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  1. Just pick 1 and stick with it, I've said the same for call of duty, stick with the iteration you like and keep playing that until something that you deem worthy of another purchase comes out. The only bad thing is that it's dividing the community with every release.
  2. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is also coming out on steam this summer from them and it's probably going to be the same thing. It's a good thing Koei is finally embracing the PC at all. I understand the request for a better port, but at least it's something, they could have easily not bother whatsoever like pretty much of their other games. I respect the boycott attempt though,because there's the other side as well,if you're just content that PC is getting a release no matter how lacking the port is, that's exactly what they want and then you'll never get better ports. But I like to think that they're gonna get better, they've just started giving PC releases as well hopefully we get good ports of the future games to come.
  3. TL;DR Change your font, it hurts my eyes On topic: I don't have the monetary luxury of pre-ordering so I'm in no rush trying to get the best value for my money.
  4. Why play something that you find frustrating? Besides that, try watching some veteran player's games and keep playing yourself, try thinking about what makes you underperform and work on it.
  5. This is pretty stupid and a dick move by Capcom to withhold this information until just before the release. Especially considering RE 6 HAD offline Co-op.
  6. For me it's which class/race would you like to play. I always end up creating a bunch of chars.
  7. I miss it too. Loved having to achieve something, like beating the game on a high difficulty or things like that and getting a costume/weapon etc.... Now most of it is just behind a paywall. I understand having extra things added as DLC but at least have something meaningful you can unlock yourself. It just adds flavor to the game. I always think of RE 4 among others when talking about this, that game had some really great unlockables, there's 2 alternate costumes, new cool weapons that you had to work for, it was great.
  8. I personally don't like this kind of thing. They should just hold off the release until everything is available. It's inconvenient IMO. I realize that people just want to play the game even if it's just a taste of it, I mean I do too, but making us wait afterwards is just a hassle.
  9. People don't generally hate him, everybody just jokes about it, it's a running gag that movies he's involved in have lots of booms. So it's really not a big deal, you perhaps misinterpreted their jokes for hate.
  10. Hearthstone, Madden NFL 15, Resident Evil 2
  11. Well RIP günther golob as well then.