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  1. Depends what exactly you're referring to. Each has their challenges to overcome. Overall I think 2d GAMES are easier to make and require less resources than 3d. It is REALLY easy to make a 3d game that looks absolutely horrible for so many reasons. You need several specialized people to take care of very specific things like level and environment design, animation, modeling, UI, programming etc... If you don't have those people you're really kind of screwed I think. With 2d I think the amount of people you need is far less. If the pixel artist isn't also the animator than you'd need one of those too. If the pixel artist isn't the level designer than you'd need one. The only person you'd absolutely need for a 2d game is a programmer. Things are getting much easier for 2d animation as well, check out Spriter if you haven't heard of it before. It makes 2d animation a lot like 3d where you essentially create a skeleton and rig.
  2. Well, campaign is over and unfortunately it didn't get funded. The team still plans on trying to finish the game they will just have to go back to the drawing board to refocus and replan what their "alpha" will look like since they wont be able to get all of the content they wanted to from their kickstarter without the funding. Here's also an AMA they did on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/27tm14/were_former_ultima_online_developers_working_on/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1468280928/shards-online-a-customizable-sandbox-mmorpg It's a bit late but I've only recently found out about it. Even if it doesn't reach its goal I would like to inform all of you about the game. They currently have a free alpha completely accessible to the public, even if you're not a backer you can play it this weekend. It's only a 200mb download as well. I've never played Ultima Online so I don't know how similar it is but others who have played it say it does remind them of UO. Their big idea is to allow players to run their own servers however they want. You create the rules and the overall theme of your "server." They basically have Clusters, which is a group of shards, and Shards, which is like its own server. You can connect shards together so you can move from a fantasy themed world to a steampunk themed world and learn THEIR crafts and skills. And from what I understand you keep those skills outside of that shard so if you go back into the fantasy world you will have all skills from the steampunk world. I could be wrong but that's how I understood it. I think this is a fantastic idea and the developers do seem competent, they just need the money to make it happen. The current build is a pre-alpha. So far it seems stable, some things certainly are janky but again, it's not even an alpha build. It's still very much playable. Progression is skill and weapon based, no levels or anything like that. You can build your own houses. Currently I don't know if the functionality is accessible to players but the developers have shown that housing functionality is implemented. Check it out and if you like it come back here and let others know (and support it if you can of course ;p)
  3. It seems like they still caught it early enough to where he's likely to pull through and shouldn't be a problem but you never know. Regardless, I do wish him the best. This will undoubtedly be a stressful time for him and his family and friends.
  4. It shouldn't tax your computer much at all. I don't think netflix has anything to do with your CPU or video card, it's all just internet streaming (or so I would assume). The only thing that it might cause is lag depending on your internet and if it's an online game. I do it all the time when I play games though and it's hardly noticeable with a 15mbit connection. If you can play those games in the first place, it really shouldn't affect the actual performance FPS-wise.
  5. It can't hurt. I wouldn't stream myself since my personality doesn't lend itself to commentary but I may watch. If Joe is participating I would definitely watch, otherwise I just don't think I care enough, personally, to spend my time watching. I'm not hardcore into Smite or any game, so I don't really watch random streams to learn about the game or anything like that, I watch for entertainment. If the streamer is fun to watch sure. I think it might be best to collaborate with other Smite streamers too if possible. People like Smitten or whoever else streams, she's the only person I really go out of my way to watch. Reach out to them and see if they want to play together with you guys.
  6. Almost 100% play assault. People take conquest too seriously. Arena was fun when that came out but I prefer assault over it since almost every fight is a team fight. Also don't like that you can go back to base so quickly in arena.
  7. Beelzebub would be a fantastic addition. It kind of seems like they're adding demigods as well not JUST gods which is a bit weird but I'm fine with it.
  8. Not watching it. Saw the official footage they provided and decided it's a game I'm getting so I don't want to spoil any other gameplay/story. Am very excited about it.
  9. Just got back myself from a break but I'm still down for getting the Nekros. I'm available at almost any time just have to let me know ahead of time.
  10. Looks pretty cool, I'll be checking it out. I find the lack of any good retro styled 2d mmo's really disappointing. The artstyle of this one isn't completely to my taste (mostly the characters, the rest is fine) but it's damn close compared to some of the more "modernized" 2d games that claim they are retro styled. Here's the screens page if anyone wants to check it out, I'm too lazy to embed them atm: http://www.secretsofmirage.com/index.php?action=screens
  11. Well I hope I am not one of those people who you think are calling others ignorant. If I have said something like that to anyone in this thread I apologize. I feel the blame is misplaced if it's on the creator but I can completely understand why someone would blame them. It is possible I came off arrogant or condescending but that is definitely not my intention. Everyone seems to tell me I sound extremely unapproachable online ;p Like you said, everyone has an opinion.
  12. But it doesn't really matter because they would kill people in some other way even if there weren't guns. They are just tools. Farmers could use their farming equipment to fight off armies, may not be effective and there would be many lives lost but it could still work back before there were guns. Plus, do you want people to get killed in other likely far more brutal ways or a relatively clean death? If we still used muskets there would be far more devestation and more injuries I think. Or if warfare was still conducted using hand to hand weapons like swords, axes, maces, etc... You're essentially asking for world peace by saying something like "if the gun weren't invented." It could be far far worse if guns weren't so brutally efficient at killing people.
  13. I don't think anyone is arguing that he created it to do something other than kill people so there's no need to throw around sarcastic comments, it does absolutely nothing for the discussion. He was aware that he's creating a weapon, however, he has no control over who uses it and who doesn't, for what you would consider a "just" cause or an "evil" one. Terrorist or not. To blame him for all of the deaths is a bit ridiculous. If you want to be technical and say he invented therefore every kill with that gun is his fault, fine, that is your own opinion but I feel that the blame is entirely misplaced.
  14. Honestly, the only zombie game I have been interested in for the past several months, the rest just feel like incredibly cheap cash ins (warz, nether, whatever million other zombie games there are). The people behind Dying Light actually seem like competent developers who know what they're doing and there are a lot of interesting mechanics in it so far. I thought it was just a dead island rip off until I saw the parkour and night time aspects, as well as learned about the other survival mechanics. The "alpha" footage looks leagues ahead of all these other zombie survival games and it's only 20 or so dollars more than what the rest are asking.
  15. Volunteer for a small indie MMO that's been around for around a decade. Level design and some general management stuff like balancing items, monster, and spell stats.