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Everything posted by Orpo

  1. Playing it again right now It's worth of notice that i'm stuck again on the same point i got stuck a lot of times when i played it on my old win98. XD
  2. My girlfriend didn't like it :wub: :wub:
  3. It's on my wishlist, i'll buy it when i finish Divinity Original Sin.
  4. If you want to be added by anybody you need to write your complete battletag, including the four numbers following the hashtag after your name
  5. Everybody is free to have their own opinion (SK is my personal game of the year xD)
  6. The channel is stille there, i'm about to log in right now and Metalsluggi was already online when i cheched.
  7. That's also outdated, it works but is likely to give you problems.
  8. I got a guest pass for Diablo 3 but i really don't care about it.
  9. ESO. Besides that i still didn't finish Dark Souls 2 but it's kind of a let down respect what i was expecting, i heard it gets better on NG+ but honestly a "it gets better later" is not a good thing i can say about a videogame.
  10. Divine Divinity, it was fee with a videogames magazines back in 2005 and i fell in love with it.
  11. I would have reccomended Warzones some time ago but right now is buggy as hell. Besides that it really depends on what you're looking for, if you're looking for a challenging experience i would suggest you Requiem but if you prefer an easier path that's the worst mod to suggest you.
  12. It did well enough for a sequel but i'm pretty sure that will be done only if Parker&Stone feel like it, it's quite hard to implement in the whole South Park's story and if they're not involved i'm not going to bother with an eventual sequel.
  13. You can build quite a good deck with commons and basics. Anyway if you want a sparring partner simply add the people who already put in the topic their battletags, just remember that if you play on EU you won't be able to play with people in NA and Asia and vice versa, so fi you're going to, add the people who play on the same server unless you play on more than one.
  14. Hearthstone, Starcraft 2, Divinity: Original sin. I'm also downloading Life is Feudal and Shadow of Mordor but thanks to a delightful italian isp it's likely that i'm gonna turn 38 before i can actually play those.
  15. I'll buy the game in the next few hours and join you asap
  16. So, i read a little bit about the game and what i grasped from what i read is that it's fun with other people and terribly frustrating and dull on your own, if there is a good number of people who want to start playing i'm in.
  17. I do play zoo, and i suck at it
  18. The worst game i played this year is ESO but i'm pretty sure there is way worst out there.
  19. I played only a little bit of Wow and i can say it's a really good mmo, so if you like the genre go ahead. Why on earth would you play alliance anyway?
  20. I would, but i prefer to wait it goes out from early acces.
  21. Come on it was a joke, if i recall correctly fridgeracer is both a console and a pc gamer. 90% of PC master race posts you'll find on this forum are meant as a joke. Yes the situation sucks but why shouldn't we make jokes about it?
  22. Welcome to the next episode of "i love CDProjekt".
  23. I think the gamers who are cheap on MMO are simply not great MMO fans, i do not enjoy MMOs a lot so i prefer a free to play game instead of a subscription one.