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  1. Want to trad my many world of tanks premium content and gold serials for some steam gifts stuff if you are intrested pm me
  2. Anybody has a spare Dead Space 3 key for origin ?
  3. If u add Red Orchestra 2 to your steam library you will get it for free so download it ! I have no one to play with me ! T_T. This works only today
  4. I would like to trade Deus Ex human revolution for Medival 2 total war from newest sega bundle
  5. Somebody have two worlds 2 key to spare ?
  6. Thats a nice troll dear sire but i've actually somehow managed to get key for Tomb Raider thanks
  7. Somebody get new Sid Meier's Humble Bundle pack ? Ill give you batman arkham city GOTY+ Deus EX:Human Revolution and the rest of my WB humble pack
  8. First KOTOR and The Walking Dead: The Game series
  9. I've got Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Batman:Arkham City GOTY for trade pm to me with offers
  10. Hello i've got Batman Arkham City GOTY key and Deus Ex: Human Revolution key for steam. I would like to trade
  11. I love michio kaku he is my favorite scientists <3
  12. Welcome aboard *whispers*And watch out for hidden Corporate Commander agents
  13. Faith from Mirror's Edge Bastila Shan from KOTOR(and star war's franchise canon) Female Shepard(she looks beautifull in mass effect 3 its a shame we cant see her like this in mass effect 1 or 2