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Everything posted by fawster

  1. Please make it so MR Angry.. This shit looks like a remake of the force unleashed, no effort made to pay attention to the lore. and once again Lightsabers are glowing bats that can colour orange lines on enemys
  2. Jedi academy had the same cutting of lightsaber... you just had to activate it with a console command " Gsaberrealisticcombat 1" if i remember corretly.. The lightsaber conversion to a bat, started with the fighting game made for the original xbox for episode 3, and continued in the force unleashed, and is now standard i guess. and if you dont care about the lore, you are part of the problem! In the star wars universe the lore is everything, that is why the new movies suck so much, they dont pay attention to the previously established rules of the universe, and just breaks them if needed for their story line or a cool visual shot. it pulls you out of the story, and you stop believing in it, ruining your immersion. Lore is everything that is sacred to telling a good story, story's fall apart if you dont care about the lore, and gameplay alone will not carry a singleplayer game. Single player games is where the good storys are needed to keep you entertained, where gameplay alone can work for a multiplayer title
  3. Just saw the gameplay reveal from e3, and had to find some place to bitch about it.. so i guess you guys are the "lucky" victims... WHY THE ARE THERE NO DISMEMBERMENT FROM LIGHTSABERS!!!!!!!!! even the old jedi knight series had this WHY THE HELL DONT DISNEY/EA UNDERSTAND WHAT IP THEY BOUGHT in yet another sw game the MOST iconic weapon of all time has been reduced to a glowing bat that can make coluored lines on your enemy's!!! in the first 2 fights from the reveal, this new unknown jedi from just after ep 3, suddenly seems as powerfull as the secret apprentice from the force unleashed, blowing doors away end moving big ass pipes. that's not enough for ea, "no no, we want i him to stop time and BLASTER shots in mid air like kylo from the movie... it was cool" fucking dumbasses. if any jedi that powerfull exsisted i believe he would have rivaled anakin's spot as the chosen one in the movies. yet again developers making games, paying no attention to the Lore This game honestly looks like a remake of the force unleashed, with a new story
  4. Hello all Fawster here Hailing from little old denmark I've been following joe for a while on youtube, agreeing with his every word. so i decided to join the army with this relaunch For the moment im gaming Battlefield 4, don't know yet what's to come before Elder scroll online, but that i am looking forward to. also to the eventually formed angry army of cyrodil So thank you all, in advance, for welcoming me to your awesome community
  5. As the topic states, War For The Overlord is a spiritual successor to Dungeon keeper 3. I bought the game and i need to share it somewhere, this is as close as it get to the same evil sarcastic feeling of running a dungeon. So if you feel like it check it out: https://wftogame.com/ Ps. They have released version 1.0 today
  6. the EU guild is mostly Dominion. though there is some defectors there myself included playing for the pact
  7. what this game really needs is speech bubbles for the Say channel. it would bring so much more immersion to the game
  8. Im Also going to be a blacksmith and will also level Alchemy, for the Pact Though. My ingame name (if it is not taken, wont get in until tomorrow:( ) is: Eric Yaeger Nord Templar
  9. @fawster Playing a nord for the pact, but in time i will have an alt on the dominion side. So i hope there is room for me in guild
  10. soo glad were having an EU guild also. i will definently apply OH a litte side question: Will EU guild also be Aldmeri dominion?
  11. i believe he is reffering to TIber septim AKA Talos! And im with you brother, the nords shall stand victorious in the end No one trusts an elf!
  12. Banned for breaking the speed limit.... im sure you have done it... Yes i mean you!
  13. banned for producing an too awesome image
  14. banned for being too white with blue eyes
  15. all i have to say about this game is: At least the gameplay works compared to other shooters ... cough cough BF4 cough... only issue i have with the game is long reaction time from the servers. Otherwise it's fun for a free to play
  16. i believe that gameplay wise and as an IP, skyrim has it all going for it, but the game's story is somewhat lacking in execution in my mind. i feel like the story you played through in KOTOR was much stonger, and had better npc characters that you could relate to. in skyrim i never met a character i really cared for... at some point i have wanted to kill them all.. where in kotor: i wasn't until my third playthrough as darkside i could do it! but for gameplay, no game makes you feel a part of the world like skyrim does, especially with the mods that have been made. and that, i think, i the cause of much "love"
  17. Without a doubt Xcom: Enemy unknown the very first and best. then maybe Kotor aswell
  18. It is sad to see that most of the action movie reboots, for some reason, all have to be like the batman movie's. yes they were successfull but i say enough. we have seen them and it is done, make the franchises like the originals were intended to be, that would make for some great movies. also what is up with every hero in every movie riding some kind of special bike!. the good old "robocop" used his "cop car" for crying out loud.
  19. I've enjoy countless hour in the first risen and i must say it was awesome, it was everything the gothic series( after gothic 2) didn't become, so i had great hopes for risen 2. Sadly they went the wrong way with that game, and it sucked balls, so my advice, stick with the first game, don't get it destroyed by the hideous mess that was number 2
  20. Dogs all the way. They are so damn Cute
  21. 20120811 081534

    From the album misc

  22. If you do buy, for gods sake make sure that you get it cheap. It is so infuriating too have spent almost 100 bucks on a game so filled with bugs... and do they take the time to fix this.. nah they just push out 4 new map, with even more bugs in them. Don't fall into the same trap as the rest of us
  23. Aahh i like this talking about Red alert 2. It was just that good, nicely balanced and the awesome classic c&c humor that every game after it has lacked. mmm a remake with updated graphics, now thats all they need for a come back
  24. It was an awesome review though. I almost pissed in my pant when they went in too the super hero cafe from "hishe". EPIC fun Both sides have valid point in my opinion, but i still liked the movie.
  25. IT's a very fun game, just about half of the time... The whole pirate aspect is super well made and it just work's. then there is the assasin part + the Animus deal.. I am not a fan of those. i find it has been milked dry years ago. so in my opinion, they should have forgotten all about assasins and given this game some sort of "pirate game name", and remove assasinations from the combat system. Then it would have been legendary