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  1. Hey man it not might be quick to finish but the Mass Effect series is the best RPG game series i have ever played! i HIGHLY recommend it!
  2. No surprise there man its IGN But pretty happy to see that EHDs will be able to use !
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! They Are gonna love you as their uncle! Why, you might ask? because you will be the 1st to introduce them into gaming!
  4. hey man just wondering how did you manage to get the qoute "We'll Bang Okay" (LOL good old shepard) on top of your portrait?
  5. hey do u mind if i take civ of your hands? i can give it to one of my friends and we can play together? And Thanks for doing this! im sure you will help alot of people of doing this!
  6. Mass Effect 4,5,6,7,8,9... you know where ima going...
  7. Off topic but do you guys have any suggestions of a good 4X RTS/ turn/ what ever else fits in that category based game? And to answer your question: no..just no
  8. Destiney Watch dogs Dying light Mass Effect 4 (Even though its still not coming out next year, i still want it on this list!)
  9. #1 Cape Town South Africa, its beautiful ( if you can get a view of the sea! ) #2 Venice, dont know why #3 'Murica... some place good in there #4 Rio (brazil) #5 Canada... maybe
  10. Looking forward to the Journey! Question is.... who are u gonna romance?!?!?? http://www.blisteredthumbs.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Shepard.jpg
  11. I don't know but im buying it anyway
  12. My top 7 Qoutes! (and yes i LOVE mass effect!) #7 "It's a taxi Shepard!, it has a fare meter!" Liara Mass Effect #6 "Hey...We'll bang OK" Commander Shepard, gamer poop #5 "Had to be me...Someone else might of gotten it wrong" Mordin Mass effect #4 "Can it wait for a bit...im in the middle of some calibrations!" Garrus Mass effect #3 "The only way they detect us now is if we start singing the Russian national anthem" Joker Mass effect #2 " Because i coudn't let you go" liara Mass Effect #1 " And i thought i had a good poker face" Tali Mass Effect
  13. OMG...im hearing mass effect music here! please tell me im not going insane!
  14. I am a METAL DRAGON !!!!!!!
  15. The one only! Oh yeah and when i watched your latest TWR2 video i was really stumped by your accent, what is it? (us south africans dont know much about over-seas accents)