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  1. Can you guys add a Rainbow Six Siege channel?
  2. I'm down! Uplay - AClassyBadger Been looking for people to play this game with and enter some tournaments!
  3. Go4Heroes Cup #41 - Angry Army Prime

    Hey guys! This Sunday at 2:00pm PDT the Angry Army Prime Heroes of the Storm team will be playing in a tournament! We would love it if you would come out and support the team! You can watch the game HERE. Let's go AJSA! Angry Army Prime!
  4. Hey guys, Here are the rosters for the AJSA Heroes of the Storm Competitive teams. There will be two teams Angry Army Prime and Angry Army Vanguard. AAV will be the second team and play in online tournaments. The AAP team will play in online tournaments as well as tournaments where the team will travel to somewhere. Rosters: AAP: Durendal1stVaanhideWorldjammerCoach - KillaKingAAP Reserves:
  5. Hey my character name is Quexin on Northern Shiverpeak
  6. Hey guys, Just transferred my account over to Northern Shiverpeaks after not playing for a while, how do I join the guild for AJSA? Is it invite only or can I just search for it and join?
  7. Hey Guys! This post is for the people of the AJSA Community to be able to find out when the next events are happening for both North America and Europe. These can also be found on the steam group events page HERE! What do you do at events? Well a lot of the times it depends on how many people show up. If we get 2-4 we will play some hero league games together; at 5 players we do some team league games together and 6+ will either be custom games (where if we want can add a twist to them) or queue groups for either hero league or quick match. Also it would be much appreciated if you would hop on Teamspeak for the event even if you don't have a microphone because it helps us communicate better as a whole. So we will see you all in the Nexus!
  8. I'd love to but I'm basically only on NA my EU side is like level 3.
  9. Zeratul's Void Prisom is probably the best heroic in the game
  10. There's a channel for the team league team but currently I don't believe it's possible to create a channel in Heroes of the Storm to chat. However you can hop onto the AJSA Teamspeak channel and chat with AJSA members on there.
  11. Why is this under MOBA gaming?
  12. Yea usually lowering graphics settings will help with frame rate problems, otherwise it just has to do with the connection to the servers.
  13. For the EU and/or Asian crowd(s), I need someone to step up and lead those two regions (someone different for each) if you guys want events for those regions. Please reply to this post if you are interested.
  14. We are in the process of making a competitive team but we don't have enough concurrent players and people coming to events to do much at the current time. Also we currently don't have enough people to play team league.
  15. I'm guessing you are on EU?