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    Los Angeles
  1. NOoooooooo that sounds awesome. I'll be at work thinking of you guys air-dropping like bad asses!
  2. Steam ID: not_afraid Origin ID: enemyace1988 League of legends: enemyace Currently looking for some starbound and dead space3 Co-op action, have many more games i have to reinstall but hey! I am keen for some fun.
  3. Looking for people to play with on STEAM & ORIGIN? (steams evil brother) look no further! Add your Steam ID & Origin ID bellow and join in on some glorious combat! Add everyone don't be shy, then send those game invites! How will you make your new best friend? Sharing that last med pack, reviving a downed comrade from an angry horde,oh whats that? you could not save him in time? well how about avenging their death until they re-spawn or comparing your kill death ratio? Point is, get together and join in on all the jolly cooperation. Remember Team Killers are the Scum of the Universe. we are here because we love video games! Don't have all the same games? ppshaawww you might get it later for a buck or two on sale? yeah? yeah!
  4. Currently PLaying on IMPOsible, i still get scared no matter how many times i've played. my origin is enemyace1988 to any who want to add me for deadspace
  5. Add me to Steam i will starbound like a mofo.
  6. Hi

    That mean PlayStationNetwork? If so i dont have one i only have PC. :[ Thanks though.
  7. Hi

    Hello everyone! When Lord Commander Joe announced he was making this site&community i flipped out. I joined as soon as i could and now would like to join you guys in Glorius Combat. I usually work through all the fun hours of the day and night, so it might be a rare thing for me to actually get to make it to an event but i hope luck will be on my side. I am hoping to make some freinds here to join me on a few co-op games. If you are interested give me a PM I only Play on PC, I dont have a Play Station or Xbox :\, I have STEAM and ORIGIN. Currently im playing DeadSpace3, StarBound, Chivalry, Borderlands2, and Just installed PlanetSide2. (Hopefully the extra ram i ordered will help with PS2 Crashes :| ) Looking forward to Kicking Butt with all of you. Victory or Death! -Ace