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Everything posted by Orpo

  1. I've been playing an awful lot lately. Wouldn't mind to play in a "serious" stack. Randoms are slowly driving me crazy. orpo#2797 Oh right, i'm on EU
  2. Demon's Souls, so we can get it on PC, but it will likely be only on PS4 if it will ever be made. Toasters gonna toast.
  3. I would like to play more but i don't have the time. I have all the low level zones done but can't get my hands on the cove. It just screws me over and over again every time i try it out. Got to think about a different party composition. Maybe abomination occultist and something else to complement them. Not sure about that.
  4. Now? Probably Fallout. Mostly because the last good game from Bethesda was NV wich was a Fallout game, (yes, i'm well aware this makes me sound like an elitist fuck) while every single Elder Scrolls after Morrowind was utter garbage without a ton of mods to fix Bethesda's shit. At least vanilla NV had a good story and a hardcore mode. I'm gonna pick Elder Scrolls though because Daggerfall and Morrowind have been the most influential games in my life, even more than Fallout 2.
  5. Gonna play it again once i have the time, loved it when it came out in early acces. God damnit Bast, are you streaming anytime soon in european friendly time? I don't even know how much time has passed since i was able to watch any of your streams. I think the last one was Resident Evil Emo 6
  6. I've started playing about one week ago and enjoying the game quite a lot. Username is Orpo
  7. Nope, but if it's doable they'll think about that by themselves
  8. That's actually a really nice idea even if it's very hard to realize.
  9. I really liked it. Problem is that in the long run can get kind of repetitive. I don't play anymore because i don't have the time to invest in more than two RPGs at the time and Witcher 3 has still all of my attention. Anyway i don't know if it's still active in any way but we used to have a PoE's guild here.
  10. I almost feel sorry for that poor Cancer, TB's gonna kick his sorry ass in a brutal fashion.
  11. It's funny how i've not been around the forum for months and when i come back i write always the same thing: Morrowind is the best RPG ever made. Honorable mention for Baldur's Gate 1&2, Gothic 2, Dark Souls, Divine Divinity, Fallout 2.
  12. I wanted to preorder Fallout 4, the pip-boy edition to be precise, but games uk decided that i wasn't worthy of that.
  13. It's not that simple. Building a platform where to sell your own games is quite profitable. Now the problem is to make it work.
  14. We do. I'll give a look at the new stuff once i finish with the bloody exams.
  15. I still got to publish my review about it.....
  16. Cool. Can't partecipate because...well i have only basics in my NA account, if we can do something like this on EU i'll be in the first line Btw, why banning the face hunter? I mean, i don't like it but it's a legit way to play the game.
  17. I'm vegan and i have really strong opinion about animal rights but i agree with The Corporate Commander (heil hydra) here. The guy is a dick and i hope he rots in jail as long as it's possible but death penalty is too much for every crime if you ask me.
  18. I assume GoG updated the games before releasing them. I just finished a review for Jedi Academy bought on Steam and if you don't mod it it's a little rough on the edges. It still works but option wise is a mess. No good screen resolutions and the video settings are so much fucked up that i had to change the brightness directly from my monitor. I remember having some compatibility problems with Kotor 1&2 as well, a few random crashes but i don't remember the causes right now. Take my words with a pinch of salt but i trust more GoG for games in general, more so for old ones, than Steam.
  19. When i bought Gothic 3 on launch i've lost pretty much all the trust i had in devs.