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  1. It's supposed to be a certain percentage of the ajsa userbase, they didn't tell us what percentage though.
  2. Just about every game in my steam library.
  3. This game is great, having a guild with organized events will be great too!
  4. Please suport this game!
  5. Don't know what game you've been playing, there are heaps of skills to use!
  6. I agree with your point, but it is also how the games perform. Say, if one console runs a game at a lower resolution and frame-rate than the other console which one would you want? People really care about that kind of stuff, most people I know are still not willing to buy the xbox one because of the shit that microsoft tried to pull back before E3 - and a few of my friends have jumped ship whereas last year they wouldn't even touch a playstation, it's not just about the games.
  7. if we can get through the game support process, there will be weekly events and monthly training sessions, you don't have to show up to them but I think that's basically the extent of planned periodical action within the guild.
  8. I hope this makes it to the game support polling forum!
  9. What is your steam ID/ ingame name so I can add you?
  10. thanks for clearing that up, yeah that sounds risky but I guess you woud have to try it.
  11. I do, the subscription feed is still broken as hell. Also this isn't just a layout change, the only reason this is happening is to increase the Google+ market share and people don't like that.
  12. Isn't it pretty risky having chaos inoculation and necromatic aegis? Correct me if i'm wrong but that means you die in one hit to anything not dealing chaos damage, because you have no sheild either?
  13. Have mine instead! <3
  14. I laughed. +1 To sum up this thread: if you want fast paced and intense action - buy BF4 if you want a campaign with more than 4 hours of gameplay - buy BF4 if you want more strategic and planned out gameplay - buy BF4 if you want to laugh at COD plebs - buy BF4 buy BF4 just do it.
  15. Welcome! Yeah, the website is awesome