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    The Umbrella Corporation
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    well what to say my day job is a self harm, suicide & depression support worker and every other minute is spent gaming to help ease the stress
  1. i finally got it sadly on ps3 for now but its epic and must must must be played with headphones atmosphere is just freaky i love it and the joes are just annoying lol
  2. i loved Outlast and kinda liked Aliens since posting this i managed to catch Joe streaming and watched angerbeards VoDs it looks good the crafting thing im not entirely sure on but i'll pick it up
  3. Im stuck should i buy it i need advice i havent seen enough reviews to know if its worth me buying it
  4. i want to be heavy assault bust because it sounds kinda deadly
  5. i played the alpha and beta and loved it but i played it on day one at me dads on his ps3 and ended up not liking it as much i think the review Joe done is pretty accurate
  6. im excited for it it was one of the first games i fell in love with
  7. by the time its on ps4 i'll have my new internet put in im so excited lol
  8. Ex British Army Medic i was in for 6 years
  9. i watched his video he put out about it it sicks i wish him all the best
  10. thepsychosamurai- heavy assault Sir!
  11. I LOVE Hawken but i can't play it because i hate playing games alone none of my steam friends have it
  12. im staging a revolt this man has evil plans lol
  13. damn those are epic my attempts are making any signatures fail badly lol im worse at that than CoD and im the worlds worst at that
  14. the pc version has official scenarios as off the last patch and a new virus and are adding custom scenarios