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    Games, weaponry of all ages but mostly modern, books and speaking like an angry pirate.
  1. As I said to pyrofox but your list is even longer. Some of those are my favorites as well like the lee enfield mp7, G36, kar98k, MP40, Mp5 ...
  2. You know thats a long list but it's good i could also just keep talking about my favorite guns
  3. Yeah I'm the same i'd love to play it but my computer doesn't run games half it's needs.
  4. A claymore if i'd have one.
  5. 14 is my age.
  6. G36 is a very good gun i think.
  7. I mostly play games for their story and overall play not graphics or shit.
  8. I am angry that there aren't enough bolt actions in games
  9. From the older weapons i like the lee enfield.
  10. Those were my exact words when i found out.
  11. If you like ak-47 look at the VZ-58 the czech response to the ak-47, but of course its a lot better, it's more durable, lighter, simpler to use and clean only some short time ago the Czech army changed their standard infantry weapon to the 805 Bren, the not a fucking copy of FN SCAR.
  12. It's a sexy looking gun that one.
  13. I come from Slovakia, Central Antarctic.
  14. I believe games are being dumbed down with every generation RPGs, FPS even strategies. Skyrim, CoD, Oblivion are great examples. Not hating Skyrim. It's one of my personal favorites, but if you compare it with swkotor, morrowind, gothic it's dumb.
  15. Let's just talk about guns we know and like. In gaming or in real life. If you'd like to have them in games... My personal favorites are G36, CZ VZ58, CZ805, Skorpion and it's succesor the Skorpion Evo, HK417, G3, all kinds of kalashnikovs and other i can't recall.