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Everything posted by Orpo

  1. I wanted to write a review after months i don't so i started playing again Morrowind, now that was a baaaaad idea and that's pretty much all that i'm playing right now.
  2. That should means that the server is not up to date with the current version of the game, i think it has been inactive for quite some time.
  3. It's a nice game if you're playing with other people, we started off on an unofficial AJSA server but after a couple of weeks most of the players disappeared (including myself, university can be a bitch). Playing on a server with people outside of the AJSA might be more interesting than what we did last time anyway.
  4. If the other guys in the guild are willing i have no problem with this.
  5. I don't have any of the games you're playing, sorry.
  6. Now there is a question we should ask ourselves, is Jim Sterling a prophet? https://twitter.com/jimsterling/status/501450244857794560
  7. Fucking italian press, today i've read: Goodbye to Nimoy, Dr. Spock from Star Wars.
  8. I've been watching that scene for the last two hours.
  9. I have a lump in my throat
  10. I don't think your idea is a viable strategy for publisher's pr. I mean, it's not a bad idea, but from a company standpoint i think it's a big risk, and we're talking about an industry wich doesn't really want to take a risk. To put some hype beyond a videogame, using the usual tv format is a really good way, they nourish the hype for the next episode so they know they're gonna sell it. Again, i agree with you but sadly we don't live in a perfect world. Disclaimer, my experience about episodic games is only about Game of Thrones, i don't know anything about the iPhone games you mentioned so feel free to prove me wrong if i'm mistaken.
  11. Picturing a world without any console to take the spot of the atari in the gaming world i imagine that pc would be the only platform for gaming. Without the nes only, there would have been another new console to take that spot.
  12. I don't know about LoL but usually when i feel that way about a game is ladder anxiety, you'll overcome it just going back to play ranked.
  13. The bigger problem i have is the freaking praise this game is receiving from PS4 fanboys. "Oh, you should just thank for the cinematics, the graphic is so good, there should have been more" "Why are you complaining about about The Order while you enjoyed The Walking Dead? There is more gameplay in The Order" ARGH!!!
  14. Is it as bad as people are saying?
  15. Starcraft 2, Sunless Sea, Gravity Ghost, Darkest Dungeon.
  16. Done, i'm vegan, can i have beer instead of cevaps?
  17. Lol, Squeenix is always the best at doing stuff xD
  18. There's no really good advice for this, almost everyone who gets depression overcome it with different methods, for me it was going back to school after i left it in 2007 and then go to the university. A temporary solution is to find a routine in wich you can feel better for some time but it doesn't last long. Also i agree with Anubist, some nice humours can help a lot (i suggest to make jokes about yourself, i know it sounds strange but taking yourself a little bit less seriously helped me quite a lot). Another thing that might help is to meet new people but i wasn't able to do so and actually made things worst for me but helped a former friend of mine to overcome his depression.
  19. Started playing yesterday, currently fighting against my stupid ping.
  20. I tried Boss a couple of times and messed up my load order so i'm not running it, it takes little time to undestand where to put your mods if you use the NMM.
  21. The freaking betting stub, i finally remembered the day poor Sanspoof passed away.