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  1. Lol xD touche
  2. I wanna change my name on here and the logo above my avatar but i cant seem to find the option anyone know why
  3. So for my upcoming fallout 3 terminator lets play i made a AJSA intro tell me what you guys think My intro And a bonus AngryJoe intro (feel free to use it Joe!)
  4. Ok guys and girls of the AJSA let me first of say its good to be back i have not been active in sometime on the forums.But i am glad to be back and hope you will all welcome me back with open arms (ive been inactive on my youtube channel and most stuff for over a year now due to personal issues but its time to get things going again woohoo) Ok the reason i am here is i am going to start a lets play for my youtube channel for fallout 3 (heavily modded version) Calling it Fallout 3 The Journey and i want you guys to help me pick a character type to play as shall i be silent or loud in combat or good or evil stuff like that. How should i play? 1 Normal Normal Commentating like a normal lets play with my normal reactions 2 Roleplay Or i thought instead of the usual commentating over the game i thought i would role play this one out so what ever character i design i must take on that personality this wont be like a normal lets play it will be immersive with me roleplaying hardly talking in some parts i will also narrate each episode ending like "next time on the journey" (kind of like the telltale the walking dead game episodes) and at the start of each episode. The role i am picked as i shall roleplay as so male only for this option Starting options Vanilla Start Normal fallout 3 vanilla vault 101 dweller start (either i make my own character or you guys decide for me) Alternate start options with fallout wanders edition MOD Since i have fallout wanders edition installed i can skip the normal fallout 101 intro and do a Alternative Start separate from the vault dweller beginning and can choose one of the following start history's Android You are a mechanically engineered bio-form known as an Android. You feel, think, breathe and eat just like a human but you are far from it. Your cybernetic nature makes you a little tougher than the average mortal (receive the Cyborg Perk) but are a little slower to the draw (-15 Action Points).Other Bonuses: Start with Rank 1 Cyborg Perk.Chinese Officer You are part of the Chinese Remnants located in what remains of the United States. Due to your poor English you suffer a penalty to your Speech (-5) and Barter (-5) skills. However, you gain bonuses to you Lockpicking, Sneak and Small Guns skills (+5 each) due to your training as an infiltrator.Other Bonuses: None.Doctor You were raised by a rather accomplished Wasteland surgeon, granting you a bonus to your Medicine skill (+15). However, time spent fixing bullet holes in patients has left you with less time to practice making your own (-5 to Small Guns and -5 to Energy Weapons).Other Bonuses: NoneEnclave Refugee Colonel Autumn has gone mad and declared you a Traitor to the Enclave. You've managed to escape but your former comrades will now shoot you on sight. Due to training you receive before being declared a traitor you receive a bonus to your Energy Weapons (+10) and a high aptitude for precision (+5% Critical Chance). A life in bondage has left you with few talents for negotiation (-10 barter).Other Bonuses: Enclave is hostile.Escaped Slave You've lived a life of slavery and as a result you have become accustomed to using your hands to take care of business (+10 Unarmed) and moving quickly to avoid the whip (+10% Speed). However, a lack of education has left you woefully unskilled with technology (-10 science).Other Bonuses: Slavers will shoot on sight. Unremovable Disarmed Slave Collar.Ghoul You are viewed as a walking corpse (-30 Disposition). And rightly so, as your body has been mutated due to severe radiation exposure. However, while humans see you as a Ghoul your mutations aren't as severe and other Ghouls still refer to you as being a 'smoothskin.' On the positive side, radiation will heal you.Note: Ghoul history requires the Ghoul race. Disposition Modifier only applies to humans. Ghouls will have normal Disposition toward you.Mechanic You've always had an easy time with mechanical parts, earning a bonus to your repair skill (+15). Furthermore, you seem to possess an aura around you and robots will never fire upon you unprovoked. Time spent talking to machines all day has left you a little awkward around your fellow humans (-10 to Speech).Other Bonuses: Robots and RobCo Robots are friendly.Outcast You were once part of the mighty Brotherhood of Steel but defected with your comrades. Due to the training you received you gain the ability to wear power armor and a bonus to your Big Gun Skill (+5). The Brotherhood was never known for stealthy approaches and you are no exception (-10 to Sneak).Other Bonuses: Can use Power Armor. In the Outcast Faction (their enemies are your enemies). Access to Fort Independence.Politician If the world hadn't been practically destroyed you probably would have been an amazing politician. You are more charismatic than most and possess amazing speech skills (+10). However, because you've talked you way out of most situations in life you've never been very good at fighting (-5 to Unarmed and -5 to Melee).Other Bonuses: +10 Disposition for everyone you meet.Raider You've spent your life plundering and pillaging to your heart's content. Years of using force to get what you want has resulted in a boost to your Small Guns (+10) and being forced to fix your own weapon you gain a bonus to Repair (+5). However, the need to most fast from one place to the next has left you unaccustomed to heavy loads (-10 Carrying Capacity).Other Bonuses: Added to the Raider Faction (their enemies are your enemies)Refugee For your entire life you've always been on the move, never taken settling down. You've been constantly attacked by Super Mutants, Raiders, and Slavers alike and have become quite proficient at hiding from them (+10 to Sneak). You’ve also relied on your words more find shelter among other wastelanders (+5 Speech). A lack of education has left you slower in certain subjects (-5 Medicine, -5 Science).Other Bonuses: NoneRegulator You've spent most your life tracking and hunting evil throughout the Wastelands. You’ve become adept at reacting quickly to dangerous situations when enacting the rule of law (+15 action points). Heavy firepower usually leaves the suspect in poor condition, and your training is limited with those weapons (-10 big guns).Other Bonuses: Added to the Regulator Faction (their enemies are your enemies). Start with the Lawbringer Perk.Scavenger Living the life of a scavenger you've learned to find parts and pieces in the most obscure locations. You have also become condition to lugging all of your “treasures” around the wastes (+15 to Carrying Capacity). But with all the time in world, speed has never been on your side (-5% Speed).Other Bonuses: Starts with the Scrounger Perk.Slaver Humans and Ghouls are nothing more than a commodity and the world is full of commodities. Years of haggling for the best price for a slave has granted you a substantial increase to your barter skill (+10). Furthermore, keeping your slaves obedient has trained your hand (+5 Melee). However, you’ve always had your minions doing the manual labor, and your mechanical skills have suffered (-10 repair).Other Bonuses: Added to the Slaver Faction (their enemies are your enemies)Talon Company Mercenary You were raised by the rutheless Talon Company Mercenaries. Due to the harshness of the life you have gained a bonus to your Small Guns (+10) from the extensive training. The Talon Company’s reputation precedes you, making those you meet a little uncomfortable (-10 disposition).Other Bonuses: Added to the Talon Company Faction (their enemies are your enemies). Start with Contract Killer Perk.Vault Dweller You've lived your life underground in Vault 101 and have spent your time studying and learning and are granted bonuses to your Science (+10) and Medicine (+5) skills. Due to limited exposure to radiation in the vault, you have little stomach for it in the wastes (-10 radiation resistance).Other Bonuses: NoneWastelander You've spent your life wandering the Capitol Wasteland. Due to radiation exposure you've developed a slight resistance to Rads (+10 Rad Resistance) and skill at setting traps (+10 explosives). Rock and sand fills your days, and you’ve never given much thought to technology (-5 to Science).Other Bonuses: None. All round example you could leave in the comments would be somthing like this Name: Enclave Tesla Trooper Description: You're an undercover Enclave agent. Can you insert the FEV Virus into the Purifier? Be sure to act though, after all you're the biggest and baddest guy around. You don't take orders! And you might want to kill those pesky BoS men, did I just leave my Plasma Mines out there? Sadly you'll ahve to fight your fellow Enclave brothers, but you must try to let them live, or either kill them for the greater good. Weapons: Energy Weapons (including Pulse/Plasma Grenades/Mines and the Gatling Laser) Armor: Tesla Armor + Helmet Follower(s): Sergeant RL-3 Perks: Cyborg, Commando, Gunslinger, Sniper, Toughness, Concentrated Fire, Adamantium Skeleton So guys leave me your feed back in the comments and i will decide on the best choice in a day when i start recording if there is no feedback il be starting my recording then anyways and will decide myself the choices thanks for your time reading this post and peace. Commander Shepard out Update new teaser trailer
  5. Little teaser trailer i created for my new terminator lets play i am going to be doing in fallout 3 Guys and girls here is a new teaser trailer tell me what you think here is the original link to my post ( http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/30675-ajsa-help-me-pick-a-fallout-3-lets-play-character/ )
  6. UPDATE Guys and girls here is a new teaser trailer tell me what you think
  7. i think i figured out my profile people! Name: Shepard MISSING MISSING (All i can recall is my first name and a few memory's after the incident in vault 101 explained in description ) "I was born a human and i will die a machine" Description: You're A Hybrid, the first of your kind,a human who has been transformed into a cybernetic organism due to parents being of both species.My father the machine(robot) and my mother the human this is why my mother had died during the complicated birth process and my father able to deliver me due to his high intelligence in medical and science.Only a handful of people knew what i really was the day the overseer was one. The only reason i lived is due to my fathers intelligence in science and medical duties that the overseer let me live for now... (the overseer and a handful of guards who knew what i was thought i was a abomination ) being born into vault 101 i assumed i was human like any other person, spending my years growing up like any other human would. Only on my 19th birthday did this all go wrong after my farther escaped the vault for no reason known. I was at risk from the wrath of the overseer and his thugs the overseer taking his wrath out on me exposed the vault to what i really was, beaten to death buy guards and vault dwellers alike and burnt alive to the metal shell i was underneath for my fathers choice of risking the vaults security i was thrown into the wasteland a heap of metal presumed dead from my former human self this is where my story begins Weapons: Energy Weapons (including Pulse/Plasma Grenades/Mines and the Gatling Laser) Armor: Power Armour and energy related high tech gear Follower(s): Sergeant RL-3 Other terminators/robots Perks: Cyborg, Commando, Gunslinger, Sniper, Toughness, Concentrated Fire, Adamantium Skeleton
  8. I like this makes a change from the normal sniper type roles people choose always wanderd what a type of smooth talker make everyone do your dirty work for you character would be like
  9. Ya i played the game multiple times never done a lets play tho its gonna be like a fallout 3 and new Vegas lets play leading up to fallout 4 really i basicly modded the game heavily with immersive mods and realistic mods such as drinking sleep and hunger bullets do insane damge i have a full list of all the mods some 150+
  10. Get on teamspeak and we can help you or go to this link and press the ip number and connect thorugh that into steam http://arkservers.net/server/
  11. Thanks bro! XD nice to see you on here also
  12. To anyone who didnt know Ab (Angerbeard) recently got his sub button on twitch i just wanna say congrates to AB and wish you all the best for the future goals in celerbration with getting the sub button i mocked up a small little potrait of the new Admiral in the fleet in his honour Named The Clockwork Admiral on twitch stream here he is its not much but i did it really quick once again happy for you brother
  13. Hey ladys and gents I will be building a new gaming pc in the next couple of weeks and I cant decide on if you should get the GTX 970 or the Gtx 980 is the 980 worth the extra 200$ or should I get the 970
  14. Hahaha nice picture XD
  15. Welcome aboard O_O loving that sig xD enjoy your stay with the AJSA
  16. sounds interesting looking forward to it love the whole concept keep it up guys
  17. Love it! Do a commander shepard one please!! jk really really nice job tho
  18. i really wanna play this game even bought it but my pc is worse than a 2 dollar hooker i need a new one time to upgrade i think nice video by the way huge kung lao fan that ip man face pummel
  19. So guys as i said awhile back in a post about them slightly buffing Azir and i was very excited. Since i main him from release and since they nerfed him hard then gave him a small buff i have been working around the clock to figure out his perfect rune system and build. I am glad to say i did find it and i have arisen from gold 5 to plat 4 (promos) in 2 weeks also getting top rankings in Euw and world listings on Lolskill.com My name used to be Sh3pard on Euw but i had to change that after me and the Emperor made a connection and arose from the darkness of low gold and still rising (diamond in sight!) my new name is Ázir I thought i would share this with you league of legends players i know 920 i still high for world ranking but the fact that there is like 50 million+ league players and i am ranked 920 best Azir out of all of them is amazing for me XD 920# Best Azir in the world (All Severs Combined) 247# Best Azir in EUW This is my lolskill.com page Once again thanks for reading XD and "Trust in shurima"
  20. For me it was Holy hand grenade reference in fallout new vegas to the Monty phython and the holy grail xD great scene here is a video from the movie with the easter egg in fallout at the end
  21. Before i begin this post contains info for every playable faction in the new Total War Game [Total War Attila] Anyways i want to know what you guys think i should play as what faction that is here is a list of the factions and some small information about that faction take a look if you want and vote please. The one with the most votes i will play first then second most next and so on and so forth i will be making a lets play on my youtube channel if anyone wants to tag along on my journey i am really looking forward to playing this i hear its basically how [Napoleon Total War] was to [Empire Total War] The Huns “The aura of terror surrounding the Huns is so great that their enemies are barely able to conceive that they are also human beings.” In truth, the Huns’ equine expertise is what makes them such formidable foes. In battle, their combination of ranged attacks and the speed with which they can cover ground is breathtaking – and terrifying – to behold. In this way, the Huns have swept into Europe and now threaten Rome itself. However, they must act swiftly to turn this chaos into an empire. While their leaders’ arguments rage, the horde waits, paralysed, for the arrival of a man. A man powerful enough to unite the Hunnic peoples and bind them to his will… As the Huns travel across the landscape, they exact a terrible toll on those around them, snatching regional food supplies at will and undermining the enemy’s ability to replenish their armies. Hordes also become more loyal with each fresh declaration of war, and razing settlements brings fresh blood to their ranks. Needless to say, the Huns are fearsome warriors, and to Christian soldiers in particular, they are a monstrous and demoralising force to face on the field of battle. Eastern Roman Empire “The division of the Roman Empire has unshackled the East, allowing it to take control of the Roman world. ” The new administrative centre at Constantinople has allowed the Eastern Romans to replace the antiquated systems throttling the economy and enfeebling Rome’s Emperors. As a result, new trade networks and fiscal reforms fill its coffers, all run by a centralised bureaucracy and a powerful state church. The East has safely weathered the storm of barbarian migration, often by diverting them into the West. However, the young Emperor Arcadius will have to negotiate barbarian threats, court intrigues, and the ever-present Sassanid menace to ensure that the last light of the Roman Empire continues to burn. While the Western Roman Empire ails and withers, the Eastern Roman Empire is an economic powerhouse, and reaps the benefits of this through treasury interest and trade tariffs. Militarily, she begins the campaign in a reasonably capable position, but with a clear and immediate threat as Alaric leads his Visigoth armies into Roman-held Thracia and Macedonia… mere regions away from Constantinople itself. The Vandals “Abandoned in their hour of need by their Roman allies, the Vandals find themselves at a turning point in their long quest for southern lands.” For some time they have fought as ‘Foederati’ allies in the Roman struggle against barbarian uprisings. Rewarded with land in Pannonia, the Vandals peacefully co-existed with Rome, even integrating to some extent – enabling figures such as Stilicho, the half-Vandal who now rules the West through a puppet Emperor, to rise. With the arrival of the Huns, however, everything has changed, and the Vandals have been driven out of their lands. They must fight their way across Europe to a kingdom of their own - wherever that fight may take them. The Vandals’ skill at raiding will serve them well as they search for lands to conquer and control, and their initial placement in the campaign presents them with tempting options. Situated just south of Germania, bordering territories held by the weakening Western Roman Empire, they are well-paced to threaten the old wolf’s largely undefended flanks. The Sassanid Empire “The Sassanids are the latest in a line of Persian empires stretching back almost 1,000 years.” Sassanid vassals consolidated their power in Fars before seizing control of the Parthian Empire. Since then, their lean, centralised administration has revitalised and expanded its boundaries. Such prominence inevitably attracts opposition, however, and the Sassanids now find themselves in a delicate situation. Forces from without threaten their control of the Silk Road, while the Eastern Romans undermine them even in times of peace. Yet the Sassanids cannot be slowed by such things. As their claim to the throne is rooted in military prowess it is imperative that their recent conquests continue, lest control be wrested from Persian hands once more. Beginning the campaign with a number of satrapies under its control, the Sassanid Empire enjoys an impressive recruitment base and level of income, and stands ready to expand. An educated people, the Sassanids understand well the link between cleanliness and health, and plan their capitals around the provision of sanitation. The Alans “As the Alani ride into battle, bloody scalps displayed proudly on their saddles, few can dispute their reputation for unsurpassed ferocity.” The only god they worship is a sword planted in the earth, and they favour a life of relentless conquest. Yet even the Alani wavered in the face of the Huns and the relentless pillaging that followed in their wake. Many fled the carnage, becoming pawns to Romans and Vandals, while others joined the Huns in search of plunder. Those that remain with the tribe, however, possess the spirit of independence that hitherto defined them. They alone can restore the name and fortunes of the Alani people. Beginning the campaign on the edges of The Black Sea, The Alans lie perilously close to the heartland of The Huns. Born in the saddle, their warriors are peerless horsemen. But they also understand the value of their charges, and are adept at keeping them alive when the odds are stacked against them. The Saxons “Their distance from the heart of the Roman Empire shrouds the Saxons in mystery, granting them the freedom to pillage and conquer as they please.” While other barbarians fight over the scraps of the decaying Western Empire, the Saxons look to its northern provinces, neglected and drained of troops. Britannia is an especially tempting target, having faced Saxon raids before, when the usurper Maximus commandeered its defenders. Since then, the Saxons have continued to be a thorn in Rome’s side. A series of fortresses, the ‘Saxon Shore’, has even been established to guard against them - a minor obstacle to a well-marshalled and determined Saxon kingdom! While the weather cools, the sun is rising on Saxon fortunes. Their choices for expansion are many, but whichever direction they choose to advance in, these born pillagers are not simple mindless destroyers, and balance profit with destruction in their military conquests. The Ostrogoths The Ostrogoths' wanderings through Roman lands belie their origins as a powerful empire.” Originally known as the Greuthungi, they are a confederation of distinct peoples originally from the Baltic coast who settled close to the Black Sea. Unfortunately, this means they were the first of the Germanic peoples to face the wave of Hun and Alani invasions that have shattered the known world. Now leading an uneasy existence on the Empire’s borderlands, the Ostrogoths are vulnerable to Roman abuse and barbarian attack alike, and so sell themselves as mercenaries to the very same Huns that subdued them. Still, the memory of their former supremacy preserves Ostrogothic hope; a strong leader could rescue them from their plight and restore them to glory… The Ostrogoths’ long relationship with Roman culture, civic and military matters lends them much credence, to the point where they face little resistance from the local populace when occupying Roman territories. In such circumstances, they also have access to Roman military assets to strengthen their numbers. The Franks “As the world stands on the edge of chaos, the Franks hover between two roles. As destroyers - or inheritors of the Roman legacy - they are on the cusp of realising their full potential.” A confederation of Germanic tribes from the lower Rhine region, they were defeated and eventually allowed to settle at Toxandria as foederati. While the current Frankish leader Faramund’s rule is a fine example for future rulers, a bolder warlord could lead them to greatness against the failing Empire. If a lasting Frankish kingdom is to emerge from Rome’s ashes, the people must be unified - the Franks must be one! Situated on the coastline of northern Germania, The Franks have choices to make. Will they strike across the seas to seize the lands of Britannia? Or forge south perhaps, to exploit the weakness of the Western Roman Empire? Whoever they target will tremble in the face of their ferocious warriors, who fight with ever greater intensity the more casualties they sustain. The Western Roman Empire “The Western Roman Empire is on the very edge of catastrophe.” Its Emperor dances to the tune of a half-Vandal general, its powerless Senators idle on vast, poorly-managed estates. Since the Empire’s division the flaws besetting the West have rapidly become apparent. There is neither the manpower nor the gold needed for an effective army, leaving it unable to deal with the many displaced barbarians pouring across Rome’s borders ahead of the Hunnic horde. Roman Emperors have become increasingly fragile - many are manipulated by generals or deposed by their meddling Eastern counterparts. Nonetheless, it is still possible for the Western Empire to rise again. Times of crisis create opportunities which, if seized upon, will see the Empire re-forged and re-vitalised. While its ally to the east has implemented sound fiscal strategies to ensure stability and longevity, the Western Roman Empire begins the Grand Campaign haemorrhaging funds and close to breaking point. If it is unable to get its house in order, how will it weather the storm of rampaging barbarian tribes? Only the most inspired leadership can save the once-mighty Empire from calamity! The Danes “The Danes, or Dani, have achieved that rarest of marriages: barbarian vigour coupled with civilised sophistication.” As the most southerly of the Norse kingdoms, they came into contact with the southern European peoples early on, treating them with an uncharacteristic openness. After this, many left their lands to seek their fortunes elsewhere, returning with more than just gold. One recognised the potential of the Roman alphabet, adopting it to suit his native tongue and the writing materials available in the north. This led to the creation of the first runic alphabet, which rapidly spread across northern Europe, greatly enhancing the Nordic peoples’ culture and trade, resulting in the creation of objects combining both exotic resources and traditional Nordic styles. However, neither wealth nor culture has dampened the Dani’s desire for conquest. Many northern tribes plunder foreign shores yet neglect their own; not so the Dani. Poised to take advantage of the ensuing upheaval, they strive to forge a grand Nordic empire to outlast that of Rome! Born to raiding like the other Norse tribes, The Danes know full well how to draw profit from destruction. Born to the sea, they can navigate the roughest waters safely, and seasickness is viewed as a weakness of lesser men. The Geats “Legendary ancestors of Beowulf, the Geati manifest all the intrepid boldness of the famous hero.” From their stronghold on the southern tip of the Swedish peninsula they have naval access to the whole of northern Europe, allowing them to launch frequent raids without fear of retribution. The most glorious of these exploits are told in the Geati’s rich oral tradition, immortalising their leaders and inspiring a new generation to seek glory. While the arrival of the Huns in Europe has meant disaster for most, for the Geati it is just another opportunity. Recently their king, Gizur, led a force into central Europe to fight alongside the Goths in exchange for Roman gold and goods – there are rich pickings to be gained fighting for the highest bidder in the south. Crisis is blooming in these fertile lands, and the Geati are determined to be at its heart, profiting from it. Born to raiding like the other Norse tribes, The Geats know full well how to draw profit from destruction. They are also a hardy people, virtually immune to the cold, and relish the thought of fighting in the snow. The Jutes “The ocean laps the coasts of Juteland, summoning its inhabitants to new adventures and conquests.” As such, the Juti have always been the most intrepid of the Norse-speaking peoples, looking to distant shores or clashing over the sparse northern lands. Accordingly, they are in the perfect position to profit from the slow collapse of Roman Britannia, and relentlessly plunder its coast as its defenders dwindle in number. The Juti leadership use the spoils of their raids to make exquisite, prestige goods. Should the Juti succeed in conquering Britannia, many more will no doubt be forged. A successful conquest would be a great undertaking, and one requiring them to draw on the very depths of their fortitude. To drive out the remaining Romans, subdue the belligerent locals, and foil the ambitions of their Saxon neighbours who also covet this green and pleasant land – the Juti have vowed no less! Born to raiding like the other Norse tribes, The Jutes know full well how to draw profit from destruction. When fighting and destroying settlements, their fearsome warriors leave no stone unturned, and inevitably return richer men for their conquering. The Visigoths “The reluctant arbiters of barbarian vengeance, the Visigoths have sworn to repay the Romans in full for decades of abuse at their hands.” The ravages of the Huns forced them to petition the Roman Emperor Valens for sanctuary in his lands. Although he accepted, local generals brutally extorted the refugees, driving them to open rebellion. Whilst attempting to deal with the Visigoths the impetuous Valens was slain on the battlefield. A period of peace followed until the Visigoths, under Alaric, fought against the Franks in support of the Emperor Theodosius I. Despite their victory, they were denied their reward by Emperor Theodosius. Now, seeking revenge, Alaric has set his sights on the city of Rome itself... As the campaign begins, the Visigoths find themselves in Macedonia, with many choices before them. Head north into the unknown hinterlands, strike locally and arouse the wrath of the Eastern Roman Empire, or raid westward, and take advantage of the weakening Western Roman Empire? A people accustomed to taking what the world offers, the Visigoths rarely go hungry, and exact a heavy price on any factions they annexe into tributary states.
  22. So guys i just found out one of my childhood hero has died at the age of 83 i think this is the first time in my entire life i have been speachless when a fav actor of mine has passed away i dont know what to say R.I.P Dr Spock Here is the full post on the new york times http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/27/arts/television/leonard-nimoy-spock-of-star-trek-dies-at-83.html?_r=1
  23. Riot employe posted saying they know they over nerfed Azirs kit and are making a few slight buffs to counter it Since Azir was released i played him non stop in ranked i never play normals anymore... xD. but ya i played him non stop even with his bugs and glitchy playstyle. Then after a few major bug fixes and small ones he started to feel like he was working. I started to notice i could play him very good his style and i was beginning to feel my new main coming on then BAM OUT KNOW WERE riots nerf hammer came down hard on him its not so much the ratios or ap lowers its more of the range on his kit that they hammered hard on It now makes him play like a fat guy who cant be assed to send his soilders that 2 feet from where he stands its like ARISE CHAR.........MEH then they go like 2 feet away anyways! ya i heard he was getting buffed Il just leave this here for my happy thoughts