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  1. Hi Recently I've started watching new show Preacher and straight on main character looks just like Joe:
  2. Thanks all for help, as I said before I'm not a WoW player but it was way helpful Thanks again
  3. Thanks, I didn't play WoW at all so even small piece of info is helpful, I'm working on photoshop'ed version now
  4. I was assuming that, but could you be slightly more specific (like name for example) please
  5. Hi I'm looking for anyone who know, what game is that, I'm a photographer, and I was on ComicCon in London,UK, but have no idea what game is is any help?
  6. Linkin Park Metallica Coldplay Arctic Monkeys Blue Man Group Foo Fighters Green Day Queen Red Hot Chili Peppers Kings of Leon Nirvana U2 Robbie Williams Michael Jackson System of a Down Alicia Keys Guns N' Roses Daft Punk P!nk Gorillaz Blur Franz Ferdinand Misfits The Kooks Aerosmith The Offspring blink-182 Sum 41 The Jimi Hendrix Experience Beck Kasabian Avril Lavigne Papa Roach Queens of the Stone Age Madonna Fort Minor Moby Nine Inch Nails and many many more
  7. Damn right that was amazing, watched it last week, and I was crying of laugh, hope they put next episode soon, check other productions from them, they're amazing, especially Dragon Ball Abridged series
  8. Have both DS/3DSXL and PSP/PSVita good consoles, for quick time events, that don't required focusing, just chill out. if you think about buying CoD Declassified, I strongly advice not to, game is boring and have broken mechanics, online mode sucks on whole line, put some more money and get killzone, or PS+ and enjoy free games on vita
  9. Good but overpriced, company belongs to dell now, so not so unique anymore, not highest specs for price, many other companies can do better for value
  10. my one comes from connecting tree parts: dark (I like dark colours) net (obvious) cs (when I was younger I used to play a lot of Counter Strike)
  11. Senior store manager for national pawnbroking company in UK
  12. Mainly PC, but own all current, and planning to buy all next gens
  13. Thanks for warm welcome, hope we get along
  14. From Classic games: Finishing Super Mario Bros. on NES, Defeat final boss in Contra on NES, Death of Aeris in FF7, Defeat Ultimecia in FF8, Death of Boss in MGS3, Finishing FFX, Death of Naomi Hunter in MGS4 and Snake vs Liquid final battle, Saving Miranda in Mass Effect 3, Finishing GTA5 by choosing to save Trevor and Michael