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  1. You know him and other Joe would kick the crap outta Youtube. Though all of this has really worried me, I hope it gets sorted because I can't imagine the world without Joe & other tubers.
  2. Indeed, the quality of the game can only be judged in the first month or two after launch and to demand such steep prices for something that I might not even really enjoy the MP or the additions that could come with future updates that again may not really even be that good. Haha, lovestospooge.. xD In a way I hope they display the names of characters, assuming people give their characters respectable names like 'Gildroy the Gleeful' and not displaying usernames, then I'll be happy. I always think that ruins the immersion like it did in Diablo 3 when you're running about with people's GTs instead of their character names.
  3. I honestly want to find an Earth 2 with it's own species more so than finding another planet to ruin. Mankind is so lonely.. The search for some alien brothers is more important in my opinion than a new crib.
  4. I don't run into this too often because I try not to speak much to other people I'm playing with unless they talk to me. I do get annoyed with the trash talk especially if someone's using all sorts of crutch items that make anyone a good player, but most times when coming across angry children, they are blocked or disliked so I don't run into them again.
  5. I wish you luck on yours, I tried to replay my entire adventure but I got bored, angry and bought Skyrim..
  6. I'm enjoying being my multi-talented Breton mage. Archery, Magic, Sword & shield, dual weild, horse back combat and ultra rare stealth kills. Great chaboose to boot! Though I would also enjoy one day as a Dragon... Just to smite all mine enemies from the heavens! And sock angels/gods when I get the chance.
  7. Considerin the sexy that is being a werewolf, cause Elder scrolls makes vamps look hella freaky, I'll be bringing sexy to the battlefield every time!
  8. I can barely afford the new system to play the game on yet alone having to factor in an expensive monthly sub after I've spent so much on the game itself. I honestly think the monthly rate should be reduced, we'll most likely be playing other games and those of us still paying the XBL subscription and pc gamers still paying for other subs to other MMOs a $15 [Not sure what it would translate into for Brits, to horrifying to imagine.] Is a bit too much to expect month after month. I know the game will be awesome and considering how much people want to play this kind of game with friends, I think the base price isn't so bad and is expected with a game of this type's hype but when they are going to get so much from the base price, why why why milk even more out of us with the monthly sub? This might be a game that I pick up long after it's come out.. I'll probably buy it long after it's come out, but I will miss all the Angry Army events...
  9. Every time I'm put in a co-op game, I like to play as a sniper and watch squadmate's back. Though when playing with them in a team, I am often the healer or the one reviving squadmates and I enjoy it.. This lead to people calling me a mother hen/protective mother bear since I also aggressively take down any threats to my team when in charge.. The Merc in my GT comes from how aggressive I can also get in team sports, yelling at team to be the best they can be and this is always in a team vs team matches, I have to win and I will not be happy with anyone that doesn't perform at their best!
  10. Looks like a metal baby with a dragon mask... 7/10
  11. I prefer dubbed, when the characters are in an english speaking country, though I wish people would stop hating on the dubs, they are doing amazing work these days. It's frustrating to see them still get bad raps just cause of the terrible dubs that were done 10 years ago..
  12. I love! Me3's Mattock and Javelin.. Their Valiant & Talon was a thing of beauty as well.. And there's the High Lord Claymore.. Resident Evil 5's Dragonov is my all time favourite gun..
  13. I barely got my lappy to play Sims 2, so watching these great game tournaments pop up and knowing I can't get in there action cause of poor performance hardware.
  14. Lulz, funny way to put it, but I feel ya. My lappy was having trouble just watching Joe's live stream the other night. Even though my lappy is 2 years old, I don't have the funds to buy a new console, lappy and new games. Besides, how come we can't play anything on the current gens? There are tons of games and members that could just hook up and play thier own little matches on the side. All unoffical and the like