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  1. I dont play on NA so no ,thanks for info though
  2. I was part of AJSA long ago but i quit game for some time and ofc got kicked from it.I returned back to GW2 and friend invited me to some guild but its not much active.I play on EU so my question is.....are there lots of EU AJSA active members?I remember when i was playing it was always around 40 people online at the time,all representing AJSA.Im back to GW2 and i would represent AJSA at all time so no problems with that,but i wanna know is it active or not.I really need some big and active guild or else i just get bored of game and quit after some time :/.
  3. I got this too,but i dont use Twitch much so i dont really care.
  4. They closed Dawngate....
  5. Rytlock seems like dont give a shit about Caithe or any1 anymore.He become a killing machine.
  6. I will try it,seems cool to me cause i like realistic survival games,and this is 1 of them.
  7. Just buy it man,great game.
  8. I could join but im on Piken ( i dont see how this matters cause of megaservers).I already represent 1 guild and would represent both if i get inv here.My account name is saalle.4623.Im more or less active,atm just doing LS cause im lil bored but not planing to quit game any time soon.Inv if you wish.
  9. I dont know what u mean by "little variety" for GW2 lol.Gw2 has more variety to lvl then any other game.Questing,exploring,crafting,pvp and use of books.WvW.I made new alt on lvl 80 without doing single quest just by using books that i get on PVP.
  10. It should be Free To Play.This game dont have quality to competite with some of current MMO's and wont stand a chance against future MMO's such as EQ Next.I myself are HUGE ESO fan but there is no chance im buying this game even if they spare us of monthly subscription.I have GW2 that i like more then ESO so what whould drag me to play ESO and give money on it?This is how many people think and its the reason why ESO wont have huge amount of players with this paymant model.Im sticking with GW2 for now.
  11. We should go for Seafer Rest cause they are best in WvW.PVE doesnt matter anymore cause Megaservers made it all the same now.
  12. Well according to votes it seems we will get guild there eventually,i didnt vote cause im shifting POE,DC and GW2 so i dont play anything that much active.Atm im on DC online but next month i can be on POE or GW2.
  13. As the tread says,i start playing on USA PVP server and atm lvl 13.Do we have any guild there i whould like to join.
  14. I whould like to see this game as part of our community but i didnt vote cause i dont have time play many games and im already in to POE and GW2.I might try Secret World later on.