you can kind of transcribe your level and everything to the PS4 or will it not be possible?
  7. I got BF4 for Ps3 and I can upgrade my game until the 28th march 2014
  8. I have to admit I never actually played BF3. The last one I played was BFBC2 and I loved it ! I'm really missing that ONE map I want to play over and over again, I mean Paracel Storm is pretty badass, but in my opinion it is nothing compared to the maps of BFBC2. I'm really interested in what your favourite weapons are? At the moment I really like the UMP and the AK 5C, but I haven't tried out every weapon yet.
  9. Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden !
  10. Oh boy I love those kinds of topics hahaha I usually listen to a lot of progressive and melodic as well as intstrumental metal/djent from bands named Intervals, Polyphia, Periphery, Animals as Leaders and so on. And lately I listened to a lot of Blues
  11. Wow, nice ! Thank you very much
  12. I think I have to go with the Dead Island series. My friends and I had a blast playing it and since I really love zombies it was perfect for me
  13. PSN: SergeantLenny ! Can't wait to play with some of you guys. At the moment I'm playing BF4 and GTAV.
  14. Hey guys I would love to play with some of you! Just add me on PSN (SergeantLenny). I usually play as an engineer and got a mic, too.